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Henry Derek Elis

Henry Derek Elis is an American musician and the lead vocalist for the extreme metal band Act of Defiance from Los Angeles, California. Henry Derek Elis was born in Milledgeville, Georgia on March 8, 1978. Raised by his grandmother, Henry Derek grew up next to Central State Hospital, Georgia's state mental asylum, his music career began in 1995 when he relocated to Atlanta and formed the black gothic metal band Lilitu. Henry Derek joined the The Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult folk collective, releasing acoustic-based folk music under the moniker To The Boy Elis before moving to Los Angeles, California. Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison formed heavy metal band Scar the Martyr in April, 2013. On June 21, 2013 the full lineup was announced, with Henry Derek as lead vocalist. Elis left the band a year due to creative and personal differences. Elis appears on the band's debut album, Scar the Martyr, released on October 1, 2013 via Roadrunner Records. On December 25, 2014, it was announced that Henry Derek was the new vocalist for the metal band Thrown into Exile.

He formed the heavy metal super-group, Act of Defiance, with Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, both former members of Megadeth, Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall in February 2015. Act of Defiance embarked on their first European tour in summer, 2018. On July 14th 2019 it was announced that Henry Derek Elis was playing lead guitar in a new Los Angeles based Doom band QAALM. QAALM made a stream of there demo available on Bandcamp and consists of Pete Majors Ex HARASSOR - Lead Vocals, Henry Derek Elis - Lead Guitar, Christopher Jon Ex I, Parasite- Keys & Samples, Brock Elmore - Guitar & Backing Vocals, David Huet - Bass and Etay Levy - Drums. Henry Derek Elis released his EP, Don't Look, on September 14, 2018, followed by his debut solo album, The Devil Is My Friend, on October 26, 2018. Elis sings, plays banjo, bass, dobro, baritone and electric guitars; the album includes contributions from Aubrey Richmond & John Schreffler Jr. Jarboe, Tara Vanflower, Neal Tiemann, Sera Timms. On October 12, 2018, reporter Robert Crawford included Henry Derek's song, "What's Left of Us", in Rolling Stone's 10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week writing, "Elis delivers this haunting, minor-key barn-burner like a carnival barker who's gone hoarse, framing his Tom Waits-ish growl with swirls of fiddle and pedal steel.

A Southern gothic standout from his new release, The Devil Is My Friend, "What's Left of Us" is gravely and graveyard-worthy — the perfect soundtrack for mid-October." Lilitu 1995-2004 Scar the Martyr 2013–2014 Thrown into Exile 2014-2017 Act of Defiance 2014–present The Devil Is My Friend Don't Look Servants of Twilight The Earth Gods Memorial The Delores Lesion Love Is Like the Cost of Livin' Scar the Martyr Soul Disintegration Blood Host Safe Inside Birth and the Burial Old Scars, New Wounds Official website

Dixie Days (film)

Dixie Days is a 1930 animated short film, produced by The Van Beuren Corporation and released by Pathe. The film, directed by John Foster and Mannie Davis, is a take on Uncle Tom's Cabin, as it featured African caricatures as slaves, as they defy their owner and free themselves from them; the name of the film means the cartoon took place in the Southern United States, as Dixie is the nickname of the South. Released on 9 March 1930, the cartoon is part of the early sound cartoon series entitled Aesop's Sound Fables. However, although the film is part of the series, it is not based on an Aesop fable; the film begins on a slave ship which comically shrinks like an accordion. On the boat, a set of four animals sings a song. Once they arrive, Uncle Tom starts to play a recorder outside his cabin; this makes Popsy descend onto the cabin. Upon arrival, Uncle Tom asks where Little Eva, is. Just she descends onto the cabin. Uncle Tom plays a song, which both Little Eva dance to. However, the slave-keeper hears this and takes both Uncle Tom and Popsy as slaves, leaving Little Eva in tears.

