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Gion Nankai

Gion Nankai Gion Yu was a Japanese confucianist and painter in the nanga style. His other art names included Hōrai, Kikyo, Shōun, Tekkan Dōjin and Tekkanjin, he was the eldest son of Gion Jun' a doctor who served the Kishū Domain of the Tokugawa clan. At the age of thirteen, he began to receive instruction from the Confucianist Kinoshita Jun'an and became attached to the group of ten disciples that included Arai Hakuseki and Muro Kyūsō, he became distinguished as a writer of poetry and prose and established himself as a teacher of Confucianism in 1713. At the age of twenty-four, he was expelled from his teaching position for misconduct, for reasons now unknown. Ten years he was pardoned and returned to a teaching post in Wakayama; the following year, he was the head of a mission to Korea, for which he received a credit of 200 Koku. He was entrusted with managing one of the newly founded Han schools. At this time, he began to study the art of the Yuan and Ming dynasties and incorporate elements from them into his works.

He studied the Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden. As his most notable influences, he claimed Tang Yin for painting, he admired Yi Fujiu. He was one of the pioneers of nanga, he painted birds and flowers, together with a few landscapes, using a minimal variety of colors. Many of his works are in the Tokyo National Museum, he wrote a collection of essays on Chinese poetry. Tazawa, Yutaka: "Gion Nankai". In: Biographical Dictionary of Japanese Art. Kodansha International, 1981. ISBN 0-87011-488-3. Laurance P. Roberts: "Nankai". In: A Dictionary of Japanese Artists. Weatherhill, 1976. ISBN 0-8348-0113-2. Media related to Gion Nankai at Wikimedia Commons

The Whole of the Moon (film)

The Whole of the Moon is a 1997 New Zealand film about a teenager, diagnosed with cancer. The film, based on the novel of the same name by Duncan Stewart, was directed by Ian Mune and written by Mune and Lymposs, it stars Toby Fisher, Nikki Si'ulepa, Pascale Bussières, Paul Gittins, Jane Thomas. 15-year-old Kirk Mead is a typical fun-loving child, living in New Zealand. He is in a relationship with Tory. One day, he is shockingly diagnosed with cancer. At the hospital, he meets ex-streetkid Marty. Despite their differences, Kirk soon develops a first antagonistic, friendly relationship with Marty. One night, the two sneak out of the hospital to have one final fling of freedom. Toby Fisher as Kirk Mead Nikki Si'ulepa as Marty Pascale Bussières as Sarah Paul Gittins as Alex Mead Jane Thomas as Maureen Mead Nicola Cliff as Tory Taylor Elliot O'Donnell as Ronnie Carl Rand as Mr. Dixon Greg Johnson as Mr. Cooper Olie Rennie as Peter The Whole of the Moon was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand; the Whole of the Moon on IMDb

NST (company)

NST or the NST Travel Group is a British educational travel company, part of the Holidaybreak group of companies. NST provides curriculum-focused tailor-made tours for primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges, taking students to destinations across the UK, Europe and worldwide, it is one of the leaders in educational travel and is the largest of its type in the UK, annually taking more than 4000 school groups on tours at home and abroad. NST deals only with Colleges, arranging group student travel through the teachers. Parents are not able to deal directly with the company. NST employs over 400 people. In the UK its Head Office is in Blackpool. An associate company, NST Ltd, based in Dublin, represents NST in Ireland. Annual turnover is in excess of £50 million. Tours and activities are devised and developed with teachers and subject matter experts providing a foundation on which tailor-made trips can be built, they are either subject-led or are general travel programmes relevant for groups of different ages, studying a wide and diverse range of subjects.

