Buenos Aires Underground 100 Series

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100 Series
Buenos Aires Subte D 2.JPG
A 100 Series train on Line D, before mid-life refurbishment
Manufacturer Alstom
Family name Alstom Metropolis
Constructed 2001-2009
Entered service 2004
Number built 96
Number in service 96
Formation 6 cars per trainset
Operator(s) Buenos Aires Underground
Line(s) served Línea D (SBASE) bullet.svg
Car body construction Stainless steel
Doors 4 per side
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The 100 Series are a number of underground cars manufactured by Alstom in Brazil and Argentina for use on the Buenos Aires Underground. They are used exclusively on Line D of the network, where they make up the vast majority of the fleet, serving alongside Fiat-Materfer cars.


Interior of a 100 Series car after refurbishment

The 100 Series was initially purchased for use on Line A to replace the ageing La Brugeoise cars, however they ended up replacing the slightly newer Siemens-Schuckert Orenstein & Koppel cars which served on Line D instead.

Originally, the purchase consisted of 80 cars for a total of 16 trains made up of 5 cars each, due to the shorter platform length on Line A. However, 16 more 100 Series cars continued to be purchased in that decade up until 2009, making a total of 96 cars and allowing each train to have 6 cars, making full use of the line's platforms.[1]

In 2015 the cars began to receive a mid-life refurbishment, primarily to add air conditioning, but also incorporating more minor aesthetic differences to the interior such as improved lighting and new upholstery.[2] Despite enjoying a successful service life, they are also the noisiest cars on the network.[3]

New Alstom cars Series 300, are set to replace the Fiat-Materfer cars and serve alongside the existing 100 Series cars in 2017-2019.[4]

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