Coat of arms of Tunisia

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Coat of arms of Tunisia
Coat of arms of Tunisia.svg
Armiger Tunisian Republic
Crest A Crescent and Mullet of five points, both Gules, inside a Roundel Argent fimbriated Gules
Escutcheon In base per pale Or and Or, to the sinister a Balance Sable, to the dexter a Lion rampant Sable, holding in its dexter paw a Sabre Argent, and on a chief Or, on a base wavy Azure, a Punic Lymphad in full sail, sails Argent, flag Gules. Over all, a Scroll Or bearing, in arabic script; the words 'Liberty-Order-Justice' Sable

The coat of arms of Tunisia displays a Punic galley (symbol of freedom) along with a lion holding a sword (symbol of order), and a weighing scale (symbol of justice); in the centre, just under the ship, is the national motto written in Arabic: Freedom (حرية) - Order (نظام) - Justice (عدالة). The central emblem of the national flag is seen above the shield, the background is gold in all sections.

1956-1957, Kingdom of Tunisia

1957-1963, Tunisian Republic

Coat of arms of Tunisia-1963-1989.svg
1963-1987, Tunisian Republic[1]

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