Cameron Diaz

Cameron Michelle Diaz is an American actress and former model. She has appeared in comedies throughout her career, while earning critical recognition in dramatic films, her accolades include four Golden Globe Award nominations, three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, a New York Film Critics Award. In 2013, she was named the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood; as of 2018, the U. S. domestic box office grosses of Diaz's films total over US$3 billion, with worldwide grosses surpassing US$7 billion, making her the fifth highest-grossing U. S. domestic box office actress. Born in San Diego, Diaz was raised in Long Beach. While still in high school, she signed a modeling contract with Elite Model Management, she made her film debut at age 21 opposite Jim Carrey in the comedy The Mask. She was subsequently cast in a supporting role in My Best Friend's Wedding before appearing as the titular Mary in the Farrelly brothers' hit comedy There's Something About Mary, which brought her increased fame and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

Her following two projects—the sports drama Any Given Sunday, Spike Jonze's surrealist fantasy Being John Malkovich —lent Diaz a reputation as a dramatic actress, the latter earning her her second Golden Globe nomination. Diaz earned a third Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role in Vanilla Sky, appeared in numerous high-profile films in the early 2000s, including Charlie's Angels and its sequel Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, as well as voicing the character of Princess Fiona in the Shrek series. In 2003, she was cast in Martin Scorsese's period epic Gangs of New York, for which she earned her fourth Golden Globe nomination, her subsequent films included the dramatic comedies In Her Shoes and The Holiday, the psychological thriller The Box. Diaz appeared in a supporting role in The Green Hornet in 2011, followed by starring roles in the comedies Bad Teacher and The Other Woman. After appearing in Will Gluck's 2014 film adaptation of Annie, Diaz confirmed she was formally retiring from acting.

Diaz is the author of two health books: The Body Book, a New York Times bestseller, The Longevity Book. Cameron Michelle Diaz was born August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California to Billie, an import/export agent, Emilio Diaz, a foreman of the California oil company Unocal. Diaz has Chimene, her father's family is Cuban, Diaz's ancestors had moved from Spain to Cuba. They settled in Ybor City, before moving to California, where her father was born, her mother has predominantly German ancestry. Diaz was raised in Long Beach and attended Los Cerritos Elementary School, Long Beach Polytechnic High School, where she was a classmate of Snoop Dogg, she recalled her upbringing as frugal, stating: "I had amazing parents, they were awesome. We weren't privileged—very much the opposite. My family would collect cans to turn in for extra money, because $20 meant something to us, but we were happy."While still attending high school, Diaz signed a modeling contract with Elite Model Management at age 16, appeared in advertisements for Calvin Klein and Levi's.

The following year, at age 17, she was featured on the cover of the July 1990 issue of Seventeen magazine. Diaz modeled for 2 to 3 months in Australia and shot a commercial for Coca-Cola in Sydney in 1991. In 1992, at age 19, she was photographed and videotaped topless for an S&M leather fashion lingerie editorial by John Rutter, a professional photographer, they were never released. Rutter approached Diaz in 2003, ahead of the release of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, offering to sell the pictures and video to her for $3.5 million before attempting to sell them to prospective buyers. He stated. In July 2004, the 30-minute video of the photo shoot, entitled She's No Angel, was released on a Russian website. Rutter denied releasing it. On September 16, 2005, Rutter was sentenced to more than three years in prison for attempted grand theft and perjury. At the age of 21, Diaz auditioned for The Mask playing a jazz singer named Tina Carlyle, based on the recommendation of an agent for Elite, who met the film's producers while they were searching for the lead actress.

Having no previous acting experience, she started acting lessons after being cast. The Mask launched Diaz as a sex symbol. During this period, Diaz dated video producer Carlos de la Torre. Diaz subsequently starred in the independent black comedy The Last Supper, playing one of several liberal graduate students who invite a group of extremist conservatives to a dinner to murder them. Roger Ebert deemed the film "a brave effort in a timid time, a Swiftian attempt to slap us all in the face and get us to admit that our own freedoms depend on those of our neighbors, our opponents and, our enemies." She had a lead role as an ex-stripper in the dramatic comedy Feeling Minnesota, in which she co-starred opposite Keanu Reeves, Vincent D'Onofrio, Courtney Love. Emanuel Levy of Variety noted: "Sadly, with the notable exception of the attractive Diaz, who's well cast as the sexual aggressor and romantic manipulator, there are no exciting performances in the film." The same year, she was cast opposite Jennifer Aniston in the Edward Burns-directed comedy She's the One, followed by a starring role in Head Above Water, a crime-comedy in which she played an unfaithful wife implicated in her ex-lover's murder.

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Île Saint-Honorat

The Île Saint-Honorat is the second largest of the Lérins Islands, about a mile off shore from the French Riviera town of Cannes. The island is 1.5 kilometers in length and 400 meters wide. Since the fifth century, the island has been home to a community of monks; the island, known to the Romans as Lerina, was uninhabited until Saint Honoratus founded a monastery on it at some time around the year 410. According to tradition, Honoratus made his home on the island intending to live as a hermit, but found himself joined by disciples (including Saint Caprais who formed a monastic community around him; this had become "an immense monastery" by 427, according to the contemporary writings of John Cassian. Reputedly, Saint Patrick, patron of Ireland, studied at the monastery in the fifth century. Over the following centuries, monastic life on the island was interrupted on several occasions by raids attributable to Saracens. Around 732, many of the community, including the abbot, Saint Porcarius, were massacred on the island by invaders.

