Conservative Judaism

Conservative Judaism is a Jewish religious movement which regards the authority of Jewish law and tradition as emanating from the assent of the people and the community through the generations, more than from divine revelation. It therefore views halakha, as both binding and subject to historical development; the Conservative rabbinate employs modern historical-critical research, rather than only traditional methods and sources, lends great weight to its constituency when determining its stance on matters of practice. The movement considers its approach as the authentic and most appropriate continuation of halakhic discourse, maintaining both fealty to received forms and flexibility in their interpretation, it eschews strict theological definitions, lacking a consensus in matters of faith and allowing great pluralism. While regarding itself as the heir of Rabbi Zecharias Frankel's 19th-century Positive-Historical School in Europe, Conservative Judaism institutionalized only in the United States during the mid-20th century.

Its largest center today is in North America, where its main congregational arm is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the New York–based Jewish Theological Seminary of America operates as its largest rabbinic seminary. Globally, affiliated communities are united within the umbrella organization Masorti Olami. Conservative Judaism is the third-largest Jewish religious movement worldwide, estimated to represent close to 1.1 million people, both over 600,000 registered adult congregants and many non-member identifiers. Conservative Judaism, from its earliest stages, was marked by ambivalence and ambiguity in all matters theological. Rabbi Zecharias Frankel, considered its intellectual progenitor, believed the notion of theology was alien to traditional Judaism, he was accused of obscurity on the subject by his opponents, both Reform and Orthodox. The American movement espoused a similar approach, its leaders avoided the field. Only in 1985 did a course about Conservative theology open in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

The hitherto sole major attempt to define a clear credo was made in 1988, with the Statement of Principles Emet ve-Emunah and issued by the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism. The introduction stated that "lack of definition was useful" in the past but a need to articulate one now arose; the platform provided many statements citing key concepts such as God and Election, but acknowledged that a variety of positions and convictions existed within its ranks, eschewing strict delineation of principles and expressing conflicting views. In a 1999 special edition of Conservative Judaism dedicated to the matter, leading rabbis Elliot N. Dorff and Gordon Tucker clarified that "the great diversity" within the movement "makes the creation of a theological vision shared by all neither possible nor desirable". Conservative Judaism upholds the theistic notion of a personal God. Emet ve-Emunah stated that "we affirm our faith in God as the Governor of the universe, his power called the world into being.

Concurrently, the platform noted that His nature was "elusive" and subject to many options of belief. A naturalistic conception of divinity, regarding it as inseparable from the mundane world, once had an important place within the movement represented by Mordecai Kaplan. After Kaplan's Reconstructionism coalesced into an independent movement, these views were marginalized. A inconclusive position is expressed toward other precepts. Most theologians adhere to the Immortality of the Soul, but while references to the Resurrection of the Dead are maintained, English translations of the prayers obscure the issue. In Emet, it was stated. Relating to the Messianic ideal, the movement rephrased most petitions for the restoration of the Sacrifices into past tense, rejecting a renewal of animal offerings, though not opposing a Return to Zion and a new Temple; the 1988 platform announced that "some" believe in classic eschathology, but dogmatism in this matter was "philosophically unjustified". The notions of Election of Israel and God's covenant with it were retained as well.

Conservative conception of Revelation encompasses an extensive spectrum. Zecharias Frankel himself applied critical-scientific methods to analyze the stages in the development of the Oral Torah, pioneering modern study of the Mishnah, he regarded the Beatified Sages as innovators who added their own, original contribution to the canon, not as expounders and interpreters of a legal system given in its entirety to Moses on Mount Sinai. Yet he vehemently rejected utilizing these disciplines on the Pentateuch, maintaining it was beyond human reach and wholly celestial in origin. Frankel never elucidated his beliefs, the exact correlation between human and divine in his thought is still subject to scholarly debate. A similar negative approach toward Higher Criticism, while accepting an evolutionary understanding of Oral Law, defined Rabbi Alexander Kohut, Solomon Schechter and the early generation of American Conservative Judaism; when JTS faculty began to embrace Biblical criticism in the 1920s, they adapted a theological view consistent with it: an original, verbal revelation did occur at Sinai, but the text itself was composed by authors.

The latter, classified by Dorff as a moderate metamorphosis of the old one, is still espoused by few traditionalist right-wing Conservative rabbis, though it is marginalized among senior leadership. A small but influential segment within the JTS and the movement adh

Olindo Mare

Olindo Franco Mare is a former American football placekicker. He was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent in 1996, he played college football at MacMurray Syracuse. Mare, selected to the Pro Bowl in 1999, has played for the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears. Mare attended Cooper City High School, lettering in football and soccer. Olindo Mare graduated from Cooper City High School in 1991. Olindo played at MacMurray College in Jacksonville and finished his college career for the Syracuse Orange, he was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent in 1996, but he was released before the season. Mare played the first 10 seasons of his career with the Miami Dolphins. In 2001, Mare attempted his first, only rushing attempt on fake field goal against the Carolina Panthers, he was stopped for a 5-yard loss. On October 10, 2004, when Mare was out with a calf injury, wide receiver Wes Welker replaced him and became only the second player in NFL history to return a kickoff and a punt, kick an extra point and a field goal, make a tackle in a single game.

