County of Peebles (ship)

County of Peebles was the world's first four-masted, iron-hulled full-rigged ship. She was built in 1875, by Barclay Curle Shipbuilders in Glasgow, for the shipping firm R & J Craig of Glasgow. Measuring 81.2 metres long, with a beam of 11.8 metres, a draught of 7.1 metres and a cargo capacity of 1,614 net register tons, she was a state-of-the-art windjammer when she entered the jute trade between the ports of Dundee and Cardiff in Great Britain and Bombay and Calcutta / Hooghly River in East India. Her rig was with royal sails above double top-sails and single topgallants. County of Peebles represented an important development in sailing ship design, which allowed wind-powered ships to compete on long haul routes with steamships in the last quarter of the 19th century. With her success R & J Craig ordered a further eleven similar four-masted'full-rigged ships' for the thriving Indian jute trade, forming what was referred to as the Scottish East India Line. Following the pattern set by County of Peebles, the sister ships were named after Scottish counties as follows: County of Caithness, County of Inverness, County of Cromarty, County of Dumfries, County of Kinross, County of Selkirk, County of Aberdeen, County of Haddington, County of Edinburgh, County of Roxburgh, County of Linlithgow.

In 1898, County of Peebles was sold to the Chilean Navy. Renamed Muñoz Gamero, she was used as a coal hulk at Punta Arenas on the Strait of Magellan. In the mid-1960s she was beached as a breakwater in Punta Arenas, where she lies as of 2017, with cut-down masts. Http:// ScottishClipper Website Clyde-Built Ship Database

Abundant Living Faith Center

The Abundant Living Faith Center is a nondenominational, multicultural church in El Paso, United States, with about 20,000 members in 2009. The Pastor is Charles Nieman; the church is part of the Word of Faith movement, giving Abundant life teachings. Pastors Charles and Rochelle Nieman started preaching the gospel in 1977, holding services in a tiny railroad hall in El Paso. On December 30, 2012 Rochelle Nieman died after a long battle with cancer, she was 62. After steady growth of their congregation, by 2008 their Abundant Living Faith Center had more than 15,000 active members and about 8,000 worshipers attending services weekly at their new 3,620-seat facility, which has state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities to deliver music and prayers; as of 2009, it ranked number 41 by size on the Outreach Magazine's list of largest churches in the USA. In 2017, the church opened a campus on the west side of El Paso; the 89,000 square foot building has a performing arts style theater. It has 1,900 seats, a bookstore, two cafes.

In February 2019, the church announced. The center supports the Faith Christian Academy, a private school established in 1980, home to more than 500 students from K-3 through to 12th grade. In 2012 and 2013 Faith Christian Lions Varsity basketball team won back to back TCAL state championships In 2006, the football team won the TCAL 6-man state championship and finished the season ranked #2 for Texas 6-man Private Schools. In August 2009 the church was giving away over 1,100 backpacks filled with school supplies, of which 800 would go to children in the El Paso area and 300 will go to children in the Dominican Republic. List of the largest churches in the USA

1862 Chicago mayoral election

In the Chicago mayoral election of 1862 Democrat Francis Cornwall Sherman defeated Republican Party nominee Charles C. P. Holden. Sherman had served as mayor two decades earlier, after winning the 1841 election, he had been an unsuccessful candidate in the 1856 mayoral election. Holden was a former alderman; the election was held on April 15, 1862. It was the second of four Chicago mayoral elections which took place during the course of the American Civil War, it was last regularly-scheduled Chicago mayoral election to a one-year term. Sherman had been supported by a nonpartisan ticket which bore the slogan "for the Union and the Constitution". Due to the fact that his son was a noted brigadier in the Union Army, Sherman was able to comfortably avoid accusations that his own loyalties sided anywhere but with the Union. A History of Chicago, Volume II: From Town to City 1848-1871 - Bessie Louise Pierce, ISBN 978-0226668406