Construction Time Again

Construction Time Again is the third studio album by English electronic music band Depeche Mode. It was released on 22 August 1983 by Mute Records, it was the band's first album to feature Alan Wilder as a member, who wrote the songs "Two Minute Warning" and "The Landscape Is Changing". The album's title comes from the second line of the first verse of the track "Pipeline", it was recorded at John Foxx's Garden Studios in London, was supported by the Construction Time Again Tour. In January 1983, shortly before the release of the "Get the Balance Right!" single, songwriter Martin Gore attended an Einstürzende Neubauten concert, giving him the idea to experiment with the sounds of industrial music in the context of pop. This album introduced a transition in lyrical content for the group. Construction Time Again would include a bevy of political themes, sparked by the poverty Gore had seen on a then-recent trip he had taken to Thailand. On the album's politically inclined lyrics, Anne Lambert of No 1 wrote: "'s protest songs are serious and observed, but they retain that distinctive ear for a commercial melody".

She concludes: "It's impossible to pick out tracks, as the whole effect is sharp, tight and riveting!" In Smash Hits, Peter Martin notes that the band's attention is now turned "outwards to the world", pointing out the Russian and Oriental influences apparent in the music. He goes on: "The songs are still electronically based, but the brilliantly melodic and bouncy edge is contrasted by a brooding "Tin Drum"-type sparseness." Summing up, Martin calls the album " brave departure."New Musical Express hailed the album, saying that "Everything Counts" "is Mode's best single It sold because it combines edgy and poignant melodies held in thrilling tension. And the same goes for every other track on the album." Reviewer Mat Snow qualified Alan Wilder's composition "Two Minute Warning" as "a haunting melody whose transition from verse to chorus explodes in one of those breathtakingly uplifting moments" and concluded that Depeche Mode "have made a bold and lovely pop record. Simple as that."Commenting on the results of the band's new line-up, AllMusic's Ned Raggett considers Construction Time Again to be "a bit hit and miss... when it does hit, it does so perfectly".

Singling out "Love, In Itself" Raggett observes: "Depeche never sounded quite so thick with its sound before, with synths arranged into a mini-orchestra/horn section and real piano and acoustic guitar spliced in at strategic points." Regarding Alan Wilder's songwriting, Raggett states: "Wilder's... songwriting contributions are fine musically, but lyrically,'preachy' puts it mildly the environment-friendly'The Landscape Is Changing'." All tracks are written except where noted. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Construction Time Again. Daniel Miller – production Depeche Mode – production Andy Fletcher Dave Gahan Martin Gore Alan Wilder Gareth Jonestonmeister Corinne Simcock – engineering assistance on "Two Minute Warning" Brian Griffin – cover photography Ian Wright – illustrations Martyn Atkins – design Album information from the official Depeche Mode website Official remaster info


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