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Continuous mandatory ventilation

Continuous mandatory ventilation is a mode of mechanical ventilation in which breaths are delivered based on set variables. Still used in the operating room, in previous nomenclature CMV referred to "controlled mechanical ventilation", a mode of ventilation characterized by a ventilator that makes no effort to sense patient breathing effort. In continuous mandatory ventilation, the ventilator can be triggered either by the patient or mechanically by the ventilator; the ventilator is set to deliver a breath according to parameters selected by the operator. "Controlled mechanical ventilation" is an outdated expansion for "CMV". CMV today can assist or control dynamically, depending on transient presence or absence of spontaneous breathing effort. Thus, today's CMV would have been called ACV in older nomenclature, the original form of CMV is a thing of the past, but despite continual technological improvement over the past half century, CMV sometimes may still be uncomfortable for the patient. Continuous mandatory ventilation is associated with profound diaphragm muscle dysfunction and atrophy.

CMV is no longer the preferred mode of mechanical ventilation. Limits in VC-CMV may pressure based; the ventilator will attempt to deliver the set tidal volume utilizing whatever pressure is required to reach its setting. A pressure limit may be added to limit damage to the lungs. Expiration cycling can be set by the pressure limit. Once the Ti is reached, or a pressure limit is reached the ventilator will cycle into expiratory mode and allow passive exhalation until another breath is triggered. Pressure control is a pressure-controlled mode of ventilation; the ventilator delivers a flow to maintain the preset pressure at a preset respiratory rate over a preset inspiratory time. The pressure is constant during the inspiratory time and the flow is decelerating. If for any reason pressure decreases during inspiration, the flow from the ventilator will increase to maintain the set inspiratory pressure. Dual-control modes are pressure controlled modes with an exhaled tidal volume target, they work on a breath-by-breath basis and provide pressure-limited time-cycled breaths, increasing or decreasing the pressure of the next breath as necessary to achieve a user-selected desired tidal volume.

They are known by various vendor-specific terms such as pressure-regulated volume control, adaptive-pressure ventilation, volume-control plus, among others. Many terms have been developed to describe the same modes of mechanical ventilation. Nomenclature of mechanical ventilation has become more standardized and these terms are no longer preferred but still may be seen in older research there are many different names that were used to reference CMV but now reference Assist Control. Names such as: volume control ventilation, volume cycled ventilation in modern usage refer to the Assist Control mode. Assist/control A/C CMV Volume assist/control Volume control Volume limited ventilation Volume controlled ventilation Controlled ventilation Volume targeted ventilation Modes of mechanical ventilation Volume controlled intermittent mandatory ventilation Pressure controlled continuous mandatory ventilation Pressure controlled intermittent mandatory ventilation Continuous spontaneous ventilation

The Black Star Passes

The Black Star Passes is a collection of science fiction short stories by American author John W. Campbell Jr.. It was first published in 1953 by Fantasy Press in an edition of 2,951 copies; the book is the first in Campbell's Arcot and Wade series, is followed by the novels Islands of Space and Invaders from the Infinite. The stories appeared in the magazines Amazing Stories and Amazing Stories Quarterly, were "extensively edited" for book publication, with Campbell's approval, by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach. Galaxy reviewer Groff Conklin described the stories as "three creaking classics... fun to read, rococo antiques believable characters, human relations logical plots." Boucher and McComas dismissed the book as "a hopelessly outdated set of novelets... of concern only to those who wish to observe the awkward larval stage of a major figure in science fiction." P. Schuyler Miller described the stories as "old-fashioned fun which no longer takes any more than you need to." Introduction "Piracy Preferred" "Solarite" "The Black Star Passes" Chalker, Jack L..

The Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Bibliographic History, 1923-1998. Westminster, MD and Baltimore: Mirage Press, Ltd. p. 239. Contento, William G. "Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections". Retrieved 2008-03-19. Tuck, Donald H.. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Chicago: Advent. P. 87. ISBN 0-911682-20-1. Project Gutenberg The Black Star Passes public domain audiobook at LibriVox audio

Gintaras Einikis

Gintaras Einikis is a Lithuanian retired professional basketball player and current coach. He stands at 6 ft 10 in, is a former center for the senior Lithuanian national team. Einikis is the only player from the Lithuanian national team to have won all three consecutive bronze medals at the Summer Olympics, in Barcelona and Sydney. In 1987, the 18-year-old Einikis, arrived at Žalgiris, to replace his injured teammate, Arvydas Sabonis. Einikis established himself as a strong and aggressive defender, an excellent center, a accurate three-point shooter; when Sabonis left Žalgiris, Einikis continued his career, as a starter. In 1995, Einikis joined Avtodor Saratov. After dominating with Avtodor, Einikis moved to CSKA Moscow. After 2 moderate seasons with CSKA, he moved to Idea-Slask, where he averaged 9 points per game, 4.4 rebounds per game, in 22 minutes per game of EuroLeague action. After a tumultuos first half of the season, he left Śląsk and signed with Greek side Near East to finish the season.

He moved back to Zalgiris, where he contributed more to the team. During the last years of his career, his averages fell drastically, he retired after the 2005–06 season. In 2009, he returned to playing professional basketball, played for Naglis-Adakris. After the 2009–10 season, he retired for a second time. Note: The EuroLeague is not the only competition in which the player participated for the team during the season, he played in domestic competition, regional competition if applicable. On February 10, 2016, it was announced that Einkis had become an assistant coach for Avtodor Saratov. In 2008, Einikis participated in altercation with a night club's staff, yelling insults, threatening physical harm and refusing to leave the club, he and his friend were fined with 3,000 Litas. After the incident, Einikis was spotted leaving the club in his car Volkswagen Touareg; because he had lost his license a year ago after his involvement in a hit and run accident, he was fined with an additional 2,500 Litas.

