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Coordinates: 34°0′58.91″N 118°29′35.73″W / 34.0163639°N 118.4932583°W / 34.0163639; -118.4932583

The front of Brother Studios in the mid-1970s. The front door was not used for access, the back alleyway was the preferred entrance.

Brother Studios (later renamed Crimson Sound[1]) was the name of a recording studio located at 1454 5th St, Santa Monica, California established by brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, co-founders of the Beach Boys.


Brother Studios was named after the Beach Boys' record label, Brother Records and officially opened for public use in May 1974. The studio was functional as early as January 1974 as certain high-profile artists such as Elton John had begun using the facility.[2] Brother Studios served as the primary recording base of the Beach Boys until it was sold to engineer Hank Cicalo and jazz musician Tom Scott in 1978 who subsequently renamed it Crimson Sound.[3]

Sessions at Brother Studios[edit]

Date(s) Artist Album Note(s)
1974 Elton John Caribou [2]
1975 Elton John Blue Moves [citation needed]
1975 Jim Dutch Untitled (unreleased) [citation needed]
1975–76 The Beach Boys 15 Big Ones [citation needed]
1976 The Quick Mondo Deco [citation needed]
1976 Ricci Martin Beached [citation needed]
1976 The Runaways Queens of Noise [citation needed]
1976 Helen Reddy Ear Candy [citation needed]
1976 Lisa Hartman Lisa Hartman [citation needed]
1975–77 Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue [citation needed]
1976–77 The Beach Boys Love You [citation needed]
1977 Crane Crane [citation needed]
1977–78 Dennis Wilson Bambu (unreleased) [citation needed]
1978 The Paley Brothers The Paley Brothers [4]
1978 Terry Reid Rogue Waves [5]
1979 Mink DeVille Le Chat Bleu [1]
1979 Tom Scott Street Beat [6]
1979 Ben Sidran The Cat and the Hat [5][7]
1979 Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) [8][better source needed]
1979 Nielsen/Pearson Nielsen/Pearson [9][better source needed]


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