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Chris Miles (Skins)

Christopher "Chris" Miles was a fictional character in the British teen drama Skins, portrayed by Joe Dempsie. Chris's character was portrayed as being into pills and as being something of a hedonist, but at the same time had other layers to his personality. According to the official Skins website, he will "smoke/screw/rob/snort anything", he is keen on going to his psychology lessons as he has feelings for his teacher, described as being "out of this world" in Chris's eyes. He enters a relationship and falls in love with Jal. Jal does not keep the baby, he is shown as having possessed a great admiration of his late older brother and feels like he cannot compare to him. In his profile on E4's website, he says that he enjoys listening 1970s emo music and the pop of the 1980s, that he doesn't like TV at all. Chris died of a brain haemorrhage like his brother; the gang go to Chris's funeral in the last episode. In Tony Chris is convinced by Maxxie Oliver to go to a "big gay night out" along with Anwar Kharral, but being bored they go to Abigail Stock's party instead, where he and a Polish girl have wild sex.

His flirtatious relationship with his Welsh psychology teacher, Angie, is made apparent. In "Cassie" he accidentally sees Angie naked in the teachers' showers, apologises; the episode "Chris" develops his character the most. He wakes up one morning having taken viagra which he did not need the night before, comes downstairs to find his mum has run away and given him £1,000 to live off. After spending the money on a huge party, embarrassing himself with his erection in front of Angie who came to the party, he finds himself homeless after he is kicked out by a squatter, living in his stripped-down house, the contents of which he has had to sell. Chris is naked, he goes to Angie for help and advice. His friends arrive and give him clothes, which Cassie Ainsworth and Maxxie charmed from boys in Unseen Skins' accompanying episode "A Friend in Need". Jal Fazer takes him to see his dad, who doesn't want anything to do with him or his mother, implied to be mentally unstable. Chris accidentally drops his baby half-brother, runs as fast as he can to the graveyard, where he tells Jal the best day of his life when he was in the Scouts, when his older brother Peter helped him when Chris was humiliated.

Once he finishes telling Jal his story, he stands up, revealing that the gravestone he was sitting at is in fact his older brother's. In the episode's conclusion, he is put up in a dorm room by a sympathetic Angie. In "Maxxie and Anwar", Chris and Angie admit their feelings for each other. After fellow teacher Tom talks badly to Angie - whom he could not seduce – Chris tries to cheer her up, they end up kissing, which leads to sex, they are caught by Maxxie, visibly shocked and hurriedly closes the door. Chris and Angie's relationship progresses throughout the series, until the series finale, when the return of Angie's fiancé Merve destroys their relationship, Chris realising he may lose Angie for good, he concludes that Merve is "obviously gay", after watching a videotape of Angie's that shows Merve as a campy weatherman on Australian television. Chris takes Angie's engagement ring, is confronted by Merve and two of his friends, told to give it back. Chris denies he has it, it is only when Angie bursts in, asks Chris to return it, that he complies.

However, when he gives the ring back, Chris drops it accidentally, kneels down to pick it up, causing Anwar's uncle to think that Chris is proposing. Angie takes the ring, runs off, leaving both Chris and Merve opposite one another. After she runs away, Chris comes to the conclusion that she loves him, thus earns a punch from Merve, starting a minor brawl. In the closing montage, he and Angie are seen staring at each other with sad expressions through a window. In Chris's lost-week webisode, he is seen recording a message to Angie. In the first episode of the second season, Chris is seen with Maxxie and Jal trying to comfort and look after Tony Stonem following his accident; that night, they go to a party. In the next episode we learn, she does not say goodbye to him explicitly. Chris is upset and confused about this, as he had been looking forward to Angie coming back so that they could see each other again. After this, he goes on the camping trip for Michelle Richardson's birthday, is attracted to her stepsister and spends the weekend complimenting her and looking at her breasts.

