Bronx County Courthouse

The Bronx County Courthouse known as the Mario Merola Building, is a historic courthouse building located in the Concourse and Melrose neighborhoods of the Bronx in New York City. It was designed in 1931 and built between 1931 and 1934, it is a nine-story limestone building on a rusticated granite base in the Art Deco style. It has four identical sides, an interior court, a frieze designed by noted sculptor Charles Keck; the sculptures on the 161st Street side are by noted sculptor George Holburn Snowden. Two sculptural groups on the Walton Avenue side are by noted sculptor Joseph Kiselewski; the Bronx Museum of the Arts was once located on the main floor. The building stands two blocks east-southeast of Yankee Stadium, across 161st Street from Joyce Kilmer Park. While never titled'Borough Hall', The Bronx County Courthouse houses all municipal borough functions and is the Borough Hall of the Bronx, is listed as such on MTA Maps; the previous freestanding Bronx Borough Hall was damaged by fire and torn down in 1969, but had stopped operating in an official capacity long before this.

The first floor's Veterans Memorial Hall houses four 10 ft. by 36 ft. murals, one per wall, by James Monroe Hewlett, depicting historic events in the Bronx. The murals were unveiled in June 1934 and feature the following historical events: The Arrival of Jonas Bronck – 1639, in what is now Mott Haven; the First Meeting of the Westchester County Court – 1764, in what is now Westchester Square. The Battle of Pell's Point – October 18, 1776, in what is now Pelham Bay Park; the Departure of George Washington from the Van Cortlandt House – November 1783 in what is now Van Cortlandt Park. A mural depicting the arrival of Jonas Bronck, considered the founder of the borough, was created in the early 1930s by James Monroe Hewlett; the mural was damaged by workers in August 2013. Many people, including the proprietor of Jonas Bronck's Beer Co and a reported descendant of Laurens Duyts, a Danish farmer who traveled to New Amsterdam with Bronck on his ship Fire of Troy, sought the mural's restoration prior to the 100th anniversary of the Bronx's separation from New York County in 2014.

The Bronx County Courthouse houses all municipal borough functions and is the Borough Hall of the Bronx. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. In February 1988, Mayor Edward Koch renamed the Bronx County Courthouse to the Mario Merola Building to honor the late Bronx County District Attorney Mario Merola. Bronx Borough Hall Bronx Borough Courthouse Bronx court system delays List of New York City Borough Halls and municipal buildings National Register of Historic Places listings in Bronx County, New York List of New York City Designated Landmarks in The Bronx Media related to Bronx County Courthouse at Wikimedia Commons

Felt (The Chain Gang of 1974 album)

Felt is a studio album by American musician Kamtin Mohager, released under his indietronica moniker, The Chain Gang of 1974. The fourth studio album by The Chain Gang of 1974, it was the second album released under a major label on June 23, 2017, through Virgin Records subsidiary Caroline Records; the album, described by Mohager as the most "honest" album he's created, represents a change of the Chain Gang's sound to a more pop-centric approach, detailing the personal experiences of Mohager and "the feelings of past". The album's sound is the result of Mohager being exposed to new sounds during his time writing songs outside of the Chain Gang, in the years following the successful Daydream Forever; the album was produced by Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous, features a guest appearance by the band's lead singer, Alisa Xayalith. Powers befriended Mohager after years of touring together, became involved in the production of Felt early on; the album's released was preceded by various live performances by the Chain Gang in the months leading up, along with the release of three tracks from the album on singles and extended plays in 2016 and 2017.

Upon release, the album was met with positive reviews. In February 2014, Mohager released Daydream Forever, The Chain Gang of 1974's third album, first released under a major label, Warner Bros. Records; the album followed the success of Mohager's song "Sleepwalking", featured in advertising for the 2013 Rockstar North open world action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto V, was featured on its official soundtrack, in-game. The success of the track helped the album, which included the commercially exposed track "Miko", peak at 36 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, The Chain Gang of 1974's first appearance on a national record chart. In the years following the release of Daydream Forever, Mohager took up songwriting outside of The Chain Gang of 1974, including writing and recording the extended play Dazed in 2015, as part of Teenage Wrist, a side-project formed with former fellow 3OH!3 touring member Marshall Gallagher. Mohager occasionally created remixes of other tracks as The Chain Gang of 1974.

