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NK Domžale

Nogometni klub Domžale referred to as NK Domžale or Domžale, is a Slovenian football club that plays in the town of Domžale. They have won both the Slovenian Cup twice. NK Domžale was founded in 1920 under the name SK Disk; the club's golden age began in summer of 2002. He brought Domžale into the 1. SNL. In the 2005–06 season, they advanced through the first two qualifying rounds of the UEFA Cup before being eliminated in the First Round by VfB Stuttgart, they were eliminated by Hapoel Tel Aviv. After a 4–0 away win against Primorje on 13 May 2007, Domžale were confirmed as league champions for the first time, they have won another league title in the 2007–08 season. Domžale plays at the Domžale Sports Park, built in 1948; the stadium was renovated and modernized in 1997 and 1999. Work on the new western stand started in October 2003 and was finished in April 2004. In June 2006 the stadium received floodlights, mounted on four concrete towers and placed at each corner of the stadium; as of 10 January 2020Note: Flags indicate national team.

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Slovenian First League: 22006–07, 2007–08Slovenian Second League: 12002–03Slovenian Cup: 22010–11, 2016–17Slovenian Supercup: 22007, 2011 *Best results are highlighted; as of 1 August 2019 Pld = Matches played. All results list Domžale's goal tally first. QR1 = First qualifying round. Official website PrvaLiga profile Soccerway profile

Scream of the Banshee

Scream of the Banshee is a 2011 monster movie directed by Steven C. Miller and released as part of the After Dark Originals series; the film is co-produced by Syfy. Filming began in November 2009 in Louisiana. An archeology professor unearths a dangerous artifact, unwittingly releasing a creature, able to kill with the power of its bone-splitting scream, it can kill by taking the person's soul. Lauren Holly as Professor Isla Whelan Marcelle Baer as Shayla Whelan Todd Haberkorn as Otto Lance Henriksen as Broderick Duncan Leanna Cochran as Janie Garrett Hines as Kurtis Eric F. Adams as Page The Statement of Randolph Carter Scream of the Banshee on IMDb

Samuel Gordon (Australian politician)

Samuel Deane Gordon was an Australian merchant and politician. He was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council between 1861 and 1882, he was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for three terms from 1856 until 1860. Gordon was the son of David Gordon and his wife Mary Deane. Gordon was educated in private schools in Ireland, he emigrated to Sydney in 1829 and worked in a number of mercantile houses before commencing his own company, involved in trade between Van Diemen's Land and New South Wales. In 1840 Gordon established a large store in Liverpool, founded a brewery and acquired 50,000 acres of pastoral land on the Murrumbidgee. In 1848, Gordon sold his assets in Liverpool at a great profit and became a wine and spirits merchant in Sydney. During his life, in partnership with Edward Flood, he gained control over 460 square miles of pastoral land in Queensland, he was the director of a number of colonial companies including English and Australian Bank. Gordon was involved in numerous local organisations including the Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew's College and the YMCA.

In 1856 Gordon was elected as one of the three members for Durham in the first New South Wales Legislative Assembly. Gordon was a supporter of John Dunmore Lang, Charles Cowper and John Robertson in questions of constitutional reform and land reform, he retained the seat at the 1858 election. The seat was abolished in 1859 and Gordon stood unsuccessfully for The Williams, Morpeth in the 1858 elections, however he regained a seat in the Legislative Assembly at the 1859 Illawarra by-election, he declined to stand for the seat at the 1860 election, but accepted Cowper's invitation to join the Legislative Council as a life-time appointment in 1861. He expressed a desire to reform the council into an elective house

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild was a British banker and member of the Rothschild family. Born in London, England, he was the third and youngest of the three sons of Leopold de Rothschild and Marie Perugia. A part of the prominent Rothschild banking family of England, he was educated at Harrow School and the University of Cambridge where he secured a Double First in history. At the outbreak of World War I Anthony de Rothschild and his brother Evelyn joined the British Army. While serving with the Buckinghamshire Yeomanry, Anthony was wounded during the Battle of Gallipoli but brother Evelyn died of combat injuries suffered at the 1917 Battle of Mughar Ridge. On 5 December 1920, Captain Anthony de Rothschild unveiled the War Memorial in the churchyard of All Saints Church at Wing, Buckinghamshire honoring his brother and his Wing comrades killed in World War I. Leopold de Rothschild died in early 1917 and the following year when the War ended, Anthony became one of the managing partners of the family's N M Rothschild & Sons banking house in London.

Anthony inherited Ascott House in Buckinghamshire. Anthony de Rothschild was a major force in not only British finance but internationally as well. With brother Lionel having more interest in developing his Exbury Gardens than banking, under Anthony's direction, in 1953 N M Rothschild & Sons led a syndicate that formed the British Newfoundland Development Corporation to undertake mineral exploration in Labrador, Canada and to develop the Churchill Falls hydro-electric station. Anthony de Rothschild retired as head of the N M Rothschild & Sons banking house in 1961 and was succeeded by his son, Evelyn de Rothschild, who became Chairman in 1976, he was active in preserving records of his family until his death. Among his legacies is the Anthony de Rothschild Prize in Surgery and the 1996 gift by his son of the Anthony de Rothschild Building, home of the Buckingham Business School and the Department of Economics and International Studies at the University of Buckingham; the Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, at St Mary's Campus, Imperial College School of Medicine in London is named in his honour.