In episode five of the second season, we see Jal and Chris make a deal that Chris will give his life a go and stop saying'fuck it' and Jal will stop saying no to everything. After a number of unsuccessful jobs, Chris gets a job as a sales person and squats in one of the houses he is supposed to be selling, where Cassie moves in temporarily, he and Jal end up getting together, Chris' life begins to straighten up. Chris is performing exceptionally at work, with support and affection from Jal he is genuinely happy for a change; however things lead to chaos when Cassie decides to have a house-warming party there and Angie turns up. The two have sex in the bathroom, however Chris abruptly stops when he thinks of Jal. Chris opens the bathroom door to leave and finds Jal outside, she realises what has happened between him and Angie. Chris attempts to get Jal back and invites her to the flat that Angie left

Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Faridabad

The Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Faridabad is a diocese of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Faridabad, a city in Haryana, India. Erected on 6 March 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI it serves around 150,000 Syro-Malabar Catholics in the area of Delhi, its first and current eparch is Kuriakose Bharanikulangara, with the personal title of archbishop. The eparch resides in Faridabad; the eparchy has a size of 950,000 km², spreads over several jurisdictions of Latin rite Catholic dioceses and covers the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the States of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir as well as the Districts of Gautambuddhanagar and Ghaziabad. Eparchy of Faridabad on Catholic Hierarchy Website of Kristuraja Cathedral

Geislinger coupling

The Geislinger coupling is an all-metal coupling for rotating shafts. It is elastic in torsion. Unlike some other coupling types, it is not intended to compensate for high radial mis-alignment between shafts, but it can compensate axial misalignments better than elastomer couplings; the coupling may have a small ability to compensate for varying alignment, but if this is needed it is done through using an additional coupling in tandem. The coupling runs at the same speed for input and output shafts, unlike a torque converter; the design was invented by Dr. Ing. Leonhard Geislinger in 1958, its first use was for large diesel engines in locomotives, but it is widely used in ships. Geislinger couplings are constructed inside robust enclosed steel housings. An outer housing and a central hub or "inner star" form the output drive members. Internally, the drive is transmitted through a number of radial leaf springs; the steel leaf springs are available in several configurations and the stiffness increases linear with displacement.

These leaf springs are damped by a damping ring, the tips of the longest leaves engaging in splines in the inner star. Hydraulic damping is provided. Any movement of the spring plates must squeeze oil through the narrow gaps around them between the plates and the casing; as the springs have a high surface area, yet there is only a small gap between them and their housing, the damping factor can be high. Damping can be adjusted independent from the coupling's torsional stiffness; the oil used for damping is supplied by the engine lubrication system, through a drilling in the crankshaft. If this is unavailable, an oil-filled coupling can be used; this oil filling aids lubrication and encourages a long service life. The coupling is used on the output of large diesel engines, it isolates vibration between engines and driven components. A major benefit can be to avoid resonance problems where systems have a critical speed that must be avoided. Use of a damped coupling can shift this frequency to an unimportant speed, outside the engine operation speed range and damp resonance peak.

The Geislinger coupling's ability to tailor its damping is valuable here to allow tuning for a particular frequency. The nearly linear torsional stiffness, makes it easy to calculate Torsional Vibrations. High damping; the ratio between damping and elastic torques can be between 0.2 and 0.7 higher than for an elastomeric coupling. Wide range of stiffness variation. Stiffness and damping are adjustable independent to each other; these can be adjusted by swapping spring packs, without needing to replace an entire coupling. No aging. Unlike elastomer couplings, the materials do not wear out over time. Stiffness and damping remain constant in service. High permissible torques and high resistance to vibratory torques Unaffected by hot and oily environment The coupling may continue in service with broken spring plates. Compact design The coupling is large and complex, it is best suited to high-power applications. In small applications, a simpler elastomeric gear or spline coupling is adequate and sometimes cheaper.

A related device is the Geislinger damper. This is broadly the same coupling, but both input and output shafts are connected to the same central hub; the massive outer casing is connected to this through similar leaf spring packs, but is free to move torsionally, with damping. It is used as a harmonic damper to control vibrations in shafts; the steel springs are tuned to optimize the natural frequency of a system and engine oil is used to reduce torsional vibrations. Geislinger uses specially developed software to select the specific damper parameters which best protect the engine crank- and camshaft, as well as intermediate and propeller shafts from damage due to critical vibratory loads; the Geislinger Damper provides constant stiffness and high damping over the damper life, independent of engine room temperature

Marina Auto Stadium

Marina Auto Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium in Rochester, New York. It is home to the Rochester Lancers and Lady Lancers of the NPSL and UWS, respectively; the stadium hosted the Rochester Rhinos of the USL, the Rochester Rattlers of MLL, the Western New York Flash of the NWSL. The stadium hosts other sporting events such as collegiate soccer, Rochester Rhinos Elite youth soccer games and practices, American football, field hockey and drum and bugle corps competitions as well as concerts, as well as hosting the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Section V football championship and Far West Regional championship; the stadium was designed by HOK Sport. It was constructed on a filled-in section of the Erie Canal's original routing through Rochester; this was once the route of the Rochester Subway, built in the old canal bed and ended operations in 1956. The facility was funded jointly by the state of New York, the city of Rochester, the Rhinos. Infrastructure improvements will be paid for by the city of Rochester.

