Black Swan Project

The Black Swan Project is the project name given by Odyssey Marine Exploration for its discovery and recovery of an estimated US$500 million worth of silver and gold coins from the ocean floor. Odyssey kept the origin of the treasure confidential, it was proved in trial that the recovered cargo was being carried by the Spanish frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, which sank off Portugal in 1804. Knowledge of the recovery became public on May 18, 2007 when the company flew 17 tons of coins silver, from Gibraltar to a secure location of unknown address in Florida, USA; the company did not release the type, date, or nationality of the coins, while a rumor attributed it to the Merchant Royal, which sank near Land's End in 1641. At the time, Odyssey said that it planned to return to the site to perform an excavation expected to uncover more coins as well as other artifacts. However, Odyssey was sued by the Spanish government in U. S. courts, which ordered the treasure to be returned to Spain. Odyssey pursued all legal avenues taking the case to the U.

S. Supreme Court and losing. On February 27, 2012 the ship's treasure was flown back to Spain where the coins and other artifacts from the shipwreck are now exhibited in public museums. In 2015 a U. S. district court ordered Odyssey to pay Spain $1 million for "bad faith and abusive litigation." Odyssey Marine stated on 21 May 2007 that most of the recovered coins and treasure are believed to be from a particular shipwreck, but it was that artifacts from other wrecks had been mixed in and were recovered. Odyssey said that due to the location of the ship in an area known to contain a large number of colonial-era wrecks, the identity of the ship would not be disclosed pending further examination of the coins and artifacts, it was thought the treasure might be from a ship that Odyssey had petitioned a federal court for permission to salvage, located off the southwest coast of the United Kingdom, within a five-mile radius of 49°25′N 6°0′W. Mike Johnson speculated that the treasure might be from the wreck of the English merchant ship Merchant Royal, which sank on 23 September 1641 whilst returning to London.

That ship sank in heavy weather when its pumps failed to keep up with the water leaking through the hull planks. Over half the crew, including the captain, John Limbrey, were able to abandon ship and were rescued by a sister-ship, Dover Merchant, accompanying Merchant Royal from Cadiz to London; the survivors provided a detailed description of the lost cargo—described in 1641 as "300,000 Pounds in silver, 100,000 Pounds in gold, as much again in jewel"—as well as a general location near the Isles of Scilly, about "21 leagues" from Lands End. In 2005 the co-founder of Odyssey Marine, Greg Stemm, had admitted to British shipwreck expert, Richard Larn, that his firm was searching for Merchant Royal. Odyssey Marine's sonar search ships trawled the area extensively in 2005 and 2006 calling in Falmouth for crew rest; the Odyssey crew continued to search for the ship on the Discovery Channel 2009 television show Treasure Quest. Pictures of the coins released by Odyssey have had their markings obscured to prevent identification.

However, from examining the edges of the coins it appears that they come from the middle of the 18th century, too late to be from Merchant Royal. Rare coin expert Nick Bruyer, who examined a sample of 6,000 coins from the wreck, said of the discovery, "For this colonial era, I think is unprecedented... I don't know of anything equal or comparable to it." He believes much or all of the coinage is uncirculated. The finds were shipped in a chartered jet to an undisclosed location in the United States to be examined. Odyssey said they expected the wreck to become one of the "most publicised in history"; the entire operation is thought to have taken years and cost millions. Graphic novelist Paco Roca, who with Spanish diplomat Guillermo Corral wrote a fictionalised version of the project, says that they were "critical of the company's manner of extracting the treasure, using a kind of giant vacuum cleaner and destroying the wreck site, a marine cemetery". In order to establish a legal claim to the recovered cargo, Odyssey filed in U.

S. court for an arrest of the cargo on April 4, 2007 and published notice of that arrest on May 7, 2007. On May 31, 2007, the Spanish government, pursuant to the notice of the arrest, filed a claim against the recovered cargo based on the claim that the silver and gold coins recovered by Odyssey Marine came from a Spanish vessel, the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, a 36-gun Spanish frigate that went down off the Portuguese coast en route from Montevideo to Cádiz; the Mercedes, sunk by British Navy ships in October 1804, was known to be carrying more than a million silver dollars. In January 2008, a US Federal Court in Tampa ordered Odyssey Marine to disclose details of the wreck site to the Spanish government and for both to return to court in March. During those proceedings, Odyssey Marine stated that its Black Swan treasure was recovered in the Atlantic 180 miles west of Portugal; that location would appear to rule out the Merchant Royal, the Mercedes, HMS Sussex The recovered bullion, being predominately silver coins, with some gold coins and copper ingots suggests it came from a colonial-era Spanish ship that sank while transporting newly minted silver from South America to Spain.

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Levi Sutton

Jack Levi Sutton is an English professional footballer who plays as a defender or midfielder for Scunthorpe United. Sutton came through the ranks at Bottesford Town and Scunthorpe United, he signed his first pro contract with Scunthorpe on 2 June 2015. Although, his first three involvements with the Scunthorpe first-team matchday squad came during September 2014 when he was an unused substitute in games against Chesterfield, Coventry City and Leyton Orient. Sutton made his Scunthorpe league debut on 28 March 2016 in a 6–0 home victory over Swindon Town. After four further appearances in all competitions for Scunthorpe, Sutton departed in November to join National League side North Ferriby United on loan for a month, he made his debut on 26 November in a loss to Solihull Moors. After five appearances in all competitions for North Ferriby, Sutton extended his loan with the club on 30 December 2016 until the end of the 2016–17 season. However, Scunthorpe recalled Sutton on 9 January 2017, he signed a new two-year contract with Scunthorpe in September 2017.

After breaking into Scunthorpe's first-team, Sutton transitioned from a central midfielder to a right-back. On 31 August 2018, Sutton was loaned to National League outfit Harrogate Town for three months, he was recalled a month later. Sutton scored his first senior goal on 5 January 2019 versus Coventry City, his contract was extended by Scunthorpe at the end of the 2018–19 season. Internationally, Sutton was approached by the FAW at a young age to play for Wales. Sutton was born at Scunthorpe General Hospital in 1996, he has three sisters and four brothers, his great grandfather is Italian. Sutton visited Gunness School nursery, prior to attending Messingham Primary School and Frederick Gough Secondary School, he supports Manchester United. As of 6 October 2019. Levi Sutton at Soccerway

Pink Smoke over the Vatican

Pink Smoke over the Vatican is a 2011 documentary film by Jules Hart about women who have been ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church despite their status as invalid. The film has won several awards including Best Female Filmmaker and Best Faith-Based Film at the Action On Film International Film Festival; the film received three Accolade awards: Award of Merit for Feature Documentary. It was nominated at the Oaxaca Film Fest. Christian feminism Deaconess Episcopa Theodora Feminist theology Mariavite Church Roman Catholic Womenpriests We Are Church Women as theological figures Women in Christianity Pink Smoke over the Vatican on IMDb Eye Goddess Films Related television interview clips NPR All Things Considered Female Priests Defy Catholic Church At The Altar