Matt O'Brien

Matt O'Brien is a New Zealand-born Australian professional rugby union referee. He has officiated on the IRB Sevens World Series circuit since 2011 and was appointed to the Super Rugby referees panel for 2014 and 2015. O'Brien was born in Southland, New Zealand and is the son of former international rugby referee Paddy O'Brien, he studied pharmacy at the University of Otago where he played as a winger on the University's rugby team in the early 2000s, before he moved to the Gold Coast in Australia and established a pharmacy business. After retiring from playing in the Queensland Premier Rugby competition for the Gold Coast Breakers, O'Brien took up rugby refereeing in 2008, he was appointed to the IRB Sevens World Series in 2011, was the referee in three finals matches. He was named as one of 16 referees on the SANZAR referee panel for the 2014 season, refereed his first match in Super Rugby between the Chiefs and Rebels in April that year, he refereed at the IRB Junior World Championship in 2014.

O'Brien refereed the 2016 Wellington Sevens Cup final between New Zealand and South Africa, won by New Zealand

Philip Francis Pocock

Philip Francis Pocock was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toronto from 1971 to 1978. Born St. Thomas and studied at St. Peter's Seminary, Ontario. In 1933 he left his parish to study canon law in Rome, he was ordained a priest in 1930 and became a professor at St. Peter's Seminary in London, teaching moral theology and canon law, he was appointed Bishop of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1944 and Apostolic Administrator of Winnipeg and Titular Archbishop of Aprus in 1951. The following year he succeeded as Archbishop of Winnipeg. In 1961, Pocock left Winnipeg and became Coadjutor Archbishop of Toronto and Titular Archbishop of Isauropolis to assist the ailing archbishop, Cardinal James Charles McGuigan, he succeeded as Archbishop of Toronto in 1971 and served until he resigned in 1978. He resigned as archbishop in 1978 and returned to life as a parish priest at St Mary's Parish in Brampton, Ontario. At St. Mary's, Pocock remained active as a priest, celebrating mass and visiting a senior citizens' home.

He was given the title of Archbishop Emeritus of Toronto. He was interred in Holy Cross Cemetery in Thornhill, Ontario. During his time as archbishop, Pocock established several institutions and charities: Archdiocesan Pastoral Council and the Senate of Priests improved Catholic education standards create Sharelife - replacing the Council of Catholic Charities due to opposition to United Way's support of Planned Parenthood clinics lobbying for legislation against pornography encouraging interfaith relations and activitiesHe encouraged the laity to become involved in church decisions, the liturgy, charitable works, he helped consecrate two auxiliary bishops. Biography of Philip Francis Pocock Archbishop Philip Francis Pocock