Castle (Jolin Tsai album)

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Jolin Tsai-Castle-cover.jpg
Standard edition artwork
Studio album by Jolin Tsai
Released February 27, 2004
Recorded 2003
Studio M.E Studio, Alfa Studio, Life Studio
Genre Pop
Length 41:02
Language Chinese
Label Sony
Producer Bing Wang, Peter Lee, Jay Chou, Jamie Hsueh, Huang I, G-Power
Jolin Tsai chronology
The Age of Innocence
Born to Be a Star
Jolin Tsai studio album chronology

Castle (Chinese: 城堡) is the sixth studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. It was released on 27 February 2004, by Sony Music Taiwan.[1] Following the success of her last studio album, Magic (2003), Tsai continued to secure her A-list status with the new release.[2] Tsai again rang up huge sales with the album, which further increased her popularity in her native Taiwan as well as in other Asian countries.[3] The album has sold more than 2 million copies in Asia,[2] with more than 300,000 copies sold in Taiwan alone,[4] and became the best-selling album by a female artist of the year in Taiwan.[4] The second track, "It's Love", reached number 8 on the Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year.[5] The opening track, "36 Tricks of Love", reached number 78 on the chart.[5] The album earned Tsai an MTV Asia Award nomination for Favorite Artist Taiwan.[6] The music video of the lead single, "Pirates", earned Tsai an MTV Video Music Award Japan nomination for Best Buzz Asia.[7]

Track listing[edit]

Castle – Standard edition
1."36 Tricks of Love" (愛情三十六計)Kiki HuSavan Kotecha, Andrew Marcus Frampton, Wayne WilkinsBing Wang3:35
2."It's Love" (就是愛)Simon LiangJay ChouBing Wang4:17
3."The Smell of Lemon Grass" (檸檬草的味道)Francis LeePeter LeePeter Lee4:31
4."Pirates" (海盜)Issac ChenJay ChouJay Chou4:36
5."The Starter" (始作俑者)Jolin TsaiJamie HsuehJamie Hsueh4:35
6."Love Love Love"Simon LiangKonstantin MeladzeHuang I3:47
7."Disappearing Castle" (消失的城堡)Kevin IAlex Chang-ChienPeter Lee4:10
8."Nice Cat" (乖貓)Issac ChenAnna Lidner, Charles Kwashie TamakloeBing Wang3:31
9."Priority" (第一優先)Francis LeeDawn Joseph, Henry GormanBing Wang3:34
10."Rewind" (倒帶)Vincent FangJay ChouG-Power4:26
Total length:41:02


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