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Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The gardens receive over a million visitors each year; the gardens have been designated a National Historic Site of Canada. Robert Pim Butchart began manufacturing Portland cement in 1888 near his birthplace of Owen Sound, Canada, he and his wife Jennie Butchart came to the west coast of Canada because of rich limestone deposits necessary for cement production. In 1904, they established their home near his quarry on Tod Inlet at the base of the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. In 1907, sixty-five-year-old garden designer Isaburo Kishida of Yokohama came to Victoria, at the request of his son, to build a tea garden for Esquimalt Gorge Park; this garden a place to be seen. Several prominent citizens, Jennie Butchart among them, commissioned Japanese gardens from Kishida for their estates, he returned to Japan in 1912. In 1909, when the limestone quarry was exhausted, Jennie set about turning it into the Sunken Garden, completed in 1921.

They named their home "Benvenuto", began to receive visitors to their gardens. In 1926, they replaced their tennis courts with an Italian garden and in 1929 they replaced their kitchen vegetable garden with a large rose garden to the design of Butler Sturtevant of Seattle. Samuel Maclure, consultant to the Butchart Gardens, reflected the aesthetic of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. In 1939, the Butcharts gave the Gardens to their grandson Ian Ross on his 21st birthday. Ross was involved in the promotion of the gardens until his death 58 years later. In 1953, miles of underground wiring were laid to provide night illumination, to mark the 50th anniversary of The Gardens. In 1964, the ever-changing Ross Fountain was installed in the lower reservoir to celebrate the 60th anniversary. In 1994, the Canadian Heraldic Authority granted a coat of arms to the Butchart Gardens. In 2004, two 30-foot totem poles were installed to mark the 100th anniversary, The Gardens were designated as a national historic site.

Ownership of The Gardens remains within the Butchart family. In 1982 the Butchart Gardens was used as the inspiration for the gardens at the Canadian pavilion opened at Epcot Centre in Orlando Florida. In December, 2009 the Children's Pavilion and the Rose Carousel were opened; the menagerie includes thirty animals ranging from bears, to horses, to ostriches, to zebras and mirrors the world from which The Gardens draws its visitors. The designs were hand-picked in consultation with an artist from North Carolina; the carvings were done by some of the few remaining carvers of carousel art. Each animal took many months to complete. There are two chariots able to accommodate disabled persons. While Mrs. Butchart collected plants, Mr. Butchart collected ornamental birds from all over the world, having a parrot in the house, ducks in the Star Pond and peacocks on the front lawn, he built several elaborate birdhouses for the gardens and trained pigeons on the site of the present-day Begonia Bower. Several bronze statues are displayed in the gardens.

One, of a wild boar, purchased on a Mediterranean trip in 1973, was cast in Florence by Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry, a replica of a 1620 bronze cast by Pietro Tacca. It is called "Tacca" in honor of the sculptor and, just as the original's, its snout is shiny from the many visitors rubbing it for luck. Another, nearby in front of the residence, of a donkey and foal is by Sirio Tofanari. A fountain statue of three sturgeon by Tofanari, is installed near the Japanese garden. In 1993, "Circle of Doves", which Ann-Lee Ross gave her husband Ian in 1991 to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary, was installed in front of the begonia bower. In the summer of 2008, The Gardens introduced the Jennie B, an electrically driven 12-passenger boat, which plies the local coastlines in the summer giving visitors an appreciation of the waterside history plus coastal aquatic plants and animals. On December 1, 2009, the Children's Pavilion and Rose Carousel were opened to the public; the Rose Carousel, crafted by Brass Ring Entertainment of Sun Valley, California is the only carousel on Vancouver Island.

The menagerie includes thirty animals ranging from bears, to horses, to ostriches, to zebras, to cats and mirrors the world from which The Gardens draws its visitors. The designs were hand-picked by Robin Clarke, The Gardens' owner and great-granddaughter of Jennie Butchart, in consultation with an artist from North Carolina; the carvings were done by some of the few remaining carvers of carousel art. Each animal took many months to complete. There are two chariots able to accommodate disabled persons; the Rose Carousel is housed within the 700 m2 Children's Pavilion, which has a dome with a 23-metre clear span, a full-fronted glass façade and a roof planted with native plant species. The pavilion has an event room for such things as children's birthday parties. In the early days, weekly symphony concerts were hosted by Mrs. Butchart; these were held for guests of the family, but attracted a larger audience. More in the Summer Season and during the Winter Holiday Season they provide a wide range of local entertainment, from jazz to classical music.

