Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Cavendish is an unincorporated rural community in the township of Lot 23, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The community's primary industries are tourism and agriculture supporting a small year-round population. Cavendish is the largest seasonal resort area in Prince Edward Island with an average daily population in the months of July and August of 7,500 residents, it was home to Lucy Maud Montgomery, writer of Anne of Green Gables. She said she loved sitting by a window, writing Anne of Green Gables while looking out the windows onto the fields of Cavendish. Cavendish is located northwest of North Rustico and east of Stanley Bridge in the central part of the province on the north shore, fronting the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Administratively, it is part of the Resort Municipality of Stanley Bridge, Hope River, Bayview and North Rustico. Cavendish was founded in 1790 by three families who emigrated from Scotland – the MacNeils, the Clarks and the Simpsons. Lacking a harbour, Cavendish was a small farming community throughout the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

Cavendish traces its name to Field Marshal Lord Frederick Cavendish, Colonel of the 34th Regiment of Foot. It was given by local resident William Winter, an ex-British Army officer, who named the community in honour of his patron. Author Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in nearby New London during the late Victorian era, after her mother's death was brought to Cavendish to be raised in the home of her maternal grandparents, who had a house and small farm east of the Cavendish United Presbyterian Cemetery at the intersection of the Cavendish Road and Cawnpore Lane. Montgomery would frequently visit her cousins, the MacNeill family, who owned a farm named Green Gables located west of the intersection, she would find work in the community with the federal Post Office Department as a postmaster at the Cavendish Post Office. Montgomery's experiences in the community formed a strong impression on her and she would include much of her experiences in this part of rural Prince Edward Island at the turn of the 20th century in the literary blockbuster Anne of Green Gables and subsequent works.

Prior to Montgomery's writings, Cavendish's primary claim to fame came on July 22, 1883, when the three-masted world-record holding clipper ship Marco Polo grounded and broke apart on Cavendish Beach. Following the critical acclaim of Montgomery's writing, as well as coincident with the increase in vehicle-based tourism throughout North America during the first half of the century, Cavendish began to evolve into a resort community. In 1937, Prince Edward Island National Park was established along 60 kilometres of the province's Gulf of St. Lawrence shoreline – part of the park expropriation included the MacNeill family's Green Gables farm; the national park boasted many of Prince Edward Island's best beaches, of which Cavendish Beach was one of the most popular. To increase the tourist draw to the area, the national park developed an 18-hole golf course and opened the Green Gables farmhouse for tours; the site of Montgomery's childhood home is a popular tourist destination. Subsequent development between the 1950s-1990s saw motels, amusement parks and other attractions, shopping facilities, bars and restaurants built.

During any given week in July and August, the community's population expands as tens of thousands of tourists flock to the national park and local attractions. In 1990, Cavendish became part of the Municipality of Stanley Bridge, Hope River, Bayview and North Rustico. Cavendish Beach- A beach located in Prince Edward Island National Park. Prince Edward Island National Park- One of Canada's national parks containing Cavendish Beach. Cavendish is a 2019 CBC sitcom set in this rural area. Cavendish Statistics Cavendish History at, PEI Online Tourism Information Official website Government of PEI Profile

Westminster Records

Westminster Records was an American classical music record label, issuing original recordings until 1965. It was co–founded in 1949 by Mischa Naida, the owner of the Westminster Record Shop in New York City, businessman James Grayson, conductor Henry Swoboda, Henry Gage, its trademark was Big Ben and its slogan was "natural balance", referring to its single microphone technique in recording music, similar to Mercury Records' Living Presence series. Early on, its recordings were technically superior to most others in the marketplace, the label became popular among the growing community of audiophiles. In the late 1950s the company began issuing stereophonic recordings, including a rare disc of the music of Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén, conducted by the composer; the "Westminster Laboratory" series of classical recordings were technically superior to other brands and sold at higher price than the regular Westminsters. The company was sold in the early 1960s to ABC-Paramount Records, which at first continued to issue new material.

Westminster stopped issuing new recordings in 1965. Beginning in 1970, ABC's "Westminster Gold" reissues adopted sleeve designs that used whimsy and humor to garner sales from high school and college-age classical music fans. MCA Records acquired the Westminster catalog when it bought ABC Records in 1979. While continuing to distribute ABC's inventory of classical music albums, MCA hired former ABC classical department head John Sievers to start up its own MCA classical music department; the next year, MCA reissued much of the classical music back catalogues of Command Records, Decca Records, ABC/Westminster Records on the "MCA Westminster" label. The Westminster catalogue, as well as the rest of the MCA classical music catalogue, is now managed by Deutsche Grammophon. Archived Westminster Gold Records discography

The Ideal Couple

The Ideal Couple is a 1946 French comedy film directed by Bernard-Roland and Raymond Rouleau and starring Raymond Rouleau, Hélène Perdrière and Denise Grey. Raymond Rouleau as Diavolo / Henri Hélène Perdrière as Diana Denise Grey as Antoinette Roger Blin as Le somnambule Maurice Bringo André Chanu as Tatave René-Jean Chauffard Max Dalban as Un ami d'Henri Guy Decomble as Un opérateur Paul Demange as Le metteur en scène de Justex Yves Deniaud as Julien Jacques Dynam Paul Frankeur as Le coiffeur Jean Lanier as Justex Fabien Loris as Le Chinois Maurice Marceau as Le régisseur Frédéric Mariotti as Le photographe Philippe Olive as Le producteur Jacqueline Pierreux as Pearl Black Annette Poivre as Titine Marcel Pérès as Le secrétaire du commissaire Fernand René as Le président Maurice Salabert Simone Signoret as Annette Sinoël as Le châtelain Jean-Marc Tennberg Marcel Vallée as Le metteur en scène de Diavolo Robert Vattier as Le commissaire Georges Vitsoris as Satanas Rège, Philippe. Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, Volume 1.

Scarecrow Press, 2009. The Ideal Couple on IMDb