Todmorden Markets

Todmorden Markets consist of an indoor market held in the Public Market Hall and an outdoor open air market held to the front of the Public Market Hall in central Todmorden adjacent to the Town Hall. The indoor market has over 40 market traders stalls selling fresh produce, dairy produce, ironmongery, clothing and speciality and ethnic foods. Official opening times of the Public Market Hall are Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm The outdoor market is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Thursday is a second hand market whereas Sunday is a mix of general retail and second hand goods; the two markets are operated by Calderdale Council. The Market town of Todmorden has had a market since 1802 when it was held in land near White Hart Fold, following a town meeting in 1801. In 1868, the land on which it stands next to the Town Hall was bought by the Local Board. In 1879, the Public Market Hall which houses over 40 indoor stalls was built by Dugdale of Hebden Bridge. In April 1879, Mr John Fielden, the chairman of the Local Board laid the cornerstone and on December 29 of the same year he opened the finished building.

In 1905, a fire caused £1000 of damage to the Public Market Hall. In 2003, the open air market was extensively refurbished with new surfacing, new stalls which were more weatherproof than the previous stalls and new public lavatories. There are now 72 stalls in the open air market. In 2017, the main market hall was refurbished with £500,000 spent on new roofing and redecoration. - Todmorden Markets website

FC Espoo

FC Espoo is a Finnish football club based in the city of Espoo, Finland. Founded in 1989, the first team plays in the Finnish Second Division, the third tier of the Finnish football pyramid; the first team of FC Espoo plays its home games at Leppävaaran stadion in the district Leppävaara in the Greater Helsinki region. FC Espoo was founded in 1989 by the Leppävaaran Pallo and FC Kasiysi football clubs based in Espoo who now act as feeder clubs; the club has played 9 seasons in the Kakkonen, the first spell being in 1993 when they were relegated back to the Kolmonen after just one season and the second period being from 2002 until 2009 which culminated with promotion to the Ykkönen for the first time. The club runs a number of teams including 2 men's teams, 2 ladies' teams, FCE Akatemia and 3 other boys' teams and 2 girls' teams. A key mission of the club is to "work with Espoo football clubs to provide a first team for them and make it possible for footballers in Espoo to make progress in the sport."

A key operational objective is to provide the local clubs with talented and motivated young players that have had the best possible development opportunities. This is achieved by a high quality coaching, good training conditions and the empowerment of young players. A first team with a young age profile is the key way to support this objective. Facilities used by the club include: Leppävaaran urheilupuisto Laaksolahden kenttä and jalkapallohalli Keski-Espoon kenttä Official Website Finnish Wikipedia Suomen Cup FC Espoo Facebook