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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is the first video game in the Skylanders series, developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. It is an action 3D platformer video game, played along with toy figures that interact with it through a "Portal of Power", that reads their tag through NFC and features the voices of Josh Keaton, Darin De Paul, Dave Wittenberg, Keythe Farley, Audrey Wasilewski, Joey Camen and Kevin Michael Richardson, it was released in October 2011 for North America and Australia for PC, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. For Japan, it was released on July 12, 2013, where it was published by Square Enix, for the Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U. Activision announced that as of June 3, 2012, the game had been the top selling console and handheld video game worldwide for 2012; as of March 31, 2012, Activision has sold over 30 million Skylanders toys, sales were expected to exceed $500 million by the end of the year. A direct sequel, Skylanders: Giants, was released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U.

There are 8 different elements under which characters are classified. The 8 elements are Magic, Tech, Earth, Life and Undead; when the character figurines are placed on the "Portal of Power" peripheral, they appear in the game. The "Starter Pack" has three characters to start with – Spyro, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt; each character has specialized statistics in areas such as speed. The player can find hats for the characters, which further affect statistics. Special Elemental Gates require a Skylander with the corresponding element to pass through. With two players, only one player needs to be controlling a Skylander of the correct element. In addition to the standard character figures that are available for purchase, there are limited edition Gold, Crystal and Glow-in-the-Dark versions of certain characters; this version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is more of an action platformer than its console counterparts. Players have to complete levels by gathering crystals; each level is littered with crystals, obtained by going towards the end of the level, or by completing a variety of tasks, such as defeating a certain number of enemies, or finding items.

Whenever the player finds a crystal, an enemy awakens and a time limit starts. They have to defeat enemies, get clocks in the level to get more time to ward off the chasing enemy. Unlike other versions, characters can make a jump, a double jump; this version of the game is set in a different realm in Skylands called the Radiant Isles, a different force of darkness is faced under the command of Hektore. Unlike the console versions, the starter pack for the 3DS version comes with the Skylanders Ignitor, Stealth Elf, Dark Spyro. Players take on the role of a powerful Portal Master, who can control over 30 different Skylanders, including the purple dragon, Spyro; each of these heroes is a protector of an amazing, mysterious world, but they have been ejected from their world by the sinister Portal Master known as Kaos, now, they are frozen in our world as toys. Only the players of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure can get them back into their world, by embarking on a fantastical journey where they will explore mythical lands, battle menacing, outlandish creatures, collect treasures, solve challenging puzzles as a part of the quest to save their world.

The game begins with a village in Skylands being ravaged by a massive tornado. A small, bookish fellow named Hugo mentions the destruction of the "Core of Light" and an individual called "Master Eon". Spyro appears and proceeds to save the villagers still trapped in the village and brings in Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt. Following the rescue, the player is introduced to the Ruins and some of the game's backstory is explained; the Portal Masters had protected Skylands for as long. Master Eon, the last good Portal Master in Skylands, his Skylanders guarded the Core of Light, a great machine that enriched the world and repelling The Darkness, the ultimate force behind all evil. However, Kaos, an evil Portal Master who attempted to destroy the Core of Light in the past, returned from his banishment in the Outlands to destroy the Core to rule Skylands as its emperor, knowing that Eon has grown weaker with age; the Skylanders fought against Kaos' minions to protect the Core of Light. Just as they were winning the battle, Kaos unleashed a mysterious creature that destroyed the Core, allowing The Darkness to take over and causing the Skylanders to be banished from their world.

As the Skylanders were drifted farther away from the magic of Skylands, they began to shrink until they reached Earth, where they were turned into toys as a result of that world bearing no magic. Master Eon did survive the destruction of the Core of Light, but in doing so became a spirit without a physical body which means he couldn't fight Kaos and the Darkness, he and the Skylanders awaited for the arrival of a new Portal Master until one arrived: the young player, who finds the Skylands. To restore the Core of Light, the player must collect several mystical objects. Chief among them are the Eternal Elemental Sources: the sources of Fire, Earth, Tech, Magic and Undead that exist in Skylands; this is no small task, as Kaos is quick to notice and sends all of his minions out to destroy the new Portal Master and the Skylanders which Spyro recruits along the way. Despite his best efforts, Kaos fails to stop the player and the Core of Light is restored. Humiliated and

2017 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year

The 2017 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year was the 92nd year of greyhound racing in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The year was best known for the closure of the GRA operated tracks of Wimbledon Stadium and Hall Green Stadium. Wimbledon closed on 25 March. Wimbledon's sister track Hall Green, owned by Euro Property Investments Ltd, closed on 29 July and will be demolished; the premier competition of the year, the English Greyhound Derby, was held at Towcester on 1 July, the first time in the competition's history that it was held outside of London. It was won by 28-1 shot Astute Missile. In Ireland continuing protests by the DGOBA resulted in a suspension of racing at Shelbourne Park for five months and the cancellation of several major events; the protest was over the February closure of Harold's Cross Stadium. The Irish Derby held in September was won by the Patrick Guilfoyle trained Good News; the industry experienced a battle for broadcasting and streaming rights between Satellite Information Services and the Arena Racing Company.

