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Crime Syndicate of America

The Crime Syndicate are teams of fictional supervillains from one of DC Comics' parallel universes where they are the evil counterparts of the Justice League. The original team was known as the Crime Syndicate of America and is sometimes abbreviated as CSA; this first superpowered Crime Syndicate team appeared in Justice League of America #29 in August 1964. The primary successive incarnation, known as the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, first appeared in the 2000 JLA: Earth 2 graphic novel. A related successive group on Earth-3 is known as the Crime Society of America and first appeared in 52 #52, featured in Countdown to Final Crisis. A "Golden Age" supervillain group, the Crime Society was to Earth-2 what the Anti-Matter Crime Syndicate of Amerika was to Earth-0, until it was removed from continuity following DC's 2011 Flashpoint storyline and The New 52 company-wide reboot. Following this, a singular Crime Syndicate is the Earth-3 counterpart of the Earth-0 Justice League, first appearing in Justice League #23, the main focus of the company-wide crossover storyline "Forever Evil."

The events of that story have far-reaching consequences in the DC Universe, the Crime Syndicate characters which survive remain on Earth-0 in one form or another after its events. As detailed in Justice League of America #29, the Crime Syndicate of America lived on Earth-Three, a world where history was "reversed" from the real world, it had no superheroes, only the supervillains of the Crime Syndicate, though this changed with the introduction of the heroic Lex Luthor who used his vast intelligence for good. In their first appearance, the Crime Syndicate, bored with the ease with which they were able to commit crimes on their Earth, discovered the existence of Earth-One and Earth-Two after Ultraman got "Ultra-Vision" from exposure to a large chunk of kryptonite and found he could peer between worlds. Intrigued by the existence of superheroes, they crossed the dimensional void and attacked the JLA and JSA; the villains were at first defeated but when they said the word "Volthoom", they sent themselves into Earth-Three thanks to a fail-safe created by Power Ring.

The CSA was able to capture the JSA by transporting them to Earth-Three and imprisoning them, intending to fight the JLA on Earth-2 to prove their superiority. However, the JLA defeated the Syndicate by tricking the members into unleashing more power than they could control, such as Ultraman acquiring so many powers he could not use any of them, Power Ring's ring generating constructs that were too large for him to control after Green Lantern gave it a boost, Wonder Woman allowing Superwoman to'steal' her Lasso of Truth knowing that her opponent would not be able to use both of them. Following this defeat, the JLA freed the captured Justice Society heroes and imprisoned the CSA in an unbreakable bubble generated by Green Lantern's power ring, placed in a "limbo" dimension between the Earths, where time has no meaning. Over the ensuing years, the Syndicate or one of its members would escape and attempt to wreak havoc on Earth-One and/or Earth-Two. Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Superwoman battled Captain Comet after being released by the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Ultraman once was returned by the Supermen from Earth-One and Earth-Two. On one occasion the entire CSA were released by the time travelling villain Per Degaton when he was caught up in a time storm and stumbled upon their limbo prison, he freed them and they reluctantly agreed to help him take over his home world of Earth-Two in his present time of 1942 by stealing nuclear missiles from the 1962 Cuban missile crisis of Earth-Prime. When they tried to double-cross him, a safety protocol he had created hurled the traitors uncontrollably into the time stream, where they landed coincidentally on the satellite headquarters of the Justice League in the then-present day of 1982. An intricate tale followed involving the CSA escaping and the JLA traveling back in time to Earth-Two in 1942 and Earth-Prime in 1962 to prevent the Crime Syndicate from helping Degaton, it was during the Earth-Two visit to the past that the JLA teamed up with America's superhero team of that era, the All-Star Squadron. The heroes succeeded in stopping Per Degaton and the CSA before their evil plan could be set in motion wiping these events from existence and everyone's memory.

Earth-Three and the original Crime Syndicate were destroyed along with the rest of DC's parallel worlds in the 1985 twelve-issue maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. As shown in issue #1, Earth-Three and all of its inhabitants were obliterated by an anti-matter wave, the catalyst for the story; the original Earth-Three Syndicate made a few post-Crisis appearances, when Ultraman and Power Ring appeared in the Animal Man series and again in Infinite Crisis when Earth-Three was temporarily recreated and models of the Earth-Three Ultraman and Alexander Luthor, Sr. were merged with the Superman and Wonder Woman of Earth-1 and the Superman of Earth-Two and Wonder Woman of Earth-2. During the Convergence storyline, the Crime Syndicate had accidentally killed the Earth-Three version of Bruno Mannheim where Superwoman was arrested and sentenced to death. Despite the dome being over their M

Harry Dowd

Henry William Dowd was an English football goalkeeper who played for Manchester City, Stoke City and Oldham Athletic. At the start of his career Dowd combined amateur football playing for ICI Blackley with a job as a plumber. On 10 January 1958 he signed for Manchester City as an amateur, turned professional two years later. In December 1961 he made his debut in a 4–1 defeat to Blackburn Rovers, deputising for the injured Bert Trautmann. In the 1961 -- 62 season he established himself as first choice goalkeeper. In February 1964, Dowd broke his finger in a game against Bury. Unable to continue playing in goal, he moved to centre-forward. During Manchester City's championship winning 1967–68 season, Dowd lost his first team place through injury to Ken Mulhearn, made only seven first team appearances therefore missing out on a League Championship Medal. However, he regained his place the following season, played on the winning side in the 1969 FA Cup final, where Manchester City beat Leicester City 1–0.

