The Face Painter

"The Face Painter" is the 109th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 22nd episode for the sixth season, it aired on May 11, 1995. The table reading for "The Face Painter" was held on March 26, 1995. In this episode, Elaine and David Puddy go to two Stanley Cup playoff games, where Puddy dismays Elaine and an El Salvadoran priest with his rowdy displays of New Jersey Devils fandom. Meanwhile, Kramer holds a grudge against a chimpanzee who hit him with a banana peel, George resolves to take the dramatic step of telling his girlfriend he loves her. Elaine's boyfriend David Puddy, a New Jersey Devils fan, paints his face when he, Elaine and Kramer go to a Stanley Cup playoff game against the New York Rangers. After the game, his rowdy behavior and painted face make a priest believe that he has seen the devil. Jerry refuses to give a follow-up courtesy thank you to a friend, Alec Berg, for letting them use his season hockey tickets. On at a funeral, Jerry sees Alec, but he gives an indifferent look, leading Jerry to wonder if it was because he didn't thank him and casting the possibility of their getting tickets to the next game in doubt.

Elaine tells Puddy that she is breaking up with him because of his face-painting, but to her amazement, he offers to give up face-painting for her. Instead, he goes to the next game with his chest painted with the letter'D' to spell out DEVILS with five other Devils fans. Kramer persuades Jerry to call and give the courtesy thank you to Alec, but Alec has given away the next playoff tickets to someone else, he instead passes on two tickets from a mutual friend of Puddy's. Elaine visits the priest to explain, she is wearing a white raincoat and the sun shines through a window behind her, leading the priest to believe she is the Virgin Mary come to escort him to the afterlife. George tells his girlfriend Siena that he loves her, he resigns himself to ending the relationship. Kramer has an altercation involving a banana peel with a chimpanzee named Barry at the zoo where Siena works. Barry becomes despondent and the zoo staff call Kramer in, asking him to apologize, he refuses. When Siena ignores a remark made by Kramer, her co-worker informs Kramer that she doesn't hear well out of her left ear.

Kramer passes the information on to George, who realizes that Siena may not have heard his profession of love. He tells her again in her right ear. Kramer at last apologizes to Barry. Fred Stoller based Kramer's altercation with Barry the chimpanzee on a childhood visit to Monkey Jungle, during which he witnessed visitors throwing rocks at the monkeys. In the apology scene, a trainer was standing just off-camera to direct the chimpanzee's behavior. In the original script, Kramer tells Jerry that if he no longer wants to be part of society, he should move to the bottle city of Kandor, continuing the series' tradition of Superman references. In the final draft Kandor was replaced by the East Side; the character Alec Berg was named after a Seinfeld writer. George's story arc had an uncharacteristically serious ending for Seinfeld: After George tells Siena he loves her the second time, she responds, "I love you too." He asks her to marry him, she agrees. This ending was filmed but not used, though the idea of George becoming engaged was repurposed for the next season premiere.

Patrick Warburton, who played David Puddy, grew up a fan of the Los Angeles Kings, but acquired an affinity for the New Jersey Devils due to the episode. The season following "The Face Painter"'s broadcast, he was invited to drop the ceremonial first puck at a Devils game, showed up with his face painted in the same way as Puddy's in the episode. After dropping the puck, he slipped and fell, but rescued the moment by regaining his balance and ripping off his shirt to reveal his chest was painted with the letter "D"; this came to be regarded as an iconic moment in Devils history. Warburton has been invited to appear at Devils games with his face and chest painted, exhorting the crowd in a manner alike to that of his Seinfeld character; the Devils gave out a Puddy bobblehead doll to fans at a 2019 game. "The Face Painter" on IMDb "The Face Painter" at

Baracus vittatus

Baracus vittatus, the hedge-hopper, is a butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae. It is found in Sri Lanka. In 1891, Edward Yerbury Watson described this butterfly as: female. Upperside dark olive-brown. Male with the lower basal and discal area of both wings olive-grey, a small subapical spot of the same colour on the forewing. Female: forewing with a small olive -grey subapical spot and slender macular discal streak: hindwing with less distinct olive-grey lower basal and discal area. Underside ferruginous, the veins narrowly lined with paler ferruginous: forewing with the basal area dusky brown: hindwing with a longitudinal medial yellow fascia from base of cell, less distinct short yellow discal streak between the veins. Body and legs olive-brown, paler beneath. B. v. vittatus Sri Lanka B. v. subditus Moore, south India B. v. septentrionum Wood-Mason & de Nicéville, Sikkim to northeast India B. v. hampsoni Elwes & Edwards, 1897 south India B. v. gotha Evans, 1949 Tamil Nadu The larvae feed on Gramineae.

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