In December 1938 Rothschild was appointed chairman of the Emigration Committee, a subcommittee of the Council for German Jewry. The organization had been created in 1936 with the goal of helping German Jews to leave Germany. During World War II he helped organize a safe place for Edvard Beneš to live at The Abbey, Aston Abbotts. In 1941 the German Luftwaffe bombed the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea and Anthony de Rothschild brought a group of elderly pensioners to live at Ascott for the remainder of the War. In 1949 Anthony de Rothschild donated Ascott House together with its art collections to the National Trust; the donation included the surrounding 261 acres of land plus an endowment for its upkeep. In 1926, he married French countess Yvonne Lydia Louise Cahen d'Anvers of the Bischoffsheim family, they had the following children: Renée Louise Marie Anne Sonja Evelyn Robert Adrian Anthony de Rothschild liked exotic luxury automobiles. He purchased a J12 model for himself and his wife, their vehicles can now be found in the hands of an American collector and were displayed at the 2004 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance for the Hispano-Suiza anniversary.

Like his father, Anthony de Rothschild liked Thoroughbred horse racing and inherited the Southcourt Stud breeding farm at Ascott House. He continued to operate breeding operation. Among his racing success, he won the 1919 Grand Prix de Paris with Galloper Light and the 1926 1,000 Guineas Stakes with Pillion. Rothschild bred Midstream whose wins include the Criterion Stakes, and, the Leading sire in Australia in 1948, 1951, 1952. Anthony de Rothschild inherited the works of art at Ascott House from his father and added to the collections with the acquisition of a vast array of books, English furniture and more than 400 pieces of Chinese ceramics. In 1937, in memory of his mother, who died that year, he donated the Anthony van Dyck painting, Abbé Scaglia adoring the Virgin and Child to the National Gallery. In his large collection was the 1839 J. M. W. Turner painting Cicero at his Villa. See the list of references at: Rothschild banking family of England

David Carrión Baralt

Brigadier General David A. Carrión Baralt is a former Adjutant General of the Puerto Rico National Guard during the administration of Puerto Rico Gobernor Anibal Acevedo Vila from 2004-2008. David Carrión was born on September 1957 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Son of David Carrión Fuentes and Maria Mercedes Soltero. After High School went to study economics at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus and law at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law. Carrión Baralt, who since 2004 so far has played as officer of property and finances of the United States for Puerto Rico in the National Guard, earned his degree of Juris Doctor from the Faculty of law of the Interamerican University, he holds a Masters in strategic planning from the United States Army War College at Carlisle Barracks in Carlisle and holds a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in economics of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Completed the Staff Judge Advocate Course in Charlottesville, Virginia.

He is admitted to legal practice in the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, in the Court's circuit of appeals from the United States, for the first circuit and the District Court of the United States for the District of Puerto Rico. He served as a legal military adviser during the weekends in the NG, from 1999 to 2004, where he provided legal assistance in military affairs and oversaw the performance of all consultants of the GN judges. From 1987 to 1999 he worked as military legal adviser in time complete, position, dedicated to reviewing administrative investigations, representing the National Guard to federal agencies and courts before the boards of the Government of Puerto Rico. At the same time, was the link between the NG and the Department of Justice of the United States. In its practice of lawyer, he was in areas of tax law and notarial law; as part of its contribution to the public service, Carrión Baralt worked as a lawyer in the Department of Justice from 1985 to 1986, in the litigation Division.

Their goals include improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the National Guard, including better use of its facilities such as the armories of the island and exploitation of the resources of the trust for the Puerto Rico National Guard. June 1979 - May 1980, Personnel Administrative Officer, Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, Puerto Rio National Guard, Puerto Rico May 1980 - July 1980, Adjutant General Officer Basic, United State of America Institute of Administration, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana July 1980 - March 1983, Personnel Administrative Officer, Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico April 1983 - September 1984, Executive Officer, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico September 1984 - March 1985, Adjutant General Advance Officer Basic, United State of America Institute of Administration, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. March 1985 - January 1986, Executive Officer, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico February 1986 - April 1986, Detachment Commander, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico May 1986 - June 1986, Executive Officer, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico July 1986 - September 1987, Aide-de-Camp, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico September 1987 - November 1987, Recruiting & Induction Officer, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico December 1987 - January 1989, Retention Officer, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico January 1989 -September 1990, Judge Advocate General, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico September 1990 - October 1999, Judge Advocate General, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico November 1999 - November 2004, Staff Judge Advocate, State Area Command, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico November 2004 - December 2006, United State Property & Fiscal Officer, Puerto Rico Army National Guard, Joint Element Joint Forces -Headquarters, San Juan, Puerto Rico January 2007 - January 2011, The Adjutant General, Puerto Rico National Guard, Joint Element Joint Forces - Headquarters, San Juan, Puerto Rico List of Puerto Rican military personnel Puerto Rico Adjutant General