In the 1969–70 season, Dowd lost his first team place again, this time to Joe Corrigan and so the spent two months on loan at Stoke City being used as cover for Gordon Banks, making three appearances for the "Potters". His final Manchester City appearance was against Sheffield Wednesday in the final match of 1969–70, in December 1970 he was transferred to Oldham Athletic, where he played 111 times. Dowd died on 7 April 2015 at the age of 76. Source: Manchester City FA Cup winner: 1969 Specific GeneralJames, Gary. Manchester City - The Complete Record. Derby: Breedon. ISBN 1-85983-512-0. Clayton, David. Everything under the blue moon: the complete book of Manchester City FC - and more!. Edinburgh: Mainstream publishing. ISBN 1-84018-687-9

List of Shakhtar Donetsk seasons

FC Shakhtar Donetsk is a Ukrainian professional football club from the city of Donetsk. Starting in 2014 the club has played out of Lviv before moving early 2017 to Kharkiv with its headquarters in Kiev. Shakhtar has appeared in several European competitions and is a participant of the UEFA Champions League; the club became the first club in independent Ukraine to win the UEFA Cup in 2009, the last year before the competition was revamped as the Europa League. FC Shakhtar Donetsk is one of two Ukrainian clubs, the other one is Dynamo Kyiv, who have won a major UEFA competition; the club played its home matches at the Donbass Arena, due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the team relocated 600 miles to the west in Arena Lviv in the interim. Following the winter break of the 2016–17 season the club moved to the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv early 2017; the Invincibles

Edinho (footballer, born May 1982)

Edinho is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Vitória ES. He played for Mes Kerman from 2008/09 to 2010/11 and joined Al Sharjah for 2011/12, he returned to Mes for 2013/14. On 26 July 2014, Edinho agreed to a one-year contract with Tractor Sazi, he signed the contract on the following day. Edinho joined Qatar Stars League club Al Sailiya in July 2015. Edinho played for his former team, Desportiva Ferroviária, at the 2016 Campeonato Capixaba, league of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, he scored five goals. He was chosen the championship best player. Edinho returned to former club Tractor for the 2016/17 season, he signed a one year contract with Vitória-ES in July 2019, having played for them in 2006 when they won the Capixaba title. Edinho at ZeroZero

Oliver Zaugg

Oliver Zaugg is a Swiss former professional road bicycle racer, who competed professionally between 2004 and 2016 for Saunier Duval–Prodir, Liquigas–Doimo, RadioShack–Nissan, Tinkoff–Saxo and IAM Cycling. Zaugg won his first major race in the Giro di Lombardia, he attacked on the Villa Vergano climb with 10 kilometres to go. He was chased relentlessly by the leading group, he crossed the finish line in Lecco with an advantage of 15 seconds over his nearest rival, Dan Martin of Garmin–Cervélo. In 2012, he tried to defend his title at the Giro di Lombardia, finishing in the chase group in eighth position as Joaquim Rodríguez claimed the victory. Zaugg left RadioShack–Nissan at the end of the 2012 season, signed with Saxo–Tinkoff for the 2013 season. After three seasons in October 2015, Zaugg agreed to join IAM Cycling for 2016, he ended his career at the 2016 Il Lombardia, a race he had won in 2011. Oliver Zaugg at Cycling Archives Oliver Zaugg at ProCyclingStats

Louga Department

Louga Department is one of the 45 departments of Senegal, one of the three which comprise the Louga Region. The chief settlement is the only commune in the department; the rural districts comprise: Arrondissement of Coki: Coki Ndiagne Thiamène Cayor Pété Ouarack Guet Ardo Arrondissement of Keur Momar Sarr: Keur Momar Sarr Nguer Malal Syer Gande Arrondissement of Mbédiène: Mbédiène Niomré Nguidilé Kéle Gueye Arrondissement of Sakal: Léona Ngueune Sarr Sakal Old Artillery Barracks, commune of Louga Louga Post Louga Railway Station Kadd Gui acacia tree, opposite Louga railway station Historic site of " Toundou Diéwol " Daara of Coki at Cooki