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Pandu Port

Pandu Port is a river port in the Indian state of Assam, serving Guwahati. This port has been developed on the bank of the Brahmaputra river; the port is the the largest river port in Assam state. Many passenger ships at the port are anchored with the tourists. However, the state government has now allocated funds for the modernization of the port for national waterway development projects. In order to arrange a ship anchorage, a naval terminal or permanent jetty has been formed; the Port is included in the port of call agreement between Bangladesh. The port has been working as the main river port of the Brahmaputra valley for a long time centering Guwahati city. In the British India and tea were transported from the port to Kolkata Port and Chittagong port; the necessary goods were imported by the port on the same track. But after independence, this path was started till 1956. After that it was closed. Pandu port acts as a natural river harbour, it falls under Dhubri-Sadiya National Waterway-2 and is an important terminal cum transit point for goods and cargo as well as passenger and tourist vessels.

Construction of both low-level and high-level jetty of fixed terminal, capable of handling container vessels, has been completed and has further enhanced revenue generation for the city. The port opened a new route for transporting goods in North East India. Assam and Northeast India associated with Haldia Port by Pandu port. A low level jetty is operational for berthing of vessels. Two shore cranes of 20 ton capacity, one container crane of 75 ton capacity and ones floating crane are placed at terminal for handling of cargo. A high level jetty and B. G. siding is under construction at this location. A permanent terminal for container transport; the high and low level jetty of the river for shipping the goods. Pandu Port-WikiMapia

Crosbie Garstin

Crosbie Garstin was a poet, best-selling novelist and the eldest son of the Newlyn School painter Norman Garstin. He is said to have been untameable as a child, to have died in mysterious circumstances after a boating accident in the Salcombe estuary, he is known for a novel based in 18th-century Cornwall. Crosbie was born in Mount Vernon, Cornwall to Norman Garstin and Louisa ‘Dochie’ née Jones, he was the eldest of three children. He was educated at Brandon House, Elstow School, Bedford and in Germany, he was head-boy of his swimming. As a young man he travelled and worked as a bronco buster in Montana, United States and as a lumberjack in Canada, he travelled to China, Hawaii and Morocco. On returning home his father, fed-up with Crosbie's inability to get suitable qualifications and hold down a job, sent him to South Africa. From 1912, he ran a cattle ranch in Bechuanaland, acted as a bush ranger to the Tati Concessions. With the outbreak of World War I he came back to Britain and in October 1914 joined B Squadron of the King Edward's Light Horse as a private.

The cavalry regiment, open to colonials, was based in Watford and in the following spring, Bishop's Stortford. The regiment left for France on 21 April 1915 and Garstin was promoted to lance corporal shortly before leaving, he was commissioned on the battlefield as a 2nd lieutenant on 14 September 1915, joined C Squadron, attached to the 47th Division at Nœux-les-Mines and was involved in the Battle of Loos and on the Italian Front. In 1916, he was posted to Dublin as an Intelligence Officer during the rebellion there; as well as writing poetry he made contributions to Punch. Garstin disappeared when returning from a party to a friend's yacht Osprey in the Salcombe estuary on 19 April 1930; the rowing boat capsized and his body was never found despite Garstin being a strong swimmer and other two occupants of the boat surviving. He left an estate of gross value £3,424, £1,549 net, his widow, Lillian was mayor of Penzance in 1962–63. Up the Line to Death – contributor to the poetry anthology Vagabond Verses The Mud Larks The Sunshine Settlers The Mud Larks Again The Black Knight – with Mrs Alfred Sidgwick The Ballad of the Royal Ann The Coasts of Romance The Owls’ House – Penhale trilogy, book 1 Samuel Kelly, an Eighteenth Century Seaman – editor High Noon – Penhale trilogy, book 2 The West Wind – Penhale trilogy, book 3 The Dragon and the Lotus Houp-la!