During the accident, it was speculated. The police discovered cocaine powder in his car. In 2011, Einikis intoxicated, with 5.11 per mil blood-alcohol concentration, went to his friend's house and threatened to kill her by setting her house on fire. He was arrested and charged with threats of arson and assault, he married his longtime friend Jurgita in July 2012. That month, however, he, while under the influence of alcohol, physically assaulted his wife, he is incarcerated pending trial. 6× Lithuanian Champion: Lithuanian SSR Champion: 2× Lithuanian Champion: 3× Lithuanian League Champion: 2× Lithuanian League MVP: 2× Lithuanian League Finals MVP: FIBA EuroStar: Russian League Champion: Polish League Champion: ULEB Cup Champion: FIBA EuroCup All-Star: Czech League Champion: 1992 Summer Olympics: Bronze EuroBasket 1995: Silver 1996 Summer Olympics: Bronze 2000 Summer Olympics: Bronze Profile Basket Stats Profile

The Exploits of Chevalier Dupin

The Exploits of Chevalier Dupin is a collection of detective short stories by author Michael Harrison. It was released in 1968 by Moran in an edition of 1,917 copies; the stories are pastiches of the C. Auguste Dupin stories of Edgar Allan Poe; the stories were first published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. There is an expanded UK edition by a different publisher which adds a further five stories This appeared under the title Murder in the Rue Royale and Further Exploits of the Chevalier Dupin. Both editions contain the introduction by Ellery Queen, the non-fiction piece on Dupin by Harrison; the Exploits of Chevalier Dupin contains the following tales: "Introduction", by Ellery Queen "Dupin: The Reality Behind the Fiction" "The Vanished Treasure" "The Mystery of the Fulton Documents" "The Man in the Blue Spectacles" "The Mystery of the Gilded Cheval-Glass" "The Fires in the Rue St. Honoré" "The Murder in the Rue Royale" "The Facts in the Case of the Missing Diplomat" Jaffery, Sheldon; the Arkham House Companion.

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Veronika Polyakova

Veronika Polyakova is a Russian group and former individual rhythmic gymnast. She is the 2014 Russian Junior National all-around silver medalist. Polyakova has competed both in group gymnastics, she was born in Irkutsk, hometown of former World Champion Oxana Kostina and 2012 Olympic all-around silver medalist Daria Dmitrieva. Polyakova appeared in international competition at the 2012 Irina Deleanu Cup with teammate Aleksandra Soldatova, she competed in her first Junior nationals at the 2012 Russian Junior Championships finishing 29th in all-aroundIn 2013 Season, Polyakova finished 10th in all-around at the 2013 Russian Junior Championships. She competed in the junior division at the Grand Prix in World Cup Series, she won the all-around event finals at the 2013 Singapore Gymnastics Open. She won the all-around silver medal at the Junior Grand Prix in Brno with a total of 63.049 behind Olesya Petrova. In 2014, she won the all-around silver at the 2014 Moscow Grand Prix behind Yulia Bravikova, she competed in the World Cup series in Lisbon winning gold in team, bronze in ribbon, in Pesaro winning Team gold for Russia and gold in event finals for hoop.

At the 2014 Minsk World Cup she won gold in Team and ribbon. She won the all-around silver medal at the 2014 Russian Junior Championships. At the 2014 European Junior Championships, Polyakova together with teammates won Russia the Team gold, she competed in 2 apparatus and ribbon but did not qualify to the event finals with Bravikova and Annenkova placing ahead of her in qualifications for the finals in the 1 gymnast per country junior rule. She competed at the 2014 Junior World Cup in Sofia where she won the all-around silver behind Irina Annenkova. Following the leg injury of Yulia Bravikova, both Polyakova and Annenkova flew to Nanjing, there Annenkova was selected by Irina Viner as the final representative of Russia at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. In October 17–19, Polyakova traveled in Tokyo for the 2014 Aeon Cup, representing team Gazprom won the team gold, she won the All-around junior title ahead of Belarus' Mariya Trubach. In 2015 season, Polyakova debuted as a senior competing at the 2015 Moscow Grand Prix finishing 6th in the all-around finals.

In March 21–22, Polyakova competed at the 2015 Thiais Grand Prix finishing 9th in the all-around, she qualified to 3 event finals. In April 3–5, Polyakova competed at the Irina Deleanu International tournament and won the all-around gold medal ahead Irina Annenkova, she took 4th place in the all-around at the 2015 Russian Championships. Polyakova competed at the 2015 Holon Grand Prix finishing 8th in all-around. Polyakova finished 9th in all-around at the 2015 Grand Prix Berlin and qualified to event final in ball, she won the all-around gold at the 2015 EWUB Luxembourg Trophy. Polyakova competed as an HC at the MTK International Tournament in Budapest and Dundee Cup International in Sofia. Polyakova unexpectedly suffered a leg injury before the end of the 2015 season. In 2016, she spend half of the season in rehabilitation from her surgery. In 2017, Polyakova relocated to St. Petersburg for her university studies and switched to group rhythmic gymnastics. Veronika Polyakova at the International Gymnastics Federation Rhythmic Gymnastics Results