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Chinese YWCA building

The Chinese Historical Society of America (simplified Chinese: 美国华人历史学会; traditional Chinese: 美國華人歷史學會; pinyin: Měiguó Huárén Lìshǐ Xuéhuì; Jyutping: Mei5gwok3 Waa4jan4 Lik6si2 Hok6wui6; abbreviated CHSA) is the oldest and largest archive and history center documenting the Chinese American experience in the United States. It was conceived in the fall of 1962 and incorporated on January 5, 1963, and is based in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Thomas W. Chinn, C.H. Kwock, Chingwah Lee, H.K. Wong, and Thomas W.S. Wu D.D.S.

Historical exhibit

In November 2001 the CHSA relocated and opened the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum and Learning Center in the Chinese YWCA building. Noted architect Julia Morgan designed the now-historic building in San Francisco's Chinatown, and included elements reminding viewers of Chinese arts and crafts.[1]

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