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Cyprien Lefebvre de L├ęzy

Cyprien Lefebvre de la Barre, chevalier de Lézy, or Cyprien Lefèvre, Le Febvre, was governor of the French colony of Cayenne from 1665 to 1667, again from 1670 to 1679. During his term of office the colony was raided first by the English and by the Dutch. Cyprien Lefebvre was born on 16 December 1643, his father was Antoine Lefebvre, sieur de la Barre, a counselor in parliament and provost of the merchants of Paris. His mother was Madeleine Belin, his eldest brother was Antoine Lefèbvre de La Barre, governor of Cayenne from May 1664 to June 1665. In 1665 the French Minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert commissioned Antoine Lefebvre de La Barre as the king's governor of the American Mainland, he was governor of Cayenne for the king from 1668 to 1670 and governor general of New France from 1682 to 1685. The family dynasty ended with Antoine's son, François Lefebvre de La Barre, governor of Cayenne from 1687 until his death in 1691. Antoine Lefebvre left Cayenne for France in 1665 and obtained the appointment of Cyprien as governor from the newly created Royal West Indies Company.

Cyprien Lefebvre was governor of Cayenne from 1665 to 1668. He replaced the acting governor Antoine de Noël de la Trompe d'Or, who left office on 8 September 1655. On 20 June 1665 Lefebvre ceded a 2,000 by 1,000 feet property in Cayenne to Joseph-Fortuné Pignon, vicomte de Quincy; this became the property of the Jesuits in their base in the colony. In 1666 the English commanded by Captain Peter Wroth visited the colony of Cayenne but did not harm Lefèvre. Cayenne was looted by the British under the command of Rear-Admiral Sir John Harman in August 1667; the English destroyed the town of Cayenne. Lefebvre left on 23 September 1667. From December 1667 the Jesuit father Jean Morellet was the de facto governor. After peace was restored in 1668 Lefebvre's brother Joseph-Antoine de La Barre returned, held office until 1670. Cyprien Lefebvre again took charge of Cayenne in 1670, held office until March 1679, he was commander from 1670 to 1675 governor from 1675 to 1679. On 21 May 1671 he was made a lieutenant general.

He was governor of the French West India Company in 1674, when its possessions were returned to the king. In the spring of 1676 the Dutch captain Jacob Binckes was promoted to vice-admiral and dispatched to the West Indies with a fleet of seven men of war and six other ships, he landed 900 troops near Fort Saint Louis the next day. Lefebvre soon surrendered. Binckes left shortly after for Tobago, leaving a small force to hold Cayenne; the Dutch commander Binkes controlled the colony from 5 May 1676 to 20 December 1676. The Dutch left in December, defeated by the Comte Jean II d'Estrées. In 1679 Lefebvre was replaced as governor by Pierre-Eléonore de La Ville, marquis de Férolles. Cyprien Lefebvre died in Malta in March 1687

T.V. Carpio

Teresa Victoria "T. V." Carpio is an American singer and actress most known for her role as Prudence in Across the Universe. She played the role of Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in the original Broadway production. Carpio was born in Oklahoma City, she is the daughter of Hong Kong Chinese–Filipina singer Teresa Carpio, with whom she has performed on stage as a backup singer. Her mother has recorded one of her compositions, her father is Peter Mui, who co-founded a Hong Kong-based garment maker. Her mother once joked in interviews about the reason for her daughter's name, she said. Carpio acted and sang a slow rendition of The Beatles song "I Want to Hold Your Hand" as Prudence in Across the Universe, a movie set to the music of The Beatles, she played a cheerleader in the movie who always seemed to find herself on the outside looking in at other relationships. After feeling rejected by a cheerleader in her squad, she runs away to New York City and finds herself tied into the main script with the primary characters.

Carpio has appeared on television, including a TV movie and in one episode of both The Jury and Law & Order. She made her Broadway debut in Rent as Alexi Darling and others, appearing from December 2006 until April 2007. From 2010 to 2011, she starred in the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Previews began on November 28, 2010, where she played one of the Greek narrators, "Miss Arrow". Due to the departure of original "Arachne" actress Natalie Mendoza, Carpio replaced her in the role on January 4, 2011, after covering multiple times during Mendoza's absence. Shortly after Carpio changed roles, "Miss Arrow" was cut, leaving her replacement, Alice Lee, retired. During revisions, Carpio's role was decreased extensively as the creative team felt the villainess was not working for the show. Carpio suffered a neck injury during a'mid-performance incident' of the musical in March 2011, she returned to the show over two weeks later. After many delays, the show opened on June 14, 2011. Carpio departed Spider-Man on November 13, 2011, was replaced by Christina Sajous.

