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Charles S. Dutton

Charles Stanley Dutton is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in the television series Roc and the television film The Piano Lesson, the latter of which earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination, his other accolades include three NAACP Image Awards. Dutton has appeared in many feature films such as Alien 3, Rudy, A Time to Kill and Gothika. Dutton was born January 1951, on the East side of Baltimore, Maryland, his father was a truck driver. His parents divorced when he was 4, he grew up in Baltimore's Latrobe Homes public housing. In his youth, Dutton dropped out of school before finishing middle school, he had a short-lived stint as an amateur boxer with the nickname "Roc", a nickname derived from "Rockhead" from childhood rock-throwing battles. In 1967, when he was 16, Dutton got into a fight which resulted in the death of a man Dutton claimed had attacked him with a knife. After the knife fight, Dutton plead guilty in 1967 to manslaughter and was sentenced to five years which were begun at the Maryland House of Correction in Jessup, Maryland.

Out on parole after 18 or 20 months, he was arrested on handgun charges. He was sentenced on the handgun violation and sent to the Maryland Penitentiary, right near his boyhood home, for three more years. A fight with a guard added on another eight years. In reference to this, Dutton said, "I got three years for killing a black man and eight for punching a white man."During his prison term, Dutton was stabbed by another prisoner and nearly died. He become interested in the Black Panther Party. Several months into his second prison term, Dutton was sentenced to six days of solitary confinement for refusing to clean toilets. Prisoners were allowed to take one book and, by accident, he grabbed an anthology of black playwrights, he enjoyed the book so much that upon release he petitioned the warden to start a drama group for the winter talent show. The warden agreed on the condition that Dutton go back to school and get his GED. Dutton accomplished that and went on to complete a two-year college program at Hagerstown Junior College in Hagerstown, graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in 1976.

Dutton was paroled on August 20, 1976. After his release from prision, he enrolled as a drama major at Towson State University in the Baltimore suburb of Towson, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978. After his time at Towson, Dutton earned a master's degree in acting from the Yale School of Drama in 1983. In 1984, Dutton made his Broadway debut in August Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, winning a Theatre World Award and a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor. In 1988, Dutton played a killer in the television miniseries The Murder of Mary Phagan opposite Jack Lemmon and Kevin Spacey. In 1990, Charles earned a second Best Actor Tony nomination for his role in another Wilson play, The Piano Lesson. From 1991-1994, he starred in the Fox television series Roc. Dutton co-starred in Alien 3, the debut film of director David Fincher co-starred in 1993's Rudy. Other films he has appeared in include Get on the Bus. Dutton won Outstanding Guest Actor Emmy Awards in 2002 and 2003 for his roles in The Practice and Without a Trace.

He was nominated in 1999, for his guest-starring role as Alvah Case in the HBO prison drama Oz in its second-season premiere episode. For this role, he was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. In 1999, he starred in an ensemble cast in Aftershock: Earthquake in New York in which he played the Mayor of New York City. Dutton gained acclaim for his comedy show Roc shown on FOX television from 1991–1994 mid-run when the show was broadcast live, his work in this role won him an NAACP Image Award. He co-starred in the popular but short-lived 2005 Threshold. In 2000, Dutton directed the HBO miniseries The Corner; the miniseries was close to his heart. It was adapted from The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood by David Simon and Ed Burns; the Corner won several Emmys including Best Miniseries. Dutton won for his direction of the miniseries, he worked with Simon in a 1996 episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. He starred as Montgomery County, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose in the 2003 made-for-TV movie D.