The park hit some minor stumbling blocks before the first shovel hit dirt: the original designs needed to be revised when it was revealed that the playing field was below the water table, the environmental impact report revealed that the site had pockets of petroleum that needed to be treated. The groundbreaking took place on July 9, 2004, the first phase of the construction was completed; the stadium had its grand opening on June 3, 2006, which featured the Rhinos' first home game of the season. The game was played in front of a capacity crowd of 13,768 fans and ended in a 2–2 draw against the Virginia Beach Mariners. On August 22, 2018, it was announced that the Rhinos on a 1-year hiatus from the United Soccer League, would be leaving Marina Auto Stadium to pursue building a new stadium in the suburbs of Rochester. Naming rights to the park were purchased by PAETEC Communications, a local telecommunications company, in 2004 for a reported total of $23 million over 12 years. However, when the club changed ownership, the agreement was voided at the end of the 2008 season.

The stadium became known as Rochester Rhinos Stadium. In mid-2009, the team had a raffle to determine the naming rights for the stadium. For each $1,000 an individual, company, or other entity paid to the Rhinos, they would be given one chance to win the right to name the stadium. On May 30, 2009, the night of the Rhinos' 2009 home opener, Marina Auto Group, a Webster-based automobile dealership group, won the raffle; the Marina Auto name was retained through 2010 under a traditional naming rights agreement. On February 10, 2011, it was announced that the new name of the stadium would be Sahlen's Stadium after the deal with Marina Auto expired; this was part of a five-year naming rights agreement with Sahlen's Packing Company, Inc. of Buffalo, New York, with an option to renew the agreement for another five years. The cost of the agreement was estimated at about $2 million. In October 2015, the stadium operators announced that they would not exercise the option to continue the existing naming agreement with Sahlen's, but would instead seek a new agreement.

In the interim, the stadium reverted to being known as Rochester Rhinos Stadium. On January 24, 2017, Capelli Sport entered a corporate partnership with the Rhinos and the stadium was renamed Capelli Sport Stadium. Marina Auto Group entered into a new naming rights deal in 2018, reverting the name of the stadium back to Marina Auto Stadium; the Rochester Rhinos and Rochester Rhinos Women soccer teams of the USL First Division and USL W-League and the Rochester Rattlers of Major League Lacrosse moved to the facility in 2006. The Rattlers were returned for the 2011 MLL season; the Rochester Rhinos Women dissolved and were replaced by the Rochester Ravens in 2009. The Flash played matches in the stadium until they were purchased in January 2017 and moved to Cary, North Carolina. PAETEC Park hosted Major League Lacrosse championship weekend in 2007. On June 5, 2010, the stadium was the site of the first outdoor game in Indoor Football League history as the Rochester Raiders faced off against the Chicago Slaughter.

The Drum Corps Associates drum corps championships were held at the stadium each Labor Day weekend from 2006–2011. The championships returned to Rochester for 2014 and 2015. On September 13, 2006, the United States women's national soccer team played an international friendly against Mexico, winning 3-1 in front of 6,784. On July 19, 2009, the USWNT played an international friendly against Canada in front of 8,433, winning 1-0 on a goal scored by Rochester native Abby Wambach. On September 1, 2012, the USWNT played international friendly against Costa Rica in front of 13,208 fans as part of their 2012 Olympic championship celebration, winning 8-0. On September 18, 2014, the USWNT played an international friendly against Mexico in front of 5,680 fans, winning 4-0. Prior to the stadium's construction, the team played matches at Frontier Field and at Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium in Brockport

Jete Nahi Dibo (film)

Jete Nahi Dibo is an Indian Bengali docu-feature directed by Prabir Roy under the banner Royz Media and Entertainment. The film illustrates the contribution of the legendary actor Uttam Kumar in the Bengali Film Industry, his personal attachment with the technicians and his versatile acting capabilities; the “Docu-Feature” is narrated from Abir and Ushahi's perspective, who portrays in the film to be close to Uttam Kumar throughout 70's era until his death. They spent several hours with others associated with the actor's family and friends; the actor's philosophy of life, his acting and struggle is showcased in this docu-feature. Uttam Kumar - Sujan Mukherjee Supriya Devi - Piu Paul / Mallika Sinha Roy Abir - Sudip Sarkar Ushashi - Swastika Dutta Manish Chatterjee - Dulal Lahiri Kanan Devi - Shakuntala Barua Haridas Bhattacharjee - Debraj Roy Phani Roy - Rahul Burman Dibanath Sen - Anindo Sarkar The film became controversial during its proposed release. Family members of the actor moved to court.

