La Copa Junior (2005)

La Copa Junior was a professional wrestling tournament produced and scripted by the Mexican wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. The tournament ran from January 28, 2005 to February 11, 2005 in Arena México in Mexico City, Mexico. CMLL's recurring La Copa Junior tournament featured second, third or fourth generation wrestlers completing against each other; the 2005 version of the La Copa Junior was the second tournament held by CMLL. The La Copa Junior tournament did not return until 2005 when CMLL revived the concept and presented it as an annual recurring tournament. Héctor Garza was supposed to work the tournament, but was unable to return to Mexico due to commitments in the United States of America and had to be replaced by Apolo Dantés. Olímpico was unable to compete due to a neck injury, forcing CMLL to replace him with Máscara Mágica and the 1996 winner Emilio Charles Jr. had to pull out of the tournament due to a hand injury, he was replaced by Brazo de Oro. The tournament came down to Dr. Wagner Jr. and Shocker facing off in the finals, with Shocker winning the whole tournament.

Starting in 1996 the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre held their first La Copa Junior tournament. CMLL held the tournament to celebrate the fact that lucha libre in Mexico is a family tradition, with a large number of second, third, or fourth generation wrestlers following the footsteps of their relatives; the premise of the tournament is that all participants are second generation or more, although at times the family relationship is a storylines family relationship and not an actual one. One example of this is Dragón Rojo Jr. being billed as the grandson of Dragón Rojo, when in reality, a storyline created by CMLL. The original La Copa Junior was won by Héctor Garza. CMLL would not hold another La Copa Junior until the 2005 tournament, followed by a 2006 tournament won by Dos Caras Jr; the tournament did not return until 2010. In 2012 third generation luchador La Sombra won the Junior cupIn 2014, CMLL held two La Copa Junior tournaments, first a tournament on January 1, won by Super Halcón Jr. followed by a VIP tournament, featuring higher card wrestlers than the usual tournaments, won by Máximo The semi-regular tournament returned in 2016, won by Esfinge In 2017, Soberano Jr. won the La Copa Junior Nuevos Valores The tournament featured a number of professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines.

Wrestlers were portrayed as either heels or faces as they followed a series of tension-building events, which culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches

List of butterflies of Jamaica

This list of butterflies of Jamaica lists butterflies recorded from the island of Jamaica. The list is most incomplete. There is a list of moths of Jamaica. Battus polydamas jamaicensis, gold rim swallowtail Eurytides marcellinus Papilio demoleus demoleus, lime swallowtail Linnaeus, 1758 Papilio homerus Fabricius, 1793 Papilio melonius Rothschild & Jordan, 1906 Papilio thersites Fabricius, 1775 Papilio andraemon andraemon, Bahamian swallowtail Papilio pelaus pelaus, prickly ash swallowtail Fabricius, 1775 Abaeis nicippe Anteos clorinde Anteos maerula maerula, yellow angled-suphur Aphrissa godartiana hartonia Aphrissa statira cubana d'Almeida, 1939 Eurema adamsi Eurema boisduvaliana Kricogonia lyside Nathalis iole iole Boisduval, 1836 Phoebis argante comstocki Avinoff, 1944 Pyrisitia dina parvumbra Pyrisitia lisa euterpe, little sulphur Pyrisitia messalina Pyrisitia nise nise, mimosa yellow Pyrisitia proterpia proterpia, proterpia orange, tailed orange Ganyra josephina paramaryllis Appias drusilla castalia, Jamaican albatross Chlorostrymon orbis K. Johnson & D. Smith, 1993 Chlorostrymon simaethis jago Cyanophrys crethona Cyanophrys hartii T. Turner & J. Miller, 1992 Electrostrymon angelia pantoni Electrostrymon pan Nesiostrymon shoumatoffi Rekoa bourkei Strymon acis gossei Strymon bazochii gundlachianus M. Bates, 1935 Strymon istapa cybira Strymon limenia Strymon martialis Brephidium exilis isophthalma Cyclargus dominica Cyclargus shuturn K. Johnson & Bálint, 1995 Hemiargus ceraunus ceraunus Leptotes cassius theonus, Cassius blue Leptotes perkinsae Kaye, 1931 Libytheana terena Anetia jaegeri Danaus cleophile Danaus eresimus tethys W. Forbes, Danaus gilippus jamaicensis Danaus plexippus megalippe Greta diaphanus diaphanus Lycorea halia cleobaea Agraulis vanilla insularis, Gulf fritillary, silver-spotted flambeau Dryas iulia delila, Julia butterfly Euptoieta claudia, variegated fritillary Euptoieta hegesia hegesia, tropical fritillary Heliconius charithonia simulator, zebra heliconian longwing Röber, 1921 Adelpha abyla Doxocopa laure laura Eunica monima Eunica tatila tatilista Kaye, 1926 Dynamine serina serina Hamadryas amphichloe diasia Lucinia cadma Mestra dorcas dorcas, Jamaican mestra Marpesia eleuchea pellenis Anthanassa frisia frisia, Cuban crescentspot Antillea pelops pygmaea Antillea proclea Atlantea pantoni Colobura dirce wolcotti W. Comstock, 1942 Historis acheronta cadmus Hypanartia paullus Junonia evarete zonalis, tropical buckeye C.

Felder & R. Felder, Junonia genoveva, mangrove buckeye Siproeta stelenes stelenes, Antillean malachite Vanessa atalanta rubria, red admiral Vanessa virginiensis, American painted lady Fountainea johnsoni Astraptes anaphus anausis Astraptes jaira Astraptes talus Cabares potrillo potrillo Chioides churchi E. Bell & W. Comstock, 1948 Epargyreus antaeus Phocides lincea perkinsi Polygonus leo hagar Evans, 1952 Proteides mercurius jamaicensis, mercurial skipper Skinner, 1920 Eantis mithridates Ephyriades arcas philemon Ephyriades brunnea jamaicensis Gesta gesta Grais stigmaticus juncta Evans, 1953 Pyrgus oileus, tropical checkered skipper Timochares runia Evans, 1953 Urbanus proteus, common long-tailed skipper Cymaenes tripunctus tripunctus Euphyes singularis insolata, Butler's branded skipper Nyctelius nyctelius nyctelius Panoquina ocola ocola Perichares philetes Pyrrhocalles jamaicensis, Schaus's skipper Rhinthon cubana cubana, branded skipper Synapte malitiosa malitiosa Troyus turneri Warren & Turland 2012 Wallengrenia vesuria Norman D. Riley, A Field Guide to the Butterflies of the West Indies Eric Garraway and Audette Bailey, Butterflies of Jamaica Interactive Listing of American Butterflies Finnish University and Research Network Markku Savela's Lepidoptera and Some Other Life Forms