From his works outside of creating Chain Gang albums, Mohager used his new-found experience and familiarity with unfamiliar sounds in creating songs for his fourth studio album. Felt represents a more pop-oriented approach to The Chain Gang of 1974, with Mohager having found "pleasure in a chord progression that unites big crowds", during the period before the album's production, justifying that "as long as the song has a bit of an'X-Factor' to it, I am now no longer afraid of creating more pop-oriented music." Mohager described Felt as an exploration of "love, infidelity, death, family", stating that the album was him discussing "the feelings of past." In composing what Mohager felt was the most "honest" album he's created, he deemed Felt to be an album that represented him "as a human being." The second track on Felt, "Wallflowers", was inspired by an idea Mohager had of "two people only being able to be with each other in their dreams. While awake, they are forced to be separate, but in their dreams, they're able to live in a made up world.

A fantasy land of sorts."The album's third track, "I Still Wonder", was characterized as "moody and upbeat" with an "’80s vibe" by Brian Leak of Substream Magazine. Mohager stated that the song "focuses on infidelity, how physical desire can transform into love", further exploring the song's themes by writing, "Sometimes you have no control over who you fall in love with; when you’ve been living with certain morals for your entire life, someone can come around and change everything. I fell for a girl; the guilt will always win, leaving the relationship torn, but with time your mind will always go back and think, “What if?” A lot of the time, due to fear, there is never any closure. This song touches on that." Felt was recorded from The Naked and Famous. While Mohager and The Naked and Famous have performed together on occasions since 2012, it took Powers to " out on a humble level" to Mohager for a musical relationship between the two to start. Powers' involvement in Felt started in 2015, when Mohager demoed a few songs he had written for a potential new album to him, afterwards started to write songs together for a year, before heading into the studio to record and produce the album itself.

Mohager himself deemed Powers to be the "perfect producer for this album", describing him as a "key factor in pushing me to be more confident with my songwriting to the point where he encouraged me to start taking vocal lessons and learning more about my craft." The album's fourth track, "Forget", features guest vocals from The Naked and Famous' lead singer Alisa Xayalith. In late 2016, two tracks that would appear on Felt were released on singles and extended plays while the album was still being recorded. "I Still Wonder", the album's third track, "Slow", the opening track, were released in September and November 2016 – the latter accompanied by a music video which premiered on Billboard and features Curt Smith of Tears for Fears. The video, comprising a single long take, was described by director Morgan Freed as a "showcase as what he is: an artist telling a story." Mohager stated that the collaboration with Smith was "surreal moment", himself being a follower of Tears for Fears, saying "to see Curt singing one of my songs is something I will never forget."After the two songs were premiered, they became setlist staples of The Chain Gang of 1974's live performances in North America as a supporting act for The Naked and Famous' tour for Simple F

The DV Rebel's Guide

The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap is a non-fiction book and filmmaking handbook written by Stu Maschwitz for Peachpit Press. It was his first book, has been called "a must-read for any and all filmmakers." MircroFilmmaker Magazine named it an "industry icon."Maschwitz publicly announced he was working on the book in February 2006. It was published on December 22 of that year; the DV Rebel's Guide explores making action movies within the constraints of small or nonexistent budgets. Focus is given to working with inexpensive DV cameras. Maschwitz has a background as a film and commercial director, visual effects artist, indie filmmaker, he cites that experience in the book while discussing a variety of filmmaking topics. Some of the areas covered include: Achieving a high production value Planning an indie film production Shooting and acquiring footage Creating visual effects and special effects on a small budget Editing style and technique Online editing of DV footage for maximum qualityMaschwitz references numerous scenes from Hollywood films and suggests watching the films discussed in each chapter.

Those scenes are analyzed, with suggestions offered to achieve similar results for little or no money. The book shipped with an accompanying DVD which included: An extra chapter examining the selection and use of cameras The Last Birthday Card, a short film filmed and edited by Maschwitz Assorted visual effects toolsMaschwitz states that his blog Prolost is the evolving, electronic update to the book; the writing style of the book has been called casual and user friendly. Maschwitz stated that the conversational feel was something he felt passionately about, spoke with the publisher ahead of time to ensure they understood the tone he was pursuing; the cover was designed by a designer for Peachpit Press. It features images of bullet holes, looks as if it was burned at the edge. Additionally, the entire book was printed with curved corners on the right-hand side. Of the cover, Maschwitz said, "The tough sell was the rounded corners!" A blurb for the book was written by film director Robert Rodriguez, who said: I'd been wanting to write a book for the new breed of digital filmmakers, but now I don't have to.

My pal and fellow movie maker Stu Maschwitz has compressed years of experience into this thorough guide. Don't make a movie without reading this book!" Microfilmmaker Magazine gave it an Award of Superiority. FX Guide said: While the book covers many concepts that will admittedly be familiar to artists working on visual effects or who went to film school, its such an enjoyable read of tales in the trenches that you stick around for the nuggets of knowledge; the Prolost Blog