C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear, appears in Season 2 of The L Word. Dutton appeared in "Another Toothpick," an episode of The Sopranos, he guest starred on House M. D. as the father of Doctor Eric Foreman and on Sleeper Cell: American Terror as the father of undercover FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed. He directed two episodes of Sleeper Cell. On October 9, 2007, HBO announced that it had arranged a deal with Dutton where he would develop and star in series and movies for the network, he appeared in the 2007 film Honeydripper. On February 14, 2013 Dutton returned to TV in Zero Hour playing the role of a priest. In 2013, Dutton played Detective Margolis in the horror film The Monkey's Paw. Charles S. Dutton on IMDb Charles S. Dutton at the Internet Broadway Database Charles S. Dutton at Internet Off-Broadway Database Charles S. Dutton at AllMovie Good Biography of Dutton at

David E. Orton

David E. Orton is an American engineering executive and the CEO of GEO Semiconductor Inc. Orton earned a BS in mathematics and economics at Wake Forest University, a MS in electrical engineering from Duke University, he worked in the graphics and semiconductor industry as an engineer at Bell Laboratories in 1979 to 1983 and General Electric through December 1988. He joined Silicon Graphics in 1990, was senior vice president of visual computing and advanced systems through 1999. In 1996 SGI bought Cray Research and Orton had to deal with merging the companies' overlapping technologies. Orton joined ATI Technologies as a result of an acquisition of ArtX in April 2000, where he was president and CEO. ATI posted losses after the dot-com bubble collapsed, although losses were reduced by June 2001, he was named CEO of ATI in March 2004. Though ATI's principal location was in Markham, Canada, Orton spent most of his time in California where he resided. After the announced merger of Advanced Micro Devices with ATI on July 24, 2006, as ATI Technologies became a subsidiary of AMD, Orton became an executive vice-president of AMD, reporting to AMD CEO Hector Ruiz and COO Dirk Meyer.

On July 10, 2007, AMD announced the resignation of Orton as executive vice president. One trade journalist rated Orton as the top of the "CEOs that went in 2007". From 2007 to 2009, he served as CEO of the startup DSM Solutions. In July 15, 2009, Orton became the CEO of Aptina, a held image sensor company located in San Jose, California, he left Aptina in September 2012. He served on the board of directors of SuVolta. Photograph of David E. Orton


Kiddiepunk is a Paris-based, independent publisher founded in 2002 by artist and filmmaker Michael Salerno. They specialize in releasing limited edition zines, as well as film and video projects. Based in Melbourne, Kiddiepunk begun as a zine with the release of "Kiddiepunk #1" in 2002. Since 2011, after relocating to Paris, the press has released notable publications including Dennis Cooper's animated GIF novel "Zac's Haunted House", Peter Sotos' and Michael Salerno's book "Home" and four issues of the zine "Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma". Publications have included: Theme of Sadness by O. B. De Alessi GRAVES by Thomas Moore French Hole, being fifteen outtakes from'The Marbled Swarm' by Dennis Cooper The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers by Scott Treleaven "The Sky Went Red While He Was Inside" by Ken Baumann Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma by Michael Salerno I Murder So That I May Come Back by O. B. De Alessi A. Y. P. S. by Terence Hannum The Night is an Empire by Thomas Moore Home by Michael Salerno and Peter Sotos Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 2 by Michael Salerno Skeleton Costumes by Thomas Moore Zac's Haunted House by Dennis Cooper The Goners by Mark Gluth Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 3 by Michael Salerno Zac's Control Panel by Dennis Cooper Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 4 by Michael Salerno Novi Sad by Jeff Jackson Kiddiepunk website


Alzheon is an American clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Framingham, Massachusetts. The company is developing medicines for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other neurological and psychiatric disorders. Alzheon was founded in July 2013 by Martin Tolar, MD, PhD, who serves as president and CEO of the organization. Alzheon completed a $10 million Series A round of financing in April 2015 and started the Phase lb bridging clinical program for ALZ-801, completed in July 2016. In December 2015, Alzheon appointed PhD, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. In January 2017, Alzheon appointed Stanley B. Prusiner, MD, as Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board; the company's lead clinical candidate is ALZ-801 an oral small molecule inhibitor of amyloid aggregation and neurotoxicity and an optimized, oral prodrug of the active molecule tramiprosate. Developed by a Canadian firm called Neurochem, the drug is expected to target amyloid plaques

Jeff Anderson (politician)