The Weeds, a band made up of staff members from The Gardens, sometimes plays during the Summer Season. In 1977, Ian Ross's son Christopher introduced firew

Oscar Hagberg

Oscar Emil Hagberg was an American football player and coach and United States Navy officer. He was the 25th head football coach at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and he held that position for two seasons, from 1944 until 1945, his coaching record at Navy was 13–4–1. Hagberg was born December 1908 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, he played college football as an end and fullback at Navy from 1928 to 1930. Hagberg was the ends coach for the Midshipmen in 1933, 1934, 1939. In his naval career he saw service in submarines and commanded two boats during World War II, USS S-16 and USS Albacore. Oscar Hagberg at Find a Grave

Smaragda Karydi

Smaragda Karydi is a Greek TV and stage actress. She came into prominence playing the role of Dahlia in the TV series Sto Para Pente and the TV series Fila ton vatraho sou co-starring with Τhodoris Atheridis. Smaragda was born on 9 August 1969, is the daughter of actors Dinos Karydis and Tzoulia Argyropoulos, she graduated from the Drama School of the Greek National Theatre and has worked as an actress in the Greek television in primary and secondary roles in the series. From 2005 until 2007 she has had one of the main roles in the popular TV series Sto Para Pente, she has starred in the films Thiliki Etairia written by Nikos Perakis in 1999, O kalyteros mou filos written by Lakis Lazopoulos and the cinema adaptation of the theatrical play Mia melissa ton Avgousto written by Thodoris Atheridis in 2007. In the theatre she has starred in the plays Apo erota, Mia melissa ton Avgousto, Sinevi kai opoios thelei to pistevei written and directed by Thodoris Atheridis. 1992-1993 - Vamena kokkina mallia 1994 - To Harama 1996 - To Hroma tou fengariou] 1996 - Logo timis 1996 - Dipli Alithia 1998 - Gia sena 1999 - Eroica 2002 - Ah ke na'kseres 2003 - Lefkos Ikos 2004 - Babballoo 2005 - Sto Para Pente 2007 - Fila to vatraho sou 2015 - Ethniki Ellados 1999 - Thiliki Eteria 2001 - O kalyteros mou filos 2007 - Mia Melissa ton Avgousto 2009 - H Klironomos Apo Erota Mia Melissa Ton Avgousto Synevi ki opis theli to pistevi Smaragda Karydi on IMDb

Gil Carrillo de Albornoz (1579–1649)

Gil Carrillo de Albornoz, called Egidio Carillo Albornozio in Italian sources, was a Spanish Catholic Cardinal who led the Spanish delegation at the papal conclave of 1644. Albornoz was born in 1579 in Talavera de la Reina, the son of Francisco de Albornoz and Felipa de Espinosa, he was educated as a civil lawyer at the Salamanca universities. He was appointed Archbishop of Taranto in 1630, he was elevated to Cardinal in August 1630 and became a valued religious advisor to King Philip IV of Spain. He helped to maintain pressure on francophile Pope Urban VIII and led negotiations with the Pope relating to the Wars of Castro, he was the appointed representative of Spain in the Sacred College of Cardinals from 1632. He was appointed Governor of the Duchy of Milan between July 1634 and November 1635. Albornoz participated in the Papal Conclave of 1644 which elected Pope Innocent X, presenting the Spanish veto against the election of Cardinal Giulio Cesare Sacchetti, promoted by Antonio Barberini and France´s PM, Cardinal Jules Mazarin.

Although he was urged to return to Spain, he continued residing in Rome until his death on 19 December 1649. He was buried in the church of S. Anna nel Quirinale, Rome


The Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement is a database system managed and used by the United States Coast Guard. The MISLE is used to store data on marine accidental and deliberate pollution and other shipping and port accidents in US territorial waters, it accounts like port terminals and shipyards. The system has now been operational for a few years, it was introduced in December 2001 to replace the previous Marine Safety Information System. The public may access portions of the data contained on the MISLE system through the Port State Information eXchange; the PSIX system was designed to provide other countries with Port State Intervention data on foreign-flagged vessels. It contains information on over 650,000 U. S. and foreign flagged vessels. The PSIX system contains vessel specific information derived from the United States Coast Guard's Marine Information Safety and Law Enforcement System; the information contained in PSIX represents a weekly snapshot of Freedom of Information Act data on U.