During the 2005 season, he scored 25 of 30 on field goals, averaged 67.0 yards per kickoff, had 16 touchbacks in 73 kicks. Mare recorded his first career fumble recovery during the season on an onside kick. On April 3, 2007, the Dolphins traded Mare to the New Orleans Saints for a 2007 sixth-round draft pick, he inherited the position from kicker John Carney, released from the team a day after. He missed his first field goal attempt of the 2007 season against the Indianapolis Colts. At the midway point of the 2007 season, Mare had made half of his field goal attempts, he missed 3 field goals in the final preseason game. Early in the season, it was revealed that Mare injured his groin muscle, punter Steven Weatherford took over on kick-offs for a few games. While playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mare missed his second attempt of the game, ended up being called on again a few minutes after the Saints intercepted and drove back into field goal range. Fans booed Mare. Despite the reaction of fans, his poor play, head coach Sean Payton continued to stand by the kicker until he was injured in the second game against the Atlanta Falcons, replaced with Martín Gramática.

On February 27, 2008, he was released from the Saints after only one season. On March 27, 2008, Mare signed with the Seattle Seahawks to a two-year contract worth $3.5 million. He won the kicking battle during training pre-season against Brandon Coutu, he had a superb 2008 season as he finished the season kicking 24/27 field goals and making all of his PATs. In 2009, Mare faced significant scrutiny after missing two field goals in a week 3 game against the Chicago Bears; the misses resulted in a 6-point loss for the Seahawks. In a post-game news conference, Head Coach Jim Mora Jr. called Mare's playing "not acceptable". Olindo Mare had a fantastic 2009 season as he finished with 24/26 field goals with a franchise record 21 straight, he earned a 2009 Pro Bowl Alternate honor and a franchise tag that will give him a base salary of what the top 5 kickers make in the NFL or a 20% salary increase, whichever is more. Dick Stockton's inability to pronounce Mare's last name has resulted in the nickname Mar-AA.

Mar-AA is a reference to a Seattle drinking game. After the Panthers released popular kicker John Kasay, the Panthers were looking for a proven kicker. On July 27, 2011, the Carolina Panthers signed Olindo Mare to a four-year, $12 million contract. However, a year after signing the deal, after missing two game-winning field goals, the Panthers cut Mare. On December 11, 2012, the Bears signed Mare to a one-year deal due to an injury to Robbie Gould. Mare beat out Neil Rackers for the job. Mare played his first game as a Bear on December 2012 against the Green Bay Packers. Mare was successful on both of his field goal attempts but the Bears would go on to lose 21-13. On December 2013, he did not make the team. Career high/best bolded Mare is married to his wife Sandy, with three sons, Hayden and Landon, one daughter, Kayla. Mare is mentioned in Wale's song "TV in the Radio" in the line "I kick it, kick it like Olindo." Mare is a fan of the Italian soccer team Juventus since his father was born in Calabria.

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Everything About Her

Everything About Her is a 2016 Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Joyce E. Bernal, starring Vilma Santos, Xian Lim, Ms. Angel Locsin, it was released on 27 January 2016 under Star Cinema. The film earned ₱15 million on its first day of release; the film serves as a comeback film for "Star of All Seasons" Vilma Santos-Recto after her last film in 2013, Ekstra: The Bit Player. As of 20 February 2016 the film has earned ₱200 million The film received positive reviews from film critics. Successful businesswoman Vivian learns, she hires Jaica, to take care of her. But Jaica begins to play a bigger role in Vivian's life as she becomes the bridge between Vivian and her son Albert, who has felt neglected all his life; the three change and are changed by their circumstances? Vilma Santos as Vivian Rabaya Angel Locsin as Jaica Domingo Xian Lim as Albert Mitra Michael De Mesa as Leo Nonie Buencamino as JJ Khalil Ramos as Jared Devon Seron as Jenny Alexa Ilacad as Jewel Nor Domingo as Paul Maria Lopez as Maria Marielle Sorino as Marielle Dan Samson as Dan Vangie Labalan as Ellen Buboy Villar as Boy Niña Dolino as Arlene Dante Ponce as Mike Bart Guingona as Dr. Raymond Everything About Her opened in the Philippines on 27 January 2016 under Star Cinema.

The film open in the United States on the United Kingdom on 6 February. The film is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and is rated PG by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. Everything About Her received positive reviews from film critics, praising the three main actors' performances. Oggs Cruz from Rappler gave a positive review saying "Everything About Her is predictable, which isn't necessary a problem. There is something inherently wrong about the message of women being forced to choose between motherhood and their careers, but that message is but part and parcel of the studio's family-friendly and escapist agendas."Rod Magaru Show, a blogger gave a rating of 9/10 saying that "The film's attempt to bring out the tears in audience eyes succeeded in multiple scenes. If you have to ask me, I will never let my mom feel like I am near yet so far, but of course we live in different background. From professional writers' perspective, there's a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall.

How a scar got on your face." Everything About Her on IMDb