Chapel of ease

A chapel of ease is a church building other than the parish church, built within the bounds of a parish for the attendance of those who cannot reach the parish church conveniently. A chapel of ease is deliberately built as such, being more accessible to some parishioners than the main church; such a chapel may exist, for example, when a parish covers several dispersed villages, or a central village together with its satellite hamlet or hamlets. In such a case the parish church will be in the main settlement, with one or more chapels of ease in the subordinate village and/or hamlet. An example is the chapel belonging to All Hallows' Parish in Maryland, USA. A more extreme example is the Chapel-of-Ease built in 1818 on St. David's Island in Bermuda to spare St. David's Islanders crossing St. George's Harbour to reach the parish church, St. Peter's, on St. George's Island; some chapels of ease are buildings which used to be the main parish church until a larger building was constructed for that purpose.

For example, the small village of Norton, contains the mediaeval church of St Nicholas, which served it adequately for centuries. This led to the building of a new main church building for the parish, St Nicholas's became a chapel of ease. Chapels of ease are sometimes associated with large manor houses, where they provide a convenient place of worship for the family of the manor, for the domestic and rural staff of the house and the estate. There are many such chapels for example that at Pedlinge in Kent. An example in the New World is Saint John's Chapel of Ease in Chamcook, New Brunswick, built in the 1840s to support a gentleman's house and the small settlement of shipbuilders and grist-mill nearby. Sometimes an ancient parish church is reduced in status to a chapel of ease due to a shift of population. An example is the churches of St Mary All Saints' at Buncton in West Sussex. For centuries St Mary's was the parish church, whilst All Saints' served the nearby hamlet of Buncton, as a chapel of ease.

Today, the resident population of Wiston is tiny, whilst Buncton has grown, so that in 2007 the status of the buildings was reversed, with All Saints' becoming the parish church, St Mary's reduced to a chapel of ease. When two or more existing parishes are combined into a single parish, one or more of the old church buildings may be kept as a chapel of ease. For example, the six Roman Catholic parishes in Palo Alto, were combined into a single parish, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in 1987. Since St. Thomas Aquinas Church serves as the parish church, with Our Lady of the Rosary Church and St. Albert the Great Church as chapels of ease; when a parish is split because of expanding population a chapel of ease may be promoted to a full parish church. An example of this is St. Margaret's Church, Rochester which started as a chapel of ease for the parish of St Nicholas in 1108, became a parish church in 1488 reverted to a chapel of ease when the parish was recombined with St Peter's in 1953. Chapelry Filial church Pilgrimage church

List of Mexican boxing world champions

In Mexico, boxing is considered a major sport, having produced over 200 world champions in professional boxing. Mexico ranks second worldwide between countries with most boxing world champions and is the second country to have world champions accredited in all of the current boxing divisions Boxing is a particular means of demonstrating rivalry not only between fans of individual boxers, but between native-born Mexicans, between Mexicans and people of other nations, between the populations of various Mexican regions. Mexican fighters and American fighters of Mexican descent have a long-standing rivalry with Puerto-Rican and Puerto-Rican American fighters. Note: This list does not include Mexican women world boxing champions such as Jackie Nava. M Major Organization U Undisputed World Championship L Lineal World Championship S Super World ChampionshipThis compendium uses the same parameters used by the Mexico Boxing Commission to classify champions. Minor or interim titlists are not included.

† indicates foreigner-born boxer that represents Mexico due to parent's nationality, residence or other circumstances. † indicates foreign boxer of Mexican heritage. † indicates Mexican-born boxer. List of current world boxing champions List of boxing triple champions List of boxing quadruple champions List of boxing quintuple champions List of boxing sextuple champions List of WBC world champions List of WBA world champions List of IBF world champions List of WBO world champions List of IBO world champions Septuple Champion

Reverchon Park

Reverchon Park is a public park in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, Texas. It was named for Julien Reverchon; the park lies along a tributary of the Trinity River. Its main entrance is at Turtle Creek Boulevard. Built in 1915, Reverchon Park is one of the oldest parks in the city. First named Turtle Creek Park, it was renamed Reverchon Park after Julien Reverchon, a botanist and a member of the La Reunion Utopian Community. In the 80s and 90s, the park was notoriously crime-ridden, but a rejuvenation project beginning in 1998 helped turn Reverchon into one of Dallas' most successful parks, according to The Dallas Morning News; the Southern Methodist University baseball team played at the ballpark from 1977-1980, before the baseball program disbanded after the 1980 season. Reverchon Park is 46 acres in area, offers around 40 leisure and recreational program for citizens, including health screenings, athletic leagues, yoga and after-school programs; the park is home to baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts.

A playground in the park, accessible to children of all abilities, was designed by the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the City of Dallas. A section of the Katy Trail, a recreational rail trail, runs adjacent to the park, it connects to parks of the Trinity River Project. A new multi-purpose stadium is proposed for the park, it was reported in 2018 that the venue would host a Dallas franchise in the independent Southwest League of Professional Baseball. January 2020 reporting indicated that the $10 million plan included new seating, artificial turf, locker rooms and concessions and restrooms facilities, all to accommodate professional and amateur baseball, lacrosse and rugby. "Southwest Conference's Greatest Hits," Neal Farmer, c.1996 Friends of Reverchon Park Sherrington, Kevin. "A park for the ages". The Dallas Morning News. Archived from the original on November 24, 2006