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Brasenose Lane from the western end. Exeter College is on the left and Brasenose College is on the right.
The wall of Exeter College at the eastern end of Brasnose Lane.

Brasenose Lane[1] runs east-west in central Oxford, England, between Radcliffe Square and Turl Street.[2] It is accessible only to pedestrians at its west end, but vehicles can enter from Radcliffe Square; the lane retains the medieval pattern of a single drainage channel in its centre and has high stone-faced college buildings on each side, being flanked by three historic Oxford colleges.

The lane is named after Brasenose College which lies immediately to the south. Exeter College lies on the north side. Lincoln College is to the south at the western end of the lane and it continues to the west as Market Street.

The buildings surrounding the lane date from the 15th century;[2] the lane is the last in Oxford to still have a central gutter, or "kennel".[3]


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