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Bleed from Within
Bleed from Within-Rockfabrik Nuernberg Band 1.jpg
Bleed from Within live in Nuremberg in 2013. From left to right: Craig Gowans, Scott Kennedy, Davie Provan, Ali Richardson (background) and Martyn Evans.
Background information
OriginGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Years active2005–present
LabelsRising, Century Media
MembersScott Kennedy
Ali Richardson
Craig Gowans
Davie Provan
Steven Jones
Past membersDave Lennon
Scott McCreadie
Martyn Evans

Bleed from Within are a Scottish heavy metal band from Glasgow. The band formed in 2005 and currently consists of vocalist Scott Kennedy, drummer Ali Richardson, bassist Davie Provan and guitarists Craig Gowans and Steven Jones. The band has released four studio albums; Humanity, Empire, Uprising and Era.


Vocalist Scott Kennedy in Nuremberg in 2013

The band formed in Glasgow where they initially met at a youth club where they would cover Lamb of God songs.[1] The first tour that garnered them large scale exposure was in 2010 when they supported Sylosis and While She Sleeps on the Metal Hammer Razor Tour.[2] Early in their career, Bleed from Within also toured with Soilwork, All that Remains, After the Burial, Suicide Silence, Caliban and Rise to Remain.[3]

In August 2012, the band signed to Century Media Records.[4] Their talks with the label started when they were approached after their performance at the 2011 Graspop festival in Belgium,[5] where they were called up as a replacement.[6] After its announcement Bleed From Within issued a very positive statement about their opportunity to join the label's roster: "Century Media have always been a powerhouse in bringing cutting edge new music to the world and we will endeavour to live up to the name."[3] Between September and November 2012, the band supported While She Sleeps across the UK and co-headlined a tour aroundEurope with Bury Tomorrow.[4] They supported Miss May I on their UK tour in November/December, before starting their studio sessions.[7]

Drummer Ali Richardson in Nuremberg in 2013

In March 2013, the band completed their first tour of the year, supporting Testament in mainland Europe.[8] Singer Scott Kennedy commented on the difficulty of performing to Testament's crowd citing the older average age of the audience and their lack of familiarity with Bleed from Within's music, but also stated that he felt the band had won over the crowd eventually.[9] On 25 March 2013, Bleed from Within's third studio album Uprising was released on Century Media. Kennedy, when commenting on the album, said that "While it's angry, it's still positive. It's about looking to the light and realising that you're the only person who can make a difference in your life."[9] The drums and vocals were recorded with producer Romesh Dodangoda and guitars and bass with Adam Getgood of Periphery.[4] Uprising spawned two music videos; one for the album's lead single "It Lives in Me"[3] and another for the title track.[10] The album was later made available as a stream prior to its release.[11] It also charted in the United Kingdom at number 13 on the UK Rock Chart.[12] Critically, the album was well received and praised for its improved production and improved songwriting[13] but was also criticised for offering very little in the way of innovation.[14] To promote the album, the band embarked on a headlining tour of the UK.[15]

In June Bleed from Within supported Megadeth on their four date tour of the United Kingdom.[16] The band stated their excitement about the opportunity to support Megadeth, with Kennedy commenting "As a metal band, to go and support any of the Big 4 is something I never, ever though would happen".[16] Their performances with Megadeth were met with widespread critical acclaim despite reports of ambivalent crowd reactions with Malcolm Dome commenting that "You have to feel sorry for Bleed From Within [...] [they] get no more than polite attention from the crowd, and they deserve more".[17] Later in the month, the band was awarded British publication Metal Hammer's Golden Gods Awards for 'Best New Band'.[18]

In November 2013, Bleed from Within were one of four acts alongside Amon Amarth, Hell and Carcass for Metal Hammer's Defenders Of The Faith IV tour.

In April 2014, the band announced they had launched an Indiegogo campaign to help crowdfund a 4-track EP, which would act as a bridge between Uprising and their fourth full-length album.[19]

In 2017 it was announced that Steven Jones would join the band as a new guitarist, replacing Martyn Evans. It was later announced in December that Bleed from Within had finished working on a new studio album set for release in early 2018 and that the first single would be released in January 2018.

Bleed From Within revealed that their brand new album is called 'Era' and will be released on the 6th of April 2018. The first single from 'Era', 'Alive', was released on January 19, 2018.

Musical style[edit]

Metal Hammer Magazine's online editor Merlin Alderslade summarised Bleed From Within's style saying they are "power and groove-laden muscle that modern metal is able to produce"[20] The band's earlier material has been considered deathcore,[21][22] but the band's general musical style has been stated by critics to be a blend of metalcore,[14][13] melodic death metal[17] and groove metal.[22] Their stylistic features are their use of "deep heavy breakdowns", growling vocals[14] and groove infused riffs.[13]

Their first two albums, Humanity and Empire have been described as "bruising yet melodic"[9] and their debut album Humanity was considered "straight-up deathcore" as it came out.[22] Their third album Uprising has been described "parts Lamb of God, parts Black Crown-era Suicide Silence and parts Pantera"[20] and Metal Hammer writer Merlin Alderslade believes the band should now be compared to Lamb of God and Machine Head rather than the deathcore style of Suicide Silence and early Bring Me the Horizon.[22] The albums typical song structure features sinister guitar riffs to open a song which transitions into "epic metal melodies".[22]

Across their three albums it has been noted that Kennedy's vocal style has shifted from deathcore scream/growl vocals to a strict throaty growl[14][13] and that his voice has become much clearer.[22]

Accolades and readers poll results[edit]

Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2013 Bleed from Within Best New Band Won[23]





  • In the Eyes of the Forgotten (2006)
  • Welcome to the Plague Year (2007)
  • Death Walk (2014)

Music videos[edit]

  • "Servants of Divinity"
  • "The Healing"
  • "Last of Our Kind"
  • "It Lives In Me"
  • "Uprising"
  • "I Am Oblivion"
  • "Silence Them All"
  • "Alive"
  • "Afterlife"
  • "Crown of Misery"


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