Erica jasminiflora

Erica jasminiflora, the jasmine heath, is an endangered species of Erica, native to South Africa. It is a small shrub around 60 cm high, consisting of thin, spindly branches ending in inflorescences consisting of three or four tubular shaped flowers; the star shaped corolla are sticky. The colour of the corolla ranges from white to pale pink with darker pink veins; the leaves of the jasmine heath are flat against the thin branches. The main pollinators are flies in the families Nemestrinidae. Other insects that damage the flower and steal the nectar are deterred by a sticky layer on the outside of the flower, it flowers from November to March. It grows on iron-rich soils on underlying shale derived clay, recovers from wildfires. Agricultural practices are the major threat to populations of jasmine heath having reduced the number of plants to around 100 in a small area in the Swartberg. Erica jasminiflora by Anthony Hitchcock, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, February 2003

Spiders (British band)

Spiders is a three-piece indie band from Rotherham, England. Close school friends, the band came together through "lack of anything better to do and a similar taste in music." Main influences on the band are The Jam and The Libertines. Composed of brothers Rob Tingle, Adam Tingle, friend Nick Monk, the band were taught by Alex Turner's father a Rawmarsh Comprehensive School. Spiders was a result of numerous bands and projects, which formed in the Summer of 2010. Since the band have gigged constantly in and around Yorkshire. So far the band have recorded two EPs with Alan Smyth. In March 2011, the band formed Subtonic Records, released their first promotional single "Where Does this Leave us Now", which has garnered 60,000 views on YouTube so far. Following up, with further collaborations with filmmaker, Andy Little, the band has released further promos: "Ambitions of a Huckster's Daughter", "Subtle Differences". Daring to Wish, Daring to Smile, Daring to Wonder "Where Does this Leave us Now" "Ambitions of a Huckster's Daughter" "Subtle Differences" Spiders on Twitter Official website Spiders blog