The film received an injunction and was barred from its scheduled release of 22 November 2019. Jete Nahi Dibo on IMDb

Mahō Sentai Magiranger

Mahō Sentai Magiranger, is Toei Company's twenty-ninth production of the Super Sentai metaseries. The action footage was used in Power Rangers Mystic Force and both shows had scenes shot in New Zealand; the main themes of this series are love of family. This series was dubbed into Korean under the title Power Rangers Magic Force; the catchphrases of the series are "Magic, it's a sacred power! Magic, it's an adventure to the unknown! Magic, it's a proof of courage!" and "Divine! Adventurous! Courageous! It's just MAGIC". A war between the Infershia and Magitopia had occurred unbeknownst to humans. After being imprisoned within the Earth for fifteen years, the Infershia have returned to get revenge from their imprisonment; when the Infershia attack, five siblings witness their mother change in front of them and she hands them MagiPhones to transform into a magic team. Now endowed with magic powers, these five vow to live up to their family's legacy, they have yet to discover many more family secrets. The Ozu Family is a family of mages that consisted of five children who lived peacefully with their mother Miyuki on the assumption that their father died in an expedition in Antarctica.

But the five learn their family legacy as they battle against the Infershia after their mother was taken from them, reunited with their parents by the series finale. The five main Magirangers transform using the Magi Phone transformation devices which allows them to execute spells, armed with the Magi Stick wands and the Sky Hoky brooms. Whenever facing a giant monster, the Magirangers use the "Magical Big Transformation" to transform into the Magi Majin which can all combine into Majin Fusion Magi King or without MagiPhoenix to form Magic Dragon Fusion Magi Dragon. After the five acquired the ability to become Legend Magirangers, once learning to regulate their powers to remain on Earth, they acquire the Magical Holy Staff DialRods and the ability to become Magi Majuu that combine into Legendary Fusion God Magi Legend. Kai Ozu The youngest of the Ozu Family, team leader despite being in high school, impulsive yet optimistic and brave, he is able to become Red Magician Magi Red, deriving his power from Heavenly Saint Flagel, with a proficiency in alchemy and fire magic.

Kai bore animosity towards Wolzard for killing Miyuki for most of the series before learning his true identity as Isamu accepting him while inheriting his techniques and ideals. In the series finale epilogue, Kai becomes a liaison between Infershia; as Magi Red, able to turn his Magi Stick into a sword and equip himself with the Magi Punch boxing gloves, he is able to transform into the Majin Magi Phoenix, which forms the core of MagiKing and can combine with Varikion and Horned Sacred Horse Unigolon to become Friendship Fusion FireKaiser and Heavenly Fusion Saint Kaiser. After gaining the ability to become Legend Magi Red, he is able to transform into the Majuu Magi Firebird Tsubasa Ozu The middle son of the Ozu Family, the rational second in command despite being laid-back and irresponsible at times, he is able to become Yellow Magician Magi Yellow, deriving his power from Heavenly Saint Volgel, with a proficiency in potion-making and thunder magic. Following the final battle against N Ma, Tsubasa becomes a professional boxer.

As Magi Yellow, able to turn his Magi Stick into a crossbow, he is able to transform into the Majin Magi Garuda, which forms the wings of MagiDragon and MagiKing. After gaining the ability to become Legend Magi Yellow, he is able to combine with his older siblings to form the Majuu Magi Lion. Urara Ozu The youngest daughter and middle child of the Ozu Family, a kind-hearted yet strict girl who acts like a surrogate mother to her siblings, she is able to become Blue Magician Magi Blue, deriving her power from Heavenly Saint Splagel, with a proficiency in fortune-telling and water magic. Urara had a frog phobia due to a prank Kai pulled on them when they were little, which overcame to restore Hikaru whom she fell in love with and married prior to the final battle; as MagiBlue, she is able to transform into the Majin Magi Mermaid, while her Legend Magi Blue form allows her to serve as a component in forming Magi Lion. Houka Ozu The eldest daughter and the second oldest child of the Ozu Family, a somewhat ditzy girl who looks on the bright side of things while sometimes working a fashion model.

She is able to become Pink Magician Magi Pink, deriving her power from Heavenly Saint Wingel (天