Cheats (film)

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Cheats FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byAndrew Gurland
Produced byChris Bender
J.C. Spink
A. J. Dix
Written byAndrew Gurland
StarringMartin Starr
Matthew Lawrence
Trevor Fehrman
Elden Henson
Mary Tyler Moore
Music byMark Mothersbaugh
Distributed byNew Line Cinema
Running time
86 min.
CountryUnited States

Cheats is a 2002 comedy about four friends that have been cheating their way through high school, and have to face new challenges to avoid getting caught before going to college. The lead roles are played by Trevor Fehrman, Matthew Lawrence, and Mary Tyler Moore.

The original name of the movie was Cheaters but was that thought likely to be confused with the 2000 movie Cheaters starring Jeff Daniels.

Plot summary[edit]

While other kids at the elite North Point Academy spend countless hours studying, Handsome Davis sees it as nothing more than a system of control over one's mind. That's why Handsome and his three best friends, Sammy, Victor and the cribsheet genius Applebee, have banded together and found ways to cheat on their tests all through their school years. Everything had been going along smoothly until the gang entered their final year of high school and the stakes were upped by the school's principal, Mrs. Stark. If they get caught cheating again Stark will make a note in their permanent records and possibly kill their chances of getting into college, but can Handsome convince his pals to pull off one last great cheat with him, outsmarting Stark and the system, even if it means possibly destroying their friendships?


On the DVD edition there is an 18-minute documentary, showing people on whose real life events the story is based, more than 10 years earlier;[1] the real Jonathan Applebee refused to take part in the special feature documentary based on the actual Cheats, so his name had to be censored whenever used.

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