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Henry Laskau

Helmut Laskau has been called the greatest racewalker in U. S. track and field history. Born in Berlin, Germany Laskau was a top distance runner in his native Germany before being forced to leave that country in by the Nazis in 1938 due to his Jewish heritage, he moved to the United States and served in the U. S. Army during World War II before resuming his competitive walking career in 1946. Over two decades Laskau won 42 national titles and was a competitor in the 1948, 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games, placing 12th in 1952 at 20 kilometers, he was a 1951 Pan-American Games champion and was a four-time winner at the Maccabiah Games. During an 11-year career, he set five national records and during nine years of that period was unbeaten by any American walker. In 1983, he was named to Field team, he remained active in the sport after serving as a volunteer official. Laskau died at the age of 83 in Coconut Creek, FL in 2000. List of select Jewish track and field athletes Henry Laskau at the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Evans, Hilary.

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Military Band Service of the National Guard of Russia

Military Band Service of the National Guard of Russia is the official musical department of the National Guard of Russia or the Rosgvardia. It is considered to be one of the best musical groups in the Russian Armed Forces, it has bands that perform during many Russian national holidays such as Victory Day on May 9 or Russia Day on June 12, as well as military holidays such as Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 and National Guardsmen's Day on March 27. The band service's principal band, the Central Band of the National Guard, was established as the Band of the Separate Operational Purpose Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union on December 6, 1956. 15 years it was turned into a direct unit of the Soviet MVD's Internal Troops and was renamed the Exemplary Band of Internal Troops of the USSR. In 2016, following the creation of the National Guard of Russia the band service was renamed to the Military Band Service of the National Guard of Russia. During the Soviet era, the band performed in outside of the RSFSR, performing for the last time as a soviet band in the Uzbek SSR in 1989.

The band took part in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, the Friendship Games and the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students in 1985. The band notably took part in the Amur Waves International Military Bands Festival in Khabarovsk in 2018; the band most participated in a tour of Vietnam in December 2019. Brass Band Symphony Orchestra Wind Band Big Band - The Big Band of the national guard performs popular Russian and foreign jazz music, as well as pop music, it works with artists like Malika Razakova and Olga Babayeva. Band of the Separate Operational Purpose Division Band of the National Guard Naval Service Corps NGF regional commands are located in all major Russian cities. In all of these commands, there is a military band associated with the central band that serves its broader mission regionally; the following is a list of regional bands which are affiliated to the Central Band: HQ Band of the Northwestern District Command HQ Band of the Central District Command HQ Band of the North Caucasus District Command HQ Band of the Volga District Command HQ Band of the Ural District Command HQ Band of the Siberian District Command HQ Band of the Eastern District Command Military Band Service of the Armed Forces of Russia National Guard of Russia Military band National Guard Official web site of the National Guard of Russia Video Плац-концерт военного оркестра штаба ЮО ВНГ России

Sarah Hider

Sarah Hider is an American beauty pageant titleholder from Wooster, chosen as Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2008 and crowned Miss Ohio 2015. She competed for the Miss America 2016 title in September 2015; as a teen, Hider competed in the 2008 Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen pageant as Miss Lake Erie's Teen with the platform "HIV/AIDS Awareness" and a vocal performance of "Mr. Melody" in the talent portion of the competition, she won the state title and went on to compete for Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2009. As an adult, Hider won the Miss North Coast 2009 title on August 1, 2009, she competed in the 2010 Miss Ohio pageant with the platform "HIV/AIDS Awareness" and a vocal performance of "You Took Advantage of Me" in the talent portion of the competition. She was not a Top-10 semi-finalist for the state title. In October 2010, Hider won the Miss Central Ohio 2011 title, she competed in the 2011 Miss Ohio pageant with the platform "Food Fight: Keeping Stomachs Full and Food Pantries Stocked" and a vocal performance of "I Told You So" in the talent portion of the competition.

She was not a Top-10 semi-finalist for the state title. After the 2011 pageant, Hider took several years off from competing, moving around the United States and gaining life experiences, she returned to Ohio to compete for the Miss Ohio title during her last year of eligibility. On November 1, 2014, Hider was crowned Miss Maple City 2015. Hider entered the Miss Ohio pageant for the third time in June 2015. Hider's competition talent was a jazz vocal performance of "Almost Like Being in Love". Hider won the competition on Saturday, June 20, 2015, when she received her crown from outgoing Miss Ohio titleholder Mackenzie Bart, she earned more than $10,000 in other prizes from the state pageant. As Miss Ohio, her activities include public appearances across the state of Ohio. Hider will be Ohio's representative at the Miss America 2016 pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in September 2015. Hider is a native of Wooster, She is a graduate student at Kent State University, she got her undergraduate degree in journalism from Ohio University, where she was a member of Chi Omega.

She is employed at The Village Network as a Grant Writer/Public Relations Manager. Miss Ohio official website