S. flag vessels, foreign vessels operating in U. S. waters, Coast Guard contacts with those vessels. Information on unclosed cases or cases pending further action is considered privileged information and is precluded from the PSIX system. Report by the US General Accounting Office on the completed system as of 2001

French and Saunders Still Alive

French and Saunders: Still Alive! is a 2008 tour by comedy duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They were at Drury Lane, London for a month; the tour continued to Australia in mid-2009. There were many positive reviews for the UK leg of the tour, yet most reviews on the Australian leg were poor and negative; the first leg of the show concluded in May 2008. The show ended 9 November, in London, they have toured their comedy act / sketch show rarely, with UK tours in 1990 & 2000. The current tour contains a selection of their favourite sketches, as well as new material written for the tour; the show was directed by Hamish McColl, set design by Lez Brotherstone, lighting and visual effects by Willie Williams. Video Introduction - Grannies Go To The Show The White Room The Doctor The Future Family Contreception Dawn's Chocolate HuntVideo Interlude - Madonna White Room - MadonnaVideo Interlude - Prickly Pear Farm In CourtVideo Interlude - Those Lucky Bitches and Jackie Collins! Grannies Grannies Go To Dancing Strictly Come Dancing Ab Fab Memories - Cassie BroadwayVideo Interlude - What Ever Happened To Baby Dawn?

Bideford GirlsVideo Interlude - Jennifer Has A Marlene Day Boarding SchoolVideo Interlude - Catherine Zeta-Jones Geraldine Visits So Called'Goddess of Comedy' Thank You For The MusicVideo Outro - French and Saunders Over The Years Fat Dick Men3 •28 February - Blackpool •1 March - Blackpool •4 March - Manchester •5 March - Manchester •6 March - Manchester •7 March - Manchester •8 March - Manchester •11 March - Sheffield •12 March - Newcastle upon Tyne •13 March - Newcastle upon Tyne •14 March - Edinburgh •15 March - Edinburgh •18 March - Glasgow •19 March - Glasgow •20 March - Sunderland •21 March - Aberdeen •22 March - Newcastle upon Tyne •25 March - Brighton •26 March - Brighton •27 March - Sheffield •28 March - Ipswich •29 March - Ipswich •1 April - Plymouth •2 April - Plymouth •3 April - Nottingham •4 April - Nottingham •5 April - Nottingham •7 April - Bournemouth •9 April - Cardiff •10 April - Cardiff •11 April - Cardiff •12 April - Cardiff •14 April - Southampton •15 April - Southampton •16 April - Liverpool •17 April - Liverpool •18 April - Harrogate •19 April - Llandeilo •21 April - Birmingham •22 April - Birmingham •23 April - Birmingham •24 April - Birmingham •25 April - Birmingham •26 April - Birmingham •27 April - Bristol •28 April - Bristol •29 April - Bristol •20 April - Bristol •2 May - Portsmouth •3 May - Bournemouth •5 May - Oxford •6 May - Oxford •7 May - Oxford •25 June - Newcastle •26 June - Newcastle •27 June - Canberra •1 July - Sydney •2 July - Sydney •3 July - Sydney •4 July - Sydney •5 July - Sydney •6 July - Sydney •8 July - Sydney •9 July - Sydney •11 July - Brisbane •12 July - Brisbane •13 July - Brisbane •15 July - Melbourne •16 July - Melbourne •17 July - Melbourne •18 July - Melbourne •19 July - Melbourne •20 July - Melbourne •23 July - Perth •24 July - Perth •25 July - Perth •28 July - Adelaide •29 July - Adelaide •Two shows were performed on 4 July in Sydney.

•Two shows were performed on 12 July in Brisbane. •Two shows were performed on 18 July in Melbourne, both shows at different venues. •On 23 July in Perth, the show was performed at a different venue. •Two shows were performed on 28 July in Adelaide, both shows at different venues