Future of StoryTelling

Future of StoryTelling is a two-day summit that brings together top executives, creative talent, technologists to explore how storytelling is changing in the digital age. Attendance to the annual NYC-based event, held in early October, is by invitation only, limited to 500 attendees; the FoST summit was founded in 2012 by Charles Melcher and Founder of Melcher Media. FoST produces an annual series of speaker films; these films are free and available online to the public, serve as a preview for the topics that are addressed by speakers at the event. The 2012 FoST Film series featured sixteen short films with speakers such as Damian Kulash of OK Go, Aaron Koblin of Google’s Data Arts Team, Richelle Parham, VP and CMO of eBay; the 2013 FoST Film series included twenty films with speakers such as Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, Robert Wong, CCO of Google Creative Lab, Eddy Moretti, CCO of Vice Media. All the films can be found on the official Future of StoryTelling website. Rather than giving talks from a main stage, FoST speakers lead 60-minute, think tank¬–style conversations with groups of 25 attendees.

Attendees screen the FoST Films in advance of the summit and can select their preferred speaker-lead roundtables. The format is engaging for every person in the room. FoST offers the roundtable experience online through a weekly series of speaker-lead Hangouts on Google Plus; every Wednesday at 12:30pm EST, a different summit speaker joins Founder Charles Melcher for a professionally facilitated, live-streamed conversation. These “Virtual Roundtables” give viewers an opportunity to submit questions to FoST speakers during the broadcast; the FoST summit takes place at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island, an architecturally and significant site, built in the mid-1800s as a home for retired sailors. Attendees meet in lower Manhattan and are transported by private ferry across New York Harbor to the 83-acre waterfront campus. In 2013, FoST announced the launch of an day-long program called the Story Crawl. Limited to only 80 attendees, the Story Crawl consisted of one-hour-long visits to four New York City creative studios: Fake Love, Rockwell Lab, Stink Digital, Sub Rosa.

Attendees had the chance to learn about each studio's latest innovations and learn about their concept development, creative process, distinct approaches to storytelling. On October 1, 2014, the FoST Story Crawl will expand to all 500 FoST attendees across over a dozen studio locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn; the Story Crawl marks the first day of the two-day FoST experience, is followed by the FoST summit at Snug Harbor on October 2. The FoST summit is made possible by the support of its Board of Advisors. Members of the Board include former Vice President Al Gore; the Future of StoryTelling is produced by Melcher Media, an NYC-based firm that develops the editorial content and interactive engineering for immersive user experiences. Known for its history of innovation, Melcher Media has been a leader in book publishing since 1994, producing 22 New York Times bestsellers and putting 13 million copies of books into print; the company produced Al Gore's Our Choice app for the iPad, which won Apple’s award for Best-Designed App in 2011.

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Morshansky District

Morshansky District is an administrative and municipal district, one of the twenty-three in Tambov Oblast, Russia. It is located in the north of the oblast and borders Shatsky District of Ryazan Oblast in the north, Zemetchinsky District of Penza Oblast in the east, Pichayevsky District in the south, Sarayevsky District of Ryazan Oblast in the west; the area of the district is 2,880 square kilometers. Its administrative center is the town of Morshansk; as of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 34,088. Within the framework of administrative divisions, Morshansky District is one of the twenty-three in the oblast; the town of Morshansk serves as its administrative center, despite being incorporated separately as a town of oblast significance—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, the district is incorporated as Morshansky Municipal District; the town of oblast significance of Morshansk is incorporated separately from the district as Morshansk Urban Okrug.

Тамбовская областная Дума. Закон №72-З от 21 июня 1996 г. «Об административно-территориальном устройстве Тамбовской области», в ред. Закона №544-З от 11 июня 2015 г. «О внесении изменений в статью 7 Закона Тамбовской области "Об административно-территориальном устройстве Тамбовской области"». Опубликован: "Тамбовская жизнь", №131, 1996 г.. Тамбовская областная Дума. Закон №232-З от 17 сентября 2004 г. «Об установлении границ и определении места нахождения представительных органов муниципальных образований в Тамбовской области», в ред. Закона №606-З от 7 декабря 2015 г. «О внесении изменений в Закон Тамбовской области "Об установлении границ и определении места нахождения представительных органов муниципальных образований в Тамбовской области"». Вступил в силу со дня официального опубликования. Опубликован: "Тамбовская жизнь", №185