Each signed up various tracks to enable them to produce fixtures for the bookmaking chains, the latter ARC bought two tracks from William Hill in May. Ladbrokes and Gala Coral merged to become Ladbrokes Coral. One of the sports leading events, the Laurels, switched from the Belle Vue to Newcastle; the move was seen as positive with high hopes that the race could regain some of its former glory and increase its prize fund. Mark Wallis extended his champion trainer trophy record to nine. + held in 2018

Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)

"Sad Movies" is a 1961 pop song by the American singer Sue Thompson. The song was written by John D. Loudermilk and appears on Thompson's 1962 Hickory Records album Meet Sue Thompson. Released as a single in 1961, "Sad Movies" was Thompson's first song to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it peaked at number five in October; the song reached the top of the Billboard Easy Listening chart, created earlier in 1961, becoming the second song by a female vocalist to top this list. In Australia, the song topped out at number six on the Kent Music Report, while in the United Kingdom, it peaked at number 46 on the UK Singles Chart. Although Thompson was in her thirties when she recorded "Sad Movies", her singing style and young-sounding voice appealed to many of the Baby Boomers whose influence was starting to become apparent on the US music charts. Loudermilk was inspired to write the song after a girlfriend of his went to see the 1960 film Spartacus: "After the movie went off, they turned the bright lights on, it was just an ambience killer.

The person I was with had tears in her eyes and said,'Sad movies make me cry'." The Lennon Sisters recorded a version of "Sad Movies" in 1961 which peaked at number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 13 on the Easy Listening chart. Other artists who have covered the song include: Brazilian group Trio Esperança, who recorded in 1962 a version called "Filme Triste", with words written by Romeu Nunes. In 1981 it was recorded by the German disco group Boney M. A Spanish version by Queta Garay entitled "Las caricaturas me hacen llorar". Jamaican songbird Cynthia Schloss, performed a well-known Reggae version of the song with U Brown. A Filipino Version of Philippine Star for all Season, Vilma Santos recorded in 1971 under Willear's Records List of Top 25 singles for 1961 in Australia List of number-one adult contemporary singles of 1961 Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

Tobi Adewole

Oluwatobiloba "Tobi" A. Adewole is an American professional soccer player who plays as a centre back for Saint Louis FC in the USL Championship. Born in Cheverly, Adewole played for various youth soccer clubs, namely Olney BGC, Bethesda SC, Potomac SC. In 2013, Adewole enrolled at George Washington University, where he played for the college's soccer team, the George Washington Colonials. While at college, Adewole played for the Jersey Express of the USL Premier Development League in 2016, playing four matches. On January 9, 2017, Adewole signed a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC of the United Soccer League after impressing then-head coach Dave Brandt in an open trial. Adewole made his professional debut on July 4, starting for the Riverhounds in their 1–3 loss against Charlotte Independence; the next season, on April 14, 2018, Adewole scored his first professional goal in a 1–0 victory over Ottawa Fury FC at Highmark Stadium. During the 2019 season, Adewole started every match for the Riverhounds, forming a formidable partnership with Joseph Greenspan and Thomas Vancaeyezeele in defense.

He scored his first goal of the season on March 23 against Swope Park Rangers, his 71st-minute goal being the equalizer in a 2–2 game. In December 2019, it was announced. Adewole is able to play for Nigeria. In April 2018, he said "I want to play for Nigeria. I’m just 22 and believe I can contribute a lot to the national team." As of November 2, 2019 Adewole's parents were Nigerian immigrants who moved to Washington D. C. for work. His oldest brother, played college soccer for the Villanova Wildcats and his sister, was a sprinter for the Princeton Tigers. USL Championship profile

MN 4 (biostratigraphy)

In biostratigraphy, MN 4 is one of the MN zones used to characterize the fossil mammal faunas of the Neogene of Europe. It is preceded by MN 3 and followed by MN 5; this zone starts within magnetostratigraphic chron C5Dr, at 18 million years ago, ends within chron C5Cr, at 17.0 million years ago, although some different correlations have been proposed. The reference locality used to correlate faunas with this zone is La Romieu. In this zone, the common muroid rodent Democricetodon immigrates into Europe from Asia, followed shortly after by three other muroids: Megacricetodon and Anomalomys. Cricetodon, which also reaches western Europe, is only present in Greece in MN 4 in Europe; the archaic muroid Melissiodon last appears in MN 4, as does Ligerimys, a member of the extinct rodent family Eomyidae. The dormouse Glirulus, which occurs in older deposits in Turkey, first appears in Europe; the proboscidean genera—members of the group that includes the elephants—Archaeobelodon and Prodeinotherium first appear in Europe.

The rhinoceros Diaceratherium last appears in MN 4 and five other rhinoceros genera, Plesiaceratherium, Lartetotherium and Hispanotherium, make their first appearance. Phyllotillon, a member of the related extinct family Chalicotheriidae, migrates into Europe during MN 4. Several artiodactyls, such as the pig Bunolistriodon, the tragulid Dorcatherium, the deer-like Lagomeryx, the bovid-like Amphimoschus, the first true bovid of Europe, first occur during MN 4; the last occurrence of the primitive ruminant Amphitragulus falls in this zone. The immigrant African creodont Hyainailouros occurs in Europe during MN 4. Among carnivorans, the first occurrences of the mustelid Leptoplesictis and the saber-toothed Prosansanosmilus fall in MN 4. Mein, P. 1999. European Miocene mammal biochronology. Pp. 25–38 in Rössner, G. E. and Heissig, K.. The Miocene Land Mammals of Europe. Munich: Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, 515 pp. Steininger, F. 1999. Chronostratigraphy and biochronology of the Miocene "European Land Mammal Mega-Zones" and the Miocene "Mammal Zones".

Pp. 9–24 in Rössner, G. E. and Heissig, K.. The Miocene Land Mammals of Europe. Munich: Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, 515 pp