They are both taken to a slave auction. The first one to perform is Uncle Tom, who falls over at the end of his performance, due to his lack of strength and malnutrition. In response, the keepers blow raspberries at him after the performance; the second to perform is Popsy. She is viewed more favourable than Uncle Tom. However, the slave-keepers chant "We want either!". When they are chanting that, a mother and her baby spots the slave-keepers and comically runs to the mountains. However, one of the slave-keeper sends blood hounds in order to catch them; the slave-keeper tries to catch them via paddleboat. They are both unsuccessful, due to Uncle Tom breaking off his chain on his Ball and chain and using it to make the slave-keeper's paddleboat fall off a waterfall. After that, the four animals sing "Dixie". Until, a chicken crows, they stop the film ends with the four animals pursuing the chicken. In this cartoon, the main characters are Uncle Tom, a set on slave-keepers. There all both influence the outcome in the short film.

There are a set of African caricatures, who are portrayed as slaves. Dixie Days received positive reviews from the cinema magazines at that time; the Film Daily said that the cartoon had some "really amusing moments". The Motion Picture News said the same, said the film was "ideal as relief from a heavy feature". Uncle Tom and Little Eva on YouTube Dixie Days on Dailymotion

Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)

"Welcome to Tomorrow" is a song recorded by German Eurodance group Snap!. It was released in September 1994 as the lead single from their third studio album, Welcome to Tomorrow; the song reached number-one in Finland. It was a Top 10 hit in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK; the single was certified silver in the UK. On the Eurochart Hot 100, "Welcome to Tomorrow" reached number 6 in November 1994. Outside Europe, the song charted at number 16 in number 125 in Australia. Billboard wrote that "this time, the act that has had hits with "The Power" and "Rhythm Is A Dancer" jumps on the bandwagon with a track that fiddles with the formula by adding choral oohs and aahs to the background, as well as a line of racing, futuristic synths; this makes the single sound different enough to jump ahead of the crowded pack and score instant play." Music & Media commented, "Does this title track to the new album reveal a new direction for the project that helped to define Euro dance? Gone are the heavy beats and the male rapper, but a female singer is still there."

"Welcome To Tomorrow" entered the European airplay chart Border Breakers at number 16 on September 3, 1994 due to crossover airplay in West Central-, West-, North West-, North- and South-Europe. It peaked at the top on October 29; the music video for "Welcome to Tomorrow" was directed by Angel. It was made as a 3-D science fiction phantasy, it features a small clip taken from the music video of their 1990 hit "The Power". CD maxi "Welcome To Tomorrow" — 4:12 "Welcome To Tomorrow" — 6:20 "Welcome To Tomorrow" — 6:32Vinyl/ 12”"Welcome To Tomorrow" — 8:01 "Welcome To Tomorrow" — 6:32 “Rame” — 6:02 "Welcome to Tomorrow" peaked within the top-5 in Belgium, Finland and Scotland. List of number-one singles of 1994

Robert M. McCracken

Robert McDowell McCracken was a United States Representative from Idaho. McCracken served one term as a Republican in the House, from 1915 to 1917. Born in Vincennes, Indiana, McCracken was elected in 1914 as one of two at-large members from Idaho, representing the entire state alongside Addison T. Smith. In 1916 he was defeated for reelection in the Republican primary by former congressman Burton L. French. While campaigning for a return to Congress in 1934, McCracken died in an automobile accident near Emmett, his vehicle tumbled down Freezeout Hill. McCracken, age 60, was buried at Blackfoot Cemetery in Blackfoot. United States Congress. "Robert M. McCracken". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Political Graveyard – Robert M. McCracken Robert M. McCracken at Find a Grave

Clayton Bellamy

Clayton Bellamy is a Canadian singer-songwriter He grew up in Bonnyville, Alberta before his family settled in Nashville, Tennessee. He has won many awards including a Juno for Best Country Recording, a five time Canadian Country Music Award winner Canadian Country Music Awards, SOCAN Songwriter of the Year award. Clayton has dominated the stage performing at the Grand Ole Opry has been featured in People Magazine The New York Times and Rolling Stone and performed for President Carter, he has released five solo studio records and has had songs recorded by Big Sugar Matt Anderson Grady Dan Davidson Jason Blaine W3apons FKB Willie Mack and many more. Bellamy is one of the three members of the group The Road Hammers, which has released four studio albums, in addition to charting twelve singles in Canada with two number one singles and two in the United States with Montage Records He is Currently signed with Anthem Recordings touring with his rock n roll band Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation 1 SOCAN Songwriter of the Year 4 CCMA Award 1 Juno Award Best Country Recording Western Canadian Music Award for Best Country Recording Radio Music Award Recipient Official website The Road Hammers Official