According to myth, many of the monks escaped, because Porcarius had been warned of the attack by an angel and had sent them to safety. In medieval times, the island became a popular place of pilgrimage; this was encouraged by the writings of Raymond Féraud, a monk who composed a mythological life of Honoratus. In 1635, the island was captured by the Spanish, the monks were expelled, they returned from exile in Vallauris two years when the island was retaken by the French. The monastery continued to suffer from Genoese attacks; the number of monks dwindled to four and, in the proto-revolutionary climate of the time, the monastery was disestablished in 1787. Under the Revolution, the island became the property of the state, was sold to a wealthy actress, Mademoiselle de Sainval, who lived there for twenty years. In 1859, the island was bought by the Bishop of Fréjus, who sought to re-establish a religious community there. Ten years a Cistercian community was established, which has remained there since.

The island retains a monastery, home to 30 Cistercian monks, is a popular tourist attraction offering pleasant woodland surroundings, in common with its neighbour the Île Sainte-Marguerite. Points of interest include a number of disused chapels erected by monks on the island at different points in history, as well as the remains of a Napoleonic cannonball oven and a Second World War gun emplacement; the Abbey of Lérins and the 15th Century fortified monastery are open to visitors, a monastery shop sells various monastic goods, including wine and honey produced on the island. The modern monastery is closed to visitors; the island is served all year round by a regular commercial ferry service from Cannes

Huni (video game player)

Heo Seung-hoon, better known as Huni, is a South Korean professional League of Legends player, the top laner for Dignitas of the League of Legends Championship Series. He has played for Fnatic, Echo Fox, SK Telecom T1 and Clutch Gaming. Huni started his career in League of Legends as a part of the Samsung organization, he was one of the practice partners for the team, though he was never announced as an official substitute for the team. Just before the start of the 2015 EU LCS Spring/Regular Season, Huni joined Fnatic, his first official team, as part of the new roster alongside Reignover, Febiven and YellOwStaR — the only player from the previous line-up. In spite of low expectations for the team consisting of unknown players, they placed second in the regular season with a 13-5 game record, Huni himself won the Rookie of the Split award for the EU LCS. In the playoffs and Fnatic took first place for the 2015 Spring EU LCS after edging out Unicorns of Love in a 3-2 series. From there, Huni went to MSI, where he and the rest of Fnatic showed the world that EU wasn't anything to be trifled with.

After making it out of the group stages and Fnatic lost in the semi-finals to Korea's SKT T1 in a close 2-3 series. Returning with Fnatic for the 2015 Summer Split of the EU LCS, Huni and the rest of Fnatic became the first team in LCS history to have an undefeated regular season split, going a full 18-0 and making history. Fnatic proceeded to the finals of the EU LCS where their win streak was ended by Origen, although they did still win the finals, ending with a 3-2 series over Origen. Huni traveled with Fnatic to the 2015 World Championship, where they battled against Taiwan's ahq e-Sports Club, North America's Cloud9, China's Invictus Gaming in group B of the world championship. Fnatic left the group stage in first place. Advancing to the quarter-finals and Fnatic fought against China's Edward Gaming, whom Huni states he was'eager to crush' after losing a game to them at 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. Huni and Fnatic did just that. Advancing to the semi-finals and Fnatic were stopped against Korea's KOO Tigers, ending in a 0-3 series and ending their run at worlds.

In the following season and his teammate Reignover both asked for a raise, which Fnatic declined, so the two of them decided to join the Immortals roster, being put together in North America, joining NA LCS veterans WildTurtle and Adrian. Immortals finished 3rd in the 2015 Spring NA LCS. On December 1, 2016 defending World champion SK Telecom T1 announced Huni had become a member of the team. In late 2019 it was reported that Huni had agreed to a two-year extension of his contract with Dignitas, which guaranteed him $2.3 million in salary over two years. This made Huni one of the highest paid players in LCS history. 1st — 2015 Spring EU LCS 1st — 2015 Summer EU LCS 3rd–4th — 2015 League of Legends World Championship 3rd — 2016 Spring NA LCS 2nd — 2016 NA LCS Summer regular season 3rd — 2016 NA LCS Summer playoffs 1st — 2017 LCK Spring Split 1st — 2017 LCK Spring Playoff 1st — 2017 Mid-Season Invitational 4st — 2017 LCK Summer Split 2nd — 2017 LCK Summer Playoff 2nd — 2017 League of Legends World Championship 3rd — 2018 NA LCS Spring Split 2nd — 2018 Rift Rivals 2018: NA vs EU 5th–6th — 2018 NA LCS Summer 3rd — NA LCS Regional Finals 2018 9th — 2019 LCS Spring 4th — 2019 LCS Summer 1st — LCS Regional Finals 2019 Huni on Facebook As of this edit, this article uses content from "Huni", licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, but not under the GFDL.

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