China Seas – was made into a film directed by Tay Garnett and starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow Works by Crosbie Garstin at Faded Page Crosbie Garstin

The Gun Hawk

The Gun Hawk is a 1963 American Color Western film directed by Edward Ludwig and starring Rory Calhoun, Rod Cameron, Ruta Lee and Rod Lauren. Gunslinger Rory Calhoun dispenses his own brand of justice in this action-packed Western adventure co-starring Rod Cameron and Ruta Lee. It's been three years. So when he warns the Sully brothers to stop harassing the town drunk, they shoot the old man dead, not realizing he’s Madden’s father. Killing them both, Madden is badly wounded by the sheriff but escapes to an outlaw haven where the law fears to tread and prepares what may be his last stand. Written by Jo Heims, The Gun Hawk was the final film directed by Edward Ludwig, whose nearly 50-year career spanned over 100 shorts, TV episodes and features, including the John Wayne hits The Fighting Seabees, Wake of the Red Witch and Big Jim McLain. Rory Calhoun as Blaine Madden Rod Cameron as Sheriff Ben Corey Ruta Lee as Marleen Rod Lauren as'Reb' Roan Morgan Woodward as Deputy'Mitch' Mitchell Robert J. Wilke as Johnny Flanders John Litel as Drunk - Madden's father Jody Daniels as Tommy Rod Whelan as Blackjack Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Miguel Lane Bradford as Joe Sully Natividad Vacío as Quid Joan Connors as Roan's Woman Glenn Stensel as Luke Sully Gregg Barton as Henchman Frank Gardner as Henchman Harry Fleer as Curly Lee Bradley as Pancho The Gun Hawk on IMDb

Lord Nelson (1798 ship)

Lord Nelson made five voyages carrying slaves from West Africa to the West Indies. A French naval squadron captured her off Sierra Leone on her sixth voyage, before she had embarked any slaves. Lord Nelson appears in Lloyd's Register for 1799 with J. Kendall, master, J. Bold and trade Liverpool–Africa. Slave voyage #1: Captain Hugh Stephens sailed from Liverpool on 7 March 1799, bound for West Central Africa. Lord Nelson gathered her slaves at the Congo River and Ambriz, she arrived at Kingston, Jamaica, on 2 February 1800. She had embarked 393 slaves and she landed 360, for a loss rate of 8.4%. At some point her master became John Kendall, she left Jamaica on 2 April, arrived back at Liverpool on 7 June. SHe suffered six crew deaths on the voyage. Slave voyage #2: Captain John Wilson sailed from Liverpool on 13 November 1800, bound for the Windward Coast. Lord Nelson gathered her slaves at Grand Cape Mount and left Africa on 4 February 1801, she arrived at Demerara on 7 March. She had embarked 284 slaves and she landed 255.

At some point Captain Armstrong replaced Wilson. She arrived at Liverpool on 1 June, she had left Liverpool with a crew of 41 men and she suffered one crew death on the voyage. Slave voyage #3: Captain Francis Darnoult sailed from Liverpool on 3 September 1801. Lord Nelson arrived at Trinidad on 23 February 1802, she had embarked 301 slaves and she landed 271, for a loss rate of 10%. She arrived back at Liverpool on 20 April, she suffered six crew deaths on the voyage. Slave voyage #4: Captain Isaac Westron sailed from Liverpool 31 August 1802. Lord Nelson arrived at the Bahamas on 23 March, she had embarked 278 slaves and she landed 250, for a loss rate of 10.1%. She arrived back at Liverpool on 1 September 1803, she had left Liverpool with 34 crew members and she suffered five crew deaths on the voyage. Slave voyage #5: Captain Thomas Omen acquired a letter of marque on 11 July 1804, he sailed from Liverpool on 15 August 1804 for the Windward Coast. Lord Nelson gathered her slaves at Grand Cape Mount and arrived at Dutch Guiana on 10 January 1805.

She had embarked 413 slaves and she landed 371, for a loss rate of 10.2%. She arrived back at Liverpool on 11 June, she had left Liverpool with 45 crew members and she suffered 11 crew deaths on the voyage. Captain Francis Darnoult was again captain of Lord Nelson on, he acquired a letter of marque on 29 October 1805. He and 38 crew members left Liverpool on 3 November 1805. Lloyd's List reported on 8 April 1806 that a French squadron consisting of an 84-gun ship-of-the-line and three frigates had captured Lord Nelson and the sloop-of-war HMS Favourite off the coast of Africa. Lloyd's List reported that prior to 26 January L'Hermite's squadron of the French Navy captured off the coast of Africa Lord Nelson, master, Hume, Ponsonby, master, Brassey, Wells, Hughes and Active, of London, master; the French sent her back to England. The same squadron captured Sarah, Mary, Adams and Nelson, master. Notes Citations References Behrendt, Stephen D. "The Captains of the British slave trade from 1785 to 1807".'"Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Chesiire, Vol.140.</ref>