The tours provide a strong educational and learning focus in a safe environment. They do guided History and Religious Studies trips. Tours to a huge range of destinations across the UK, including capital cities, centres of cultural interest and historic sites, town and coastal locations. International destinations include: Belgium China France Germany India Italy Netherlands Poland Russia Spain United StatesSubject-specific itineraries include: Art & Design Business Studies Economics and Politics Classical Studies English and Drama Geography History Media and Film Studies French, German & Spanish Languages Music Cultural Experiences Outdoor and Adventure Activities Religious StudiesAn NST tour gives students the chance to engage with local cultures, local peoples and their customs, to learn and develop new languages and to taste new and different food; this brings different elements to their education and provides an opportunity to learn outside the classroom, in ways that might not otherwise be afforded to them.

The company has two residential centres, one in the UK and one in France, bought to encourage outdoors and adventure activities. In 1967 Vin Craven, a former maths teacher from Millfield High School in Thornton, Lancashire founded NST as Northern Schools Travel. Craven identified an opportunity within the education sector to create and establish educationally-focused travel arrangements. Focusing on coach tours, the company expanded into air travel to meet the growing demand for international educational experiences; the first trip overseas was to the Opal Coast in France. Craven's sons John and David joined the company in 1982 respectively. In 1983 the company began a period of rapid expansion and acquisition. By 1992 NST was one of the UK's leading school travel companies with an annual turnover of £5 million. In 1992 ETS Travel was created to offer air tours and sports tours to schools to complement the educational coach tours operated by NST. StudyLink, a company specialising in coach tours for university and college groups was bought in 1993.

Wanting to formally recognise the importance safety plays in any educational tour, NST decided to document their safety procedures in conjunction with Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. This led to the development of a School Tour Operators Safety Management System. SETA, a leading Scottish school travel company was added to NST's portfolio in 1994. A Music Tours Division was created in 1995 and ETS created a specialist division, ‘ETS StudyLink’, operating air tours for university and college groups to complement the coach tours operated by NST StudyLink. To expand their range of sports tours, the specialist sports travel company Sportsclass was acquired by ETS in 1996, resulting in the creation of ETS Sportsclass. 1996 saw NST Limited being established in Dublin. NST Limited is now a leader in the group market for the whole of Ireland. An Adventure Division was created in January 1997 and the company purchased Winmarleigh Hall, a Victorian mansion set in 50 acres of woods and parkland south of Lancaster, UK, from where a combined Outdoor Activities and Educational programme operates.

NST and ETS formally merged to become NST. By December 1997 NST had a turnover of £9 million and employed 50 staff; the sister company ETS had a turnover of employed 28 staff. The combined volumes of the two companies made them Europe's leading educational tour operator. A decision to merge the two companies was taken; this resulted in four new divisions being established. In 1998 the Group Travel Company was created. Seeing a demand for religious-specific travel, Tours for Churches, a specialist division dealing only with religious groups, was set up that year. In January 1999 NST bought the Château d'Ebblinghem, located in the Nord département between the towns of Saint-Omer and Hazebrouck; this residential education centre opened in February 2000 and is used as part of the study programmes offered by NST. In May 2000, Dun and Bradstreet ranked NST as the 41st fastest growing companies in the UK from their database of over 2 million companies. 2001 saw the merger of ETS Studylink to create one brand, Studylink.

Studlylink is focused on the University and College group market. Top Class Travel, a Scottish travel company was acquired; the company's first formal long term Strategic Plan was launched in 2003 stating expected achievements in the coming five years. In August 2003, NST acquired Blue Chip School Travel, a leading UK operator of English and Drama v

Geoffroy III de Pons

Geoffroy III de Pons, Lord of Pons, was a 12th-century French noble. Geoffroy was a son of Gervaise de Craon. In 1160, Geoffroy founded the Hôpital des Pèlerins, outside the walls of Pons, to replace an older hospital, too small, to host the growing numbers of pilgrims on their way along the Way of St. James to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain; the hospital was run by the Knights Templar. During a revolt with Count of Angoulême and Hugh IX of Lusignan and Geoffrey de Rancon, Lord of Taillebourg against King Henry II of England]], their vassal as the Duke of Aquitaine, the Castle of Pons is destroyed by Richard Lionheart in 1179. Geoffroy was able to recover his lands and obtain permission to build a new castle in 1180, he died in 1191, was buried in St-Vivien Church, France. Geoffroy married Agnès de Matha, daughter of Geoffroy Martel de Matha, Philippa de Sablé and are known to have had the following known children: Renaud II de Pons, married Marguerite de Périgord, had issue. Geoffroy de Pons, Lord of Asnières, alleged to be the ancestor of the Marquis of Asnières La Chataigneraye.