Jeff Anderson is an American politician, veteran of military service, business executive and small business owner. The fourth-generation Iron Ranger ran for Congress in Minnesota's 8th congressional district, losing to Rick Nolan in August 2012. Anderson has worked for the U. S. House of Representatives as Congressman Rick Nolan's District Director since January 2013. Anderson was born to Brian and Virginia Anderson on March 2, 1977 and raised in Ely and graduated from Ely Memorial High School in 1995. While still in high school, he worked for WELY radio in Ely, owned at the time by legendary broadcaster Charles Kuralt. Upon graduating, Anderson enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard and enrolled at Bemidji State University, he would transfer to the University of Minnesota Duluth where he studied political science and journalism. While still in college, Anderson worked as a production assistant and reporting-intern for KDLH-TV, he was a morning show host on WWAX from 1997 to 1999. From 1999 to 2011, Anderson worked as an advertising executive and group general sales manager at Red Rock Radio.

He left the radio station in 2011 to run for Congress. Anderson, gay, was the first LGBT person elected to Duluth's city council. Anderson was elected to an At Large seat of the Duluth City Council in 2007, he became Vice-President of the Council in 2009 and President in 2010. He served as a Commissioner of the Duluth Economic Development Authority beginning in 2008 and was President of that body in 2009. Councilman Anderson was recognized by the Duluth News Tribune in 2010 as a recipient of the "20 Under 40" award winner; this award honors the work and contributions of people under the age of 40 that help to make the Duluth community great. He has assisted on countless campaigns throughout northern Minnesota. People he has worked with include U. S. Senators Paul Wellstone, Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Congressmen Jim Oberstar, State Senators Roger Reinert and Dave Ten Eyck, State Representatives Thomas Huntley, Mary Murphy, Erik Simonson, St. Louis County Commissioners Frank Jewell, Bill Kron, Tom Rukavina, St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin, Ely Mayor Roger Skraba, Duluth Mayor Don Ness and Duluth City Councilors Dan Hartman, Greg Gilbert.

Starting in his own senior year in high school, Anderson has organized and led groups of Ely High School students on tours of the Nation's Capitol. In that time, more than 1,000 students have made the trip to Washington and met their federal elected officials. In May 2011, Anderson announced his plans to run for Congress in Minnesota's 8th congressional district. Anderson received significant support in both Duluth and the Iron Range including the endorsements of the Duluth News Tribune and the Mesabi Daily News but lost to Nolan in the August 2012 primary. Anderson has served as Rick Nolan's District Director since January 2013. Anderson and his husband, Jason Vincent, own the Vanilla Bean Restaurant in Minnesota. Jeff Anderson for Minnesota Rick Nolan for Congress

Beal conjecture

The Beal conjecture is the following conjecture in number theory: If A x + B y = C z, where A, B, C, x, y, z are positive integers with x, y, z > 2 A, B, C have a common prime factor. Equivalently, There are no solutions to the above equation in positive integers A, B, C, x, y, z with A, B, C being pairwise coprime and all of x, y, z being greater than 2; the conjecture was formulated in 1993 by Andrew Beal, a banker and amateur mathematician, while investigating generalizations of Fermat's last theorem. Since 1997, Beal has offered a monetary prize for a peer-reviewed proof of this conjecture or a counterexample; the value of the prize has increased several times and is $1 million. In some publications, this conjecture has been referred to as a generalized Fermat equation, the Mauldin conjecture, the Tijdeman-Zagier conjecture. To illustrate, the solution 3 3 + 6 3 = 3 5 has bases with a common factor of 3, the solution 7 3 + 7 4 = 14 3 has bases with a common factor of 7, 2 n + 2 n = 2 n + 1 has bases with a common factor of 2.

Indeed the equation has infinitely many solutions where the bases share a common factor, including generalizations of the above three examples 3 3 n + 3 = 3 3 n + 2, n ≥ 1. Furthermore, for each solution, there are infinitely many solutions with the same set of exponents and an increasing set of non-coprime bases; that is, for solution A 1 x + B 1 y =. It is known; the smallest two exampl