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Belfast Pottinger (UK Parliament constituency)

Pottinger, a division of Belfast, was a UK parliamentary constituency in Ireland. It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom from 1918 to 1922, using the first past the post electoral system; the constituency was created by the Redistribution of Seats Act 1918 from an area, in the Belfast East constituency. It comprised the south-western half of East Belfast, contained the Pottinger ward of Belfast Corporation, it was in use at the 1918 general election only, under the Government of Ireland Act 1920 its area was again part of the Belfast East constituency, with effect at the 1922 general election. The constituency was a unionist area, with some Labour support. Sinn Féin demonstrated republican weakness in the seat by receiving only 393 votes, in the 1918 election. After the 1918 election, Sinn Féin invited all those elected for constituencies in Ireland to sit as TDs in Dáil Éireann rather than in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. All those elected for Irish constituencies were included in the roll of the Dáil but only those elected for Sinn Féin sat in the First Dáil.

In May 1921, the Dáil passed a resolution declaring that elections to the House of Commons of Northern Ireland and the House of Commons of Southern Ireland would be used as the election for the Second Dáil and that the First Dáil would be dissolved on the assembly of the new body. The area of Belfast Pottinger would have been represented in the Dáil by the four-seat constituency of Belfast East, which returned no representatives for Sinn Féin. List of United Kingdom Parliament constituencies in Ireland and Northern Ireland List of MPs elected in the 1918 United Kingdom general election Historic Dáil constituencies Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland, 1801–1922, edited by B. M. Walker Who's Who of British Members of Parliament: Volume III 1919–1945, edited by M. Stenton and S. Lees (Information about boundaries of the constituency derived from the map of Northern Ireland Parliament constituencies and the wards included in the Belfast UK Parliament seats for which see Northern Ireland Parliamentary Election Results 1921–1972, by Sydney Elliott and Boundaries of Parliamentary Constituencies 1885–1972, compiled and edited by F.

W. S. Craig respective The Irish General Election of 1918 Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs – Constituencies beginning with "O"

Skaistkalne Manor

Skaistkalne Manor called Šēnberga Manor, is a manor house in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia. It is located in the village of Skaistkalne near the Mēmele River on the border of Latvia and Lithuania. Skaistkalne economic center has been a manor; the manor complex still has a manor house, a barn, a magazine, a water mill on the banks of the Mēmele River and a stone bridge. The first owner of Skaistkalne Manor in 1489 was Heinrich Schoenberg, granted estate by the master of the Livonian Order Freitag-Loringhofen; the name of the manor originated from the first name of the owner and became Latvian. Around 1650 the manor was bought by Johann von Berg-Carmel, who in 1658 initiated the construction of a Catholic church. In 1738 Skaistkalne manor was bought by Nikolaus von Korff, the owner of Priekule and Asīte manors and Brukna Manor, located about 20 kilometers from Skaistkalne; the manor remained in possession of Korff noble family until the Agrarian Reform in 1920. The building was erected between 1893 and 1894, according to the project of Liepaja architect Max Paul Berchi.

It was converted into a primary school in the 1920s, now houses the Skaistkalne secondary school. A luxurious fireplace and fragments of decorative elements have survived. List of palaces and manor houses in Latvia

Jinpa Sonam

Geshe Lharampa Jinpa Sonam is a Tibetan Buddhist philosopher and Spiritual Director for the Indiana Buddhist Center. Sonam was born on May 1955, in Zanskar valley, Ladakh, in the Republic of India. In 1967, he became a monk at a Drukpa Kagyu monastery in Ladakh near Padum, he studied at this monastery for six years before joining the Drepung Gomang Monastery, a Gelugpa monastery in Mundgod, Karnataka India as a novice monk. In 1999, he was awarded the Lharampa Geshe degree; that same year he was sent to the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, with three other monks to teach Buddhism. After a brief return to India, he returned to the United States to serve as a resident teacher at the Gomang Meditation and Dharma Center in Independence, Kentucky prior to returning to Indiana to found the Indiana Buddhist Center. Indiana Buddhist Center Website

Ruby Thursday

Ruby Thursday is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is depicted as a member of the Headmen, she is named for the Rolling Stones song, "Ruby Tuesday". Ruby Thursday first appeared in The Defenders #32-33, was created by Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema and Jim Mooney; the character subsequently appears in Defenders vol. 1 #35, Defenders Annual #1, Omega the Unknown #9-10, Defenders #76-77, The Sensational She-Hulk vol. 2 #1-3, Web of Spider-Man #73, Deathlok #2-5, Marvel Comics Presents #97, Defenders vol. 2 #5, 8-10, I ♥ Marvel: Outlaw Love, She-Hulk vol.2 #10, Heroes for Hire #6-8. Ruby Thursday appeared as part of the "Headmen" entry in the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5, in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update'89 #3, she received an entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update #4. Thursday was a scientist who grafted an organic computer to her head composed of malleable plastic that can assume any form she wills it to.