Combes, Jean. Guide des départements: la Charente-Maritime, par. Histoire d'Aunis et de Saintonge, par F. de Vaux de Foletier, Princi Néguer Editor, 2000

Childhood Domestic Violence Association

Childhood Domestic Violence Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help children of domestic violence. The organization was named the Makers of Memories Foundation; the Makers of Memories Foundation was established in 2007 by marketing and media entrepreneur Brian F. Martin. Martin was raised in a family with chronic, serious abuse and created the Foundation to help families and children overcome the trauma of domestic violence they experienced and to pursue more positive possibilities in their lives. In 2007 and 2008 the Foundation hosted journeys for families which combined a restorative experience along with educational and therapeutic services. Financial author David Bach and the Central Park jogger, Trisha Mieli, participated in the intervention programs. In 2011, the Foundation announced the launch of a national, comprehensive Action Plan with five elements: research, support services, intervention programs and shelter support; the Foundation continues to work with key leaders from the Department of Justice to ensure these challenges are faced with support from the government.

The Foundation partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for the "Congressional Hearing on The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children" in October, 2011 on Capitol Hill to educate American policy makers about the problem of domestic violence on children. In late 2012 the organization was renamed "Childhood Domestic Violence Association" to better capture the message of the organization. Brian F. Martin, serves as chairman of the board of directors. Martin is the founder of Brand Connections; the advisory committee includes a number of leading domestic violence experts, including Jeffrey Edleson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, Sandra Graham–Bermann, Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, Renee McDonald, Associate Professor of Psychology at Southern Methodist University. The advisory committee includes author and authority on leadership psychology Tony Robbins and Brand Connections CEO Sherry Orel. Bill Livermore was appointed executive director in 2011.

The Foundation's Action Plan includes initiatives related to the effects of domestic on children and on adults who experienced domestic violence as children. The foundation speaks out against public policy that damages laws protecting the victims of domestic violence; the Makers of Memories Foundation began production on a documentary film, 43 Million Secrets, in April 2011. The film profiles a family, devastated by domestic violence and includes interviews with experts in the field of domestic violence, law enforcement officials and adults and children who have experienced violence in their homes; the Foundation plans to use the film as an educational tool to inform the public about the effects of domestic violence on children and society. Release of the film is scheduled for Spring 2012; the Foundation convened a summit of scholars and interventionists in April 2010 in New York to identify the most promising existing intervention programs to help children impacted by domestic violence and to develop a new intervention program model focused on prevention.

That research led to a partnership will partner with MINCAVA, of the University of Minnesota School of Social Work to launch a pilot program in 2012 that uses informal family protective networks to provide assistance and support to children who have experienced domestic violence and are at risk. Congressman John Conyers, as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, works with Makers of Memories and called for an oversight hearing to assess where the government is in their work on the impact of domestic violence on children, what more can and should be done. On January 16, 2012, Brian F. Martin appeared on the "Dr. Phil" TV Show to discuss childhood exposure to domestic violence. On October 1, 2012, Makers of Memories renamed itself as Childhood Domestic Violence Association to assist the public in understanding the purpose of the foundation. On October 5, 2012, The documentary 43 million secrets was re-titled "The Children Next Door", funded by the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, it was released on the independent film festival circuit where it won 25 awards from different festivals.

It has been positively reviewed at, Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2013, the Sundance Independent Film Blog, Childhood Domestic Violence Association 43 Million Secrets