St. Theresa's Cathedral, Caxias do Sul

St. Theresa's Cathedral called Caxias do Sul Cathedral, is a parish of the Roman Catholic Church in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul and the cathedral of the Diocese of Caxias do Sul; the cathedral church is located in Dante Alighieri Square in the city center. It dedicated to St. Theresa of Ávila, reflecting the appreciation of the local Italian immigrants to the Empress Teresa Cristina, wife of Pedro II, emperor of Brazil; the first stone of the church was laid on 5 December 1895. The work proceeded with the spontaneous support of the settlers, it was enclosed by mid-1896, solemnly inaugurated on 14 October 1899, consecrated by bishop Cláudio Gonçalves Ponce de Leon on 15 October 1900, the Feast of St. Theresa, it was designated a cathedral with the erection of the Diocese of Caxias. Catholic Church in Brazil

ArmaLite AR-50

The ArmaLite AR-50 is a.50 BMG, single-shot, bolt-action long range rifle manufactured by ArmaLite. The AR-50 rifle utilizes a large, fluted muzzle brake to reduce recoil; the AR-50 weighs 34 pounds and is a single-shot bolt-action rifle. The barrel is rigid, to prevent it from flexing. All AR-50 barrels use 1:15 right hand rifling; the receiver features Armalite's octagonal design. The receiver is bedded to the V-shaped stock, whilst the barrel is free-floated above the forend; the three piece AR-50 stock is constructed from aluminum and features an extruded forend, as well as a skeleton butt stock with a removable and vertically adjustable butt plate. This rifle was updated to the AR50-A1B model, which featured a smoother action, a new bolt stop that can be depressed by hand to release the bolt, a more reinforced muzzle brake; the AR50-A1B was designed for long-range shooting firing the.50 BMG round. The rifle is manufactured in several configurations: AR-50A1B, chambered for standard.50 BMG AR-50A1L, chambered for standard.50 BMG, left-handed version AR-50-A1BNM, chambered for standard.50 BMG with refinements for using match grade ammunition AR-50-A1B-416, chambered for.416 Barrett Armalite was criticized in 2014 by the Italian Minister of Culture for running an advertisement depicting Michelangelo's David holding an AR-50A1.

He sent a legal notice. The government holds a copyright and Italian law "says that the aesthetic value of the work cannot be distorted," according to the director of the Accademia Gallery; the corporate parent of Armalite, Strategic Armory Corps, issued a statement apologizing for the advertisement, which it said was in "poor taste" and had been dropped. List of ArmaLite rifles Armalite AR-30 ArmaLite AR50A1-416 Armalite AR-50 Owners Manual Official Page A video showing a accessorized AR50-A1 A video showing how little recoil this rifle has due to the muzzle brake