Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Country  Croatia
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selection date(s) Artist: 13 February 2018
Song: 6 March 2018
Selected entrant Franka Batelić
Selected song "Crazy"
Selected songwriter(s) Branimir Mihaljević
Franka Batelić
Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄2017 2018

Croatia will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The Croatian national broadcaster Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) announced that they will use a national final in order to find the Croatian representative in Lisbon, after two consecutive years of internal selection,[1] this decision was later reversed, and thus "Crazy" sung by Franka Batelić was internally selected.[2][3]


Prior to the 2018 contest, Croatia had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twenty-three times since their debut in Millstreet 1993.[4]

Before Eurovision[edit]

At Eurovision[edit]

Split voting results[edit]


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