Byron Nelson High School

Byron Nelson High School is a public high school located in Trophy Club, Texas about 20 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas, in Denton County and opened in August 2009 for the 09–10 school year. It is the second high school in the Northwest Independent School District, it cost around $96 million, making it the 3rd most expensive and state of the art high schools in the state. It is 504,000 square feet, with a 32,000-square-foot courtyard in the middle, it is built along the property of the Army Corps of Engineers, along the edge of where Denton Creek flows into Lake Grapevine at the lake's southwestern corner. In 2013, the school was rated "Met Standard" by the Texas Education Agency, it has about 3000 students. The 2011–2012 school year was the first year the school had all 4 grade levels in attendance; the school features "green" amenities such as energy-friendly light fixtures, water conserving landscaping, local and recycled building materials. Students have access to indoor restaurants, including Pizza Hut, Grille Works, Asian/Italian Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant and a coffee shop similar to Starbucks like those of other district high school Northwest High School.

All of the students at the school now receive the Dell Chromebook 11 3120 and 3180. The middle schools that feed into Byron Nelson are: Medlin Middle School John Tidwell Middle School The school is named after the professional golfer, Byron Nelson, who lived about 5 minutes away from the school in Roanoke, Texas; the Byron Nelson Bobcats compete in the following sports Cross Country, Football, Powerlifting, Soccer, Swimming/Diving, Water Polo, Golf, Baseball & Softball. Girls Golf 2013,Men's Soccer 2014,Volleyball 2019 The Byron Nelson basketball team made the play-offs in their first varsity season. In the 2011–2012 school year the Byron Nelson soccer teams were rewarded for a quality season with a playoff run; the girls in their second year of having a varsity team, placed second in the state of Texas. In the 2013–2014 school year, the Lady Bobcats returned to the final four UIL Tournament but lost in a heart-breaking shootout in overtime; the Byron Nelson Men's Soccer program started in 2011, placing second in district and making the playoffs in their second season.

In 2013, the team won their first district championship. In 2014, the Byron Nelson Men's Soccer team won the first boys state championship in school district history. Not given the school's namesake, the Bobcats boys' and girls' golf teams have become state powers; the girls team won the 4A state title in 2012-2013 and both teams have made numerous trips to the state finals. Byron Nelson is home to organizations; the school participates in band, orchestra and debate, National Honor Society, Student Council, Link Leaders, many more extracurriculars. The Speech and Debate team sent 5 students to the national finals in June 2011, they had 10 Regional Qualifiers and 14 State Qualifiers. The school had students place 4th in events at UIL 4A State. For the 2011–2012 school year, the team had 24 state bids, 2 UIL State Champions, 1 UIL 2nd Place finisher, 1 UIL 5th-place finisher, making the speech and debate team the 4A UILState Champions overall, they had 2 students attend the 2012 National Forensic League National Championship in Indianapolis, placing 6th in the nation in Public Forum Debate.

In 2014, the team had one student win the state title in two events, a 3rd-place finisher, two other finalists in the state competition, making the team again the overall 4A UIL State Champion squad. Byron Nelson has made national news when school administrators decided to suspend a 16-year-old student; the student exhibited red and watery eyes, a sign, according to school policy that a student has been smoking cannabis However, the young man was grieving over the murder of his father two days prior. Teachers had been notified of the death. Despite this, the school informed the student's mother that he would need to take a drug test in order to come back to school, she would need to file a complaint to have the suspension removed from his record. On the afternoon of January 30, 2017 a female student called in a bomb threat stating that she had a bomb strapped to her, was armed with a gun, had planted a bomb in one of the athletic locker rooms; the school was placed in immediate lockdown, and, as a precaution, Medlin Middle School, Beck Elementary School, Lakeview Elementary School were put on lockdown but only for a short time.

BNHS was on lockdown until 6:30 p.m. at which time police determined it was safe to lift the lockdown. Police requested that students leave their backpacks in the building and cars in the parking lot to be searched. Students were only allowed to bring their phone and any keys they had. Students were escorted to Medlin Middle School by walking across the practice fields in straight uniform lines and got on a bus or picked up by parents at the school. Police found none. On January 31, 2017 the attendance percentage was 67%, down from an average of 94%; the female student who called in the bomb threat was charged with a felony. Another male student was arrested. Northwest Independent School District