The Sony CLIÉ is a series of personal digital assistants running the Palm Operating System developed and marketed by Sony from 2000 to 2005. The devices introduced many new features to the PDA market, such as a jog-wheel interface, high-resolution displays, Sony technologies like Memory Stick slots and ATRAC3 audio playback. Most models were manufactured in Japan; the name is an acronym for creativity, innovation, emotion though communication, link and entertainment. It was an attempt at a new coinage term, though it means "tool" in the Jèrriais language; the CLIÉ handhelds were distinguished from other Palm OS models by their emphasis on multimedia capabilities, including photo and audio playback, long before any other Palm OS PDAs had such capabilities. Models have been credited with spurring competition in the stagnant Palm market, closing many of the gaps that existed between Palm OS PDAs and those powered by Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system on the multimedia front, but with Sony's proprietary application launcher interface.

In the summer of 2004, Sony announced that new CLIÉs would, from on, be manufactured and available only in Japan, in the spring of 2005, Sony announced the total termination of its CLIÉ line of products. The last models to be released worldwide were the PEG-TJ27, PEG-TJ37, PEG-TH55; the last model released in Japan was the PEG-VZ90. Soon after the closure of the CLIÉ line, Sony stopped providing original installation drivers, including Sony's version of Palm Desktop for the CLIÉ, which are necessary for Hotsyncing with the PC and otherwise taking advantage of the handhelds' many features for which a PC may be required. Several CLIÉ fans took it upon themselves to offer these drivers for download at CLIÉ handhelds were released in series with a few models released in each series. In years, multiple series would be in production at the same time. S series T series N series NR series SL/SJ series NX series NZ series TG series UX series TJ series TH series VZ series Officially, the CLIÉ line did not support the Mac OS, Sony never provided any software with the handhelds for Mac OS.

However, as a Palm OS device, every CLIÉ handheld was inherently capable of HotSync operations with a Mac OS computer. This allowed for the synchronization of the basic PIM functions, as well as for the installation of new software, though this inherent capability was unusable because the Mac HotSync software would not recognize the handheld. PalmSource, silently added the capability to recognize older CLIÉ devices when providing new versions of its Palm Desktop software for Mac; this was necessary for those who could synchronize only via USB. The CLIÉ user community soon discovered that these "updates" were a matter of adding a few lines to the USB-detection property-list file. Since detailed instructions have been posted online for those who want to synchronize their CLIÉ handhelds. No modifications are required for Bluetooth synchronization, but Wi-Fi synchronization is impossible because the Mac OS HotSync software does not support network synchronization; some workarounds for the multimedia features exist.

For those who desire stronger Mac OS/CLIÉ integration, the product Missing Sync made by the company Mark/Space is available. This does make unencrypted Wi-Fi synchronization possible but a bug in the CLIÉ network stack reverses IP addresses which means that the Macintosh involved needs a palindromic IP address such as Graffiti Palm OS PalmSource, Inc. Personal digital assistant Walkman mylo Xperia Sony Magic Link Sony repair/parts replacement website - Buy replacement parts for current un-supported Sony CLIÉS.″″ One Source - Formerly CLIÉ Source, One Source is a CLIÉ enthusiast site which changed its name when Sony ended the CLIÉ line. It is still the more popular site that still talks about the Sony CLIÉ line of products through its forums. - Downloadable PC-Clie drivers which are no longer provided by Sony. Openomics - Step-by-step instructions to add Apple iSync support for a Sony CLIÉ TH55

R. K. Shriramkumar

R. K. Shriramkumar is a virtuoso violinist and accompanist of the Carnatic Music, he hails from the Rudrapatna family of musicians from Karnataka. He is grand-nephew of R. K. Srikanthan. R. K. Shriramkumar was born on 4 October 1966, to R. V. Krishnamurthy, his grandfather was the violinist R. K. Venkatarama Shastri, the brother and guru of R. K. Srikantan, he received his initial training from Savitri Satyamurthy and advanced tutelage under his grandfather, R. K. Venkatarama Shastri, he trained in Vocal Music under D. K. Jayaraman and presently receives guidance from V. V. Subrahmanyam. Shriramkumar attended the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan school in Tamil Nadu. Besides solo concerts,Shriramkumar has accompanied various artists including D. K. Jayaraman, D. K. Pattammal, M. S. Subbulakshmi, K. V. Narayanaswamy, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, T. Brinda, T. Viswanathan and S. Balachander. In a performing career spanning more than two decades, he has performed for organisations and festivals in India, including Tyagaraja Aradhana festival, Madras Music Academy, Shanmukhananda Sangita Sabha, Sangeet Natak Akademi, the ICCR, the ITC Sangeet Sammelan, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, the All India Radio and Doordarshan.

He has performed at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, accompanying Geeta Rajashekhar in 1988 and Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer in 1995, in the presence of the Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and the Presidents of India, R. Venkataraman and Shankar Dayal Sharma, he has toured the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Muscat, accompanying Geetha Rajashekar, Vijay Siva, Sanjay Subrahmanyan, K. V. Narayanaswamy, S. Balachander, T. N. Seshagopalan, N. Ravikiran, P. Unnikrishnan and T. M. Krishna, he has performed for the Theatre De la Ville at Paris accompanying Sanjay Subrahmanyan. Shriramkumar is a graduate in Mathematics from the Madras University, he teaches both violin and carnatic vocal music in Tamil Nadu. He frequents many concerts in his free time and travels the world on a yearly basis for many prominent artists, he considers both D. K. Pattammal and M. S. Subbulakshmi as his Gurus. In February 2009, Shriramkumar was married to his wife Akila

Ne'emia Kaleopa

Ne'emia Kaleopa is an American Samoan footballer who plays as a defender for Utulei Youth in the FFAS Senior League and the American Samoa national football team. Kaleopa started his career with Pago Youth. Which this club he won the 2012 FFAS Senior League and played 1 game in the 2013–14 OFC Champions League preliminary round. In 2014, he joined SKBC to play for them in the 2014–15 OFC Champions League preliminary round. In 2015, he moved to Utulei Youth. With this club he won the 2015 FFAS Senior League which meant that they qualified for the 2016 OFC Champions League preliminary stage. During this preliminary round Kaleopa played all 3 games. In 2013 Kaleopa was called up to play with the American Samoa national under-17 football team in the 2013 OFC U-17 Championship preliminary round, he played. He didn't score during this tournament but he gave the assist for the first goal of the match, scored by Kaleopa Siligi, against Samoa, they reached a second spot, before Samoa and Tonga. Although this was a good result for American Samoa they failed to qualify for the main stage.

In 2014 Kaleopa joined. Kaleopa played 4 matches including games against Pacific giants like New Caledonia. 4 of those 5 matches went for a loss but against Papua New Guinea they played 1-1. A historical draw for American Samoa. Kaleopa made his debut for the American Samoa national football team in a friendly match against Fiji on August 27, 2015, which ended in 6-0 loss. Kaleopa played all 3 games during the First Qualification Round for the 2018 World Cup. Ne'emia Kaleopa's older brother, Panweichi Kaleopa is a member of the American Samoa national football team Statistics accurate as of match played 10 September 2015 2015 FFAS Senior League: Best Player Notes at the Wayback Machine at the Wayback Machine