She was recruited by Arthur Nagan into the supervillain group known as the Headmen. Her residence at the time was a mansion in Laurel Canyon, her intentions at the time of joining the headmen were to replace the head of every human with a plastic head like hers. She ran for President of the United States as the candidate of the "Global Head" political party under the slogan "New heads for old", she was forced to drop out after Jack Norriss tricked her into revealing her non-human self at a public campaign event. Shortly after the end of her presidential campaign, she was defeated by the Hulk and captured along with the rest of the Headmen by the Defenders, she partners with a large purple creature called Dibbuk and bases herself in Las Vegas. She robs Omega the Unknown of $55,000 in casino winnings in a Las Vegas hotel room. Omega chases her on foot in Las Vegas. Police arriving on the scene see a superhuman man in costume appearing to assault a normal woman in her car. Omega starts brawling with the police and they open fire killing him.

After the death of Omega, Ruby notices. She steals his body from a Las Vegas morgue and attempts to dissect it intending to incorporate its technology into her head. Confronted by the Defenders, her plastic head is struck by the Wasp's bio-electric "sting"; the head breaks open and Dibbuk teleports a wounded Ruby away. When next seen, her plastic head appears much smaller. Ruby participates in the plan to gain her ally Chondu the Mystic a new body; the Headmen hire the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime later Mysterio in order to test She-Hulk for compatibility. She escapes with the aid of Spider-Man. Ruby is arrested by the New York city police. Ruby begins running weapons procurement scams against A. I. M, she becomes romantically involved with the Answer. After having stolen money from A. I. M. on five different occasions, A. I. M. hires the assassin Bullseye to kill Ruby. He uses her relationship with Answer to draw her out of hiding and throws the Rolling Stones album Flashpoint into her chest killing the biological portion of her body.

The Answer saves her head. During the Civil War, Ruby is involved in a high-speed'chase' through the streets of Manhattan; the super-heroine Hellcat ends up clinging to her bumper. Ruby uses her malleable head to fire a gun at Hellcat during the pursuit; the fight is ended with the intervention of her allies. She-Hulk does not go for Ruby, she takes down Hellcat first for being an unlicensed superhero; the results of Ruby's rampage are shown in the forms of cars being shot up, people traumatized by this, a cab ending up through the front window of a bookstore. Ruby herself is subdued by the weaponry of Two-Gun Kid, a licensed bounty hunter for the state of New York. Ruby and the Headmen fought the Heroes for Hire while attempting to transplant Chondu's head onto Humbug's body. At some point, she was imprisoned in The Raft, which Wolverine broke her out of in his plan against Romulus. Ruby was contacted by Romulus and her daughter's life was threatened, forcing her to give Romulus the information to Wolverine's plans.

When confronted by Wolverine, Ruby attacked, defeating him by impaling him with the tentacles she had formed with her head. Soon, Silver Samurai and Bruce Banner appeared, all battling Ruby Thursday, she held her own, but was caught by Skaar and teleported back to The Raft by Cloak. It was discovered The Answer is the one who had planned her escape. Following the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Ruby Thursday is among the villains that are imprisoned at an unnamed prison, she participated in a prison riot until she and the other villains were defeated by Mimic and Rogue. As part of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" branding, Ruby Thursday subsequently attacks a police station with Gibbon and Shriek; the quartet is subdued by Porcupine. Ruby Thursday's head has been replaced with a mass of "organic circuitry"; the red spherical mass can alter its shape so she can form tentacles and fire projectiles and energy blasts. If the sphere is removed from the body, Ruby can still control her body. Ruby Thu

Take a Walk (Passion Pit song)

"Take a Walk" is a song by American indietronica band Passion Pit from their second studio album, Gossamer. The song was written and produced by the band's frontman Michael Angelakos, with Chris Zane providing co-production, it was released as the lead single from the album in May 2012. Rolling Stone named "Take a Walk" the third-best song of 2012. "Take a Walk" was written by Michael Angelakos, lead singer and keyboardist of Passion Pit. The song's lyrical content depicts a businessman burdened by financial troubles. According to Angelakos, each verse of the song is based upon a certain member of his family at one point in his or her life; the song appeared in a commercial by fast food chain Taco Bell advertising their Doritos Locos. Reception by the band's fan base to the song's use in the commercial was mixed. Angelakos defended the use of "Take a Walk" in the commercial, explaining: "It's not about promoting celebrities or giant corporations or anything like that. It’s just airtime…It's an amazing opportunity.

And you take what you can get. I say no to about 90 percent of the offers, but we just want people to hear the music at the end of the day." In Season 3, Episode 3 of The Newsroom, the song is playing in the background when MacKenzie is approached by Neal's source during the Correspondent's Dinner. "Take a Walk" was featured in the video game Forza Horizon as one of 22 tracks played on Horizon Pulse, an in-game radio station. The song was featured on its soundtrack, it is available as a playable track for the video game Guitar Hero Live. They used this track in the 2013 video game MLB 2K13; the song was used in Bethesda Softworks' promo video which featured The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being available on the Nintendo Switch at E3 2017. The music video for "Take a Walk" was directed by David Wilson in collaboration with the Creators Project; the video is seen from the perspective of a ball as it bounces across several locations in and around Philadelphia, including a suburban neighborhood, Fairmount Park, various parts of the city.

Advanced helicam technology was utilized in the production of the video in order to achieve the effect. Digital download"Take a Walk" – 4:23Digital download – remix single"Take a Walk" – 4:23 Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics