Burl Ives

Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives was an American singer and actor of stage, screen and television. Ives began as an itinerant singer and banjoist, launched his own radio show, The Wayfaring Stranger, which popularized traditional folk songs. In 1942, he appeared in Irving Berlin's This Is the Army, became a major star of CBS radio. In the 1960s, he crossed over into country music, recording hits such as "A Little Bitty Tear" and "Funny Way of Laughin'". A popular film actor through the late 1940s and'50s, Ives's best-known film roles included parts in So Dear to My Heart and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, as well as Rufus Hannassey in The Big Country, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Ives is remembered for his voice-over work as Sam the Snowman, narrator of the classic 1964 Christmas television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which continues to air annually around Christmas. Ives was born in Hunt City, an unincorporated town in Jasper County, near Newton, to Levi "Frank" Ives and Cordelia "Dellie".

He had six siblings: Audry, Clarence, Argola and Norma. His father was first a farmer and a contractor for the county and others. One day, Ives was singing in the garden with his mother, his uncle overheard them, he invited his nephew to sing at the old soldiers' reunion in Hunt City. The boy performed a rendition of the folk ballad "Barbara Allen" and impressed both his uncle and the audience. From 1927 to 1929, Ives attended Eastern Illinois State Teachers College in Charleston, where he played football. During his junior year, he was sitting in English class, listening to a lecture on Beowulf, when he realized he was wasting his time; as he walked out of the door, the professor made a snide remark and Ives slammed the door behind him, shattering the window in the door. Sixty years the school named a building after its most famous dropout. Ives was a member of the Charleston Chapter of The Order of Demolay and is listed in the DeMolay Hall of Fame, he was initiated into Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 1927.

He was elevated to the 33rd and highest degree in 1987, was elected the Grand Cross. On July 23, 1929, in Richmond, Ives made a trial recording of "Behind the Clouds" for the Starr Piano Company's Gennett label, but the recording was rejected and destroyed a few weeks later. In years Ives did not recall having made the record. Ives traveled about the U. S. as an itinerant singer during the early 1930s, earning his way by doing odd jobs and playing his banjo. He was jailed in Mona, for vagrancy and for singing "Foggy Dew", which the authorities decided was a bawdy song. Around 1931, he began performing on WBOW radio in Indiana, he went back to school, attending classes at Indiana State Teachers College. In 1933, Ives attended the Juilliard School in New York, he made his Broadway debut in 1938 with a small role in Rodgers and Hart's hit musical, The Boys from Syracuse. In 1939, he joined his friend and fellow actor Eddie Albert, who had the starring role in The Boys from Syracuse, in Los Angeles.

The two shared an apartment for a while in the Beachwood Canyon community of Hollywood. In 1940, Ives named The Wayfaring Stranger, after one of his ballads. Over the next decade, he popularized several traditional folk songs, such as "Foggy Dew", "The Blue Tail Fly", "Big Rock Candy Mountain", he was associated with the Almanacs, a folk-singing group which at different times included Woody Guthrie, Will Geer, Millard Lampell, Pete Seeger. The Almanacs were active in the American Peace Mobilization, a far left group opposed to American entry into World War II and Franklin Roosevelt's pro-Allied policies, they recorded such songs as "Get Out and Stay Out of War" and "Franklin, Oh Franklin". In June 1941, after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the APM abandoned its pacifist stance and reorganized itself into the pro-war American People's Mobilization. Ives and the Almanacs rerecorded several of their songs to reflect the group's new stance in favor of US entry into the war. Among them were "Dear Mr. President" and "Reuben James".

In early 1942, Ives was drafted into the U. S. Army, he spent time first at Camp Dix at Camp Upton, where he joined the cast of Irving Berlin's This Is the Army. He attained the rank of corporal; when the show went to Hollywood, he was transferred to the Army Air Force. He was honorably discharged for medical reasons, in September 1943. Between September and December 1943, Ives lived in California with actor Harry Morgan. In December 1943, Ives went to New York to work for CBS radio for $100 a week. In 1944, he recorded The Lonesome Train, a ballad about the life and death of Abraham Lincoln, written by Earl Robinson and Millard Lampell. In 1946, Ives was cast as a singing cowboy in the film Smoky. In 1947, Ives recorded one of many versions of "The Blue Tail Fly", but paired this time with the popular Andrews Sisters; the flip side of the record was a fast-paced "I'm Goin' Down the Road". Ives hoped the trio's success would help the record sell well, which it did, becoming both a best-selling disc and a Billboard hit.

His version of the 17th-century English song "Lavender Blue" became his first hit and was nominated f

Tipton Town L.F.C.

Tipton Town Ladies Football Club are an English amateur women's football club based in Tipton, West Midlands. They play women's association football in the Birmingham County Women's League; the club's colours have traditionally been black and white with a light blue away strip in keeping with the men's team. They reached FA Charter Standard Award status in 2008 and have maintained it since and are a member of the National Deaf Children's Society, welcoming deaf players of all ages; the club was founded in the 2007 close season as Netherton Colts. The existing manager resigned from the club. After a lonely period, Angela Boden from Tipton Town men's football club stepped in and offered support and a club to affiliate to; as she runs the girls team, she was quite keen for an adult squad for them to progress to. Faye Harrison, who played for Wolves Women, stepped in as manager and Susan Albrighton as secretary, with no experience of running a football club, soon got to grips with it all and managed to get the team through its first season.

The first season was successful for the ladies, finishing third overall and being piped to promotion by the last game of the season. The second season was the best by far, finishing in second place in the league and again missing out on first place by the last game and by one goal, they took part in the first Lucozade Sport Performance League, where 80 amateur teams were pitted against each other in a virtual league. Tipton finished 7th out of the 80 teams, but were awarded the Club Of The Year Award and treated to a trip to Manchester United's Stadium, Old Trafford. There they were presented with their award and striker Kiren Rana collected her Golden Boot Trophy after fending off all of the other goal scorers in the league. After four seasons, manager Faye Harrison stepped away from the club, leaving Susan Albrighton to take the reins, she promoted former player Kim Meaden to Assistant Manager in 2012 and helped the club regain its status in the community. It was during this season that the ladies changed sponsors.

In the early 1970s, Tipton Town Mens Football Club, in conjunction with other local clubs including Tipton Harriers Athletics Club, opened the Tipton Sports Academy, a 19-acre multi-purpose sports complex constructed out of former waste and spoilage land. It is now home to several teams, including Tipton Town L. F. C. and West Bromwich Albion L. F. C. Due to the increase in costs, the ladies relocated to a local school to play their home games for season 2012–13. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Birmingham County Women's Division Two Third Place - 2007-08 Birmingham FA Contribution To Football Award Susan Albrighton 2007-08 Birmingham County Women's Division One Runners Up - 2008-09 Lucozade Sport Performance League Club Of The Year - 2008-09 Lucozade Sport Performance League Golden Boot Winner Kiren Rana - 2008-09 Brasillia Tournament Winners - 2009 Black Country Futsal League Runners Up - 2008-09 Birmingham County Women's Division Two Third Place - 2007-08 Birmingham FA Charter Standard Coach Of The Year Faye Harrison 2008-09 Regional FA Charter Standard Coach Of The Year Faye Harrison 2008-09 Tipton Town Ladies FC Official Website Tipton Town FC's First Official Website


Bromodomain testis-specific protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BRDT gene. It is a member of the Extra-terminal motif protein family. BRDT is similar to the RING3 protein family, it possesses 2 bromodomain motifs and a PEST sequence, characteristic of proteins that undergo rapid intracellular degradation. The bromodomain is found in proteins. Two transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene; the use of three different mouse models showed that Brdt drives a meiotic and post-meiotic gene expression program. It controls the genome-wide post-meiotic genome reorganization that occurs after histone hyperacetylation in elongating spermatids. Model organisms have been used in the study of BRDT function. A conditional knockout mouse line, called Brdttm1aWtsi was generated as part of the International Knockout Mouse Consortium program — a high-throughput mutagenesis project to generate and distribute animal models of disease to interested scientists. Male and female animals underwent a standardized phenotypic screen to determine the effects of deletion.

Twenty five tests were carried out on mutant mice and two significant abnormalities were observed. Homozygous mutant males were sub-fertile and both sexes had a decreased number of lumbar and sacral vertebrae. BET inhibitors such as JQ1 block the region of BRDT responsible for chromatin binding, cause a reversible reduction of sperm production, sperm quality, size of the testis in mice; the mechanism of action of JQ1 could be explained by considering Brdt’s functions as a driver of testis-specific gene expression and post-meiotic chromatin reorganization. As BET inhibitors inhibit other BET proteins BRD2, BRD3, BRD4, they are to have effects in people beyond temporary male sterility. Human BRDT genome location and BRDT gene details page in the UCSC Genome Browser