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Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (CHSSC, traditional Chinese: 南加州華人歷史學會; simplified Chinese: 南加州华人历史学会; pinyin: Nán Jiāzhōu Huárén Lìshǐ Xuéhuì) is located in Los Angeles Chinatown. It was started by Paul Louie, William Mason, and Paul De Falla, with the organizing meeting held at Cathay Bank on November 1, 1975.

Chinatown Heritage and Visitors Center

Its mission, as stated on its website, is as follows:

  • To bring together people with a mutual interest in the important history and historical role of Chinese and Chinese Americans in Southern California;
  • To pursue, preserve and communicate knowledge of this history; and
  • To promote the heritage of the Chinese and Chinese American community in support of a better appreciation of our rich, multi-cultural society.

CHSSC is one of the most active historical societies in Southern California. There are monthly meetings,[1] field trips,[2] archive and library collections,[3][4][5] oral history projects, scholarships, and publications.

They purchased the site of their present building in Bernard Street in the mid 90's,[6]constructing a Chinatown Heritage & Visitors Center, which is open to the public.[7]


CHSSC have published several books; Duty & Honor in 1998, celebrating Chinese American world war II veterans,[8] and Portraits of Pride I (2004)[9] & II (2012), collections of the biographies of high achieving, yet little known Chinese Americans.

19th Century Chinese Memorial Shrine Preservation Project[edit]

In 1992 the society was able to purchase an 1880 shrine surrounded by 42 burial places in Evergreen Cemetery, which they restored, it is now a registered historic monument.[6][10]

CHSSC Honorees[edit]

Each year the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California honors Chinese Americans who have made significant contributions to the greater Los Angeles community, they have included:

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