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Curtis Lee Hanson was an American film director and producer. His directing work included the psychological thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, the neo-noir crime film L. A. Confidential, the comedy Wonder Boys, the hip-hop biopic 8 Mile, the romantic comedy-drama In Her Shoes, the made-for-television docudrama Too Big to Fail. Hanson won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1998, for co-writing L. A. Confidential with Brian Helgeland, with additional nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, for a Palme d'Or at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. An active member of the Directors Guild of America, he was a member of the Creative Rights Committee, the President's Committee on Film Preservation, the Film Foundation. Hanson was born in Reno and grew up in Los Angeles, he was the son of Beverly June Curtis, a real estate agent, Wilbur Hale "Bill" Hanson, a teacher. Hanson dropped out of high school, finding work as a freelance photographer and editor for Cinema magazine. Hanson began screenwriting in 1970, when he co-wrote The Dunwich Horror, a film adaptation of H.

P. Lovecraft's short story. Hanson wrote and directed his next feature Sweet Kill starring Tab Hunter in 1973 in 1978 wrote and produced The Silent Partner, starring Elliott Gould and Christopher Plummer. From the early 1980s into 1990s, Hanson directed a string of comedies and dramas, he did thrillers, too: many of them deal with people who lose their sense of control or security when facing danger or under threat of death. Some, like the financial executive in Bad Influence and the police officers in L. A. Confidential, unexpectedly walk into disaster. In the 1990s, Hanson found box-office success with The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and The River Wild, received significant critical acclaim with his 1997 film L. A. Confidential, an adaptation of the James Ellroy novel; the film was nominated for 9 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, won two — Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress. Hanson's works included In Her Shoes, Wonder Boys, 8 Mile, Lucky You. Hanson said that he was influenced by the directors Alfred Hitchcock and Nicholas Ray.

In an interview with the New York Times in 2000, Hanson stated that Ray's film In a Lonely Place was among many that he watched in preparation for the filming of L. A. Confidential. In 8 Mile, Kim Basinger's character watches Elia Kazan's Pinky on television; the film is about a mixed-race girl. In 2011, Hanson made Too Big to Fail, based on the 2009 Andrew Ross Sorkin book of the same name about the beginnings of the financial crisis of 2007–2010; the film, produced by Hanson's production company Deuce Three Productions for HBO, featured among its cast William Hurt as Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson, Cynthia Nixon as his liaison to the press. His last film was Chasing Mavericks in 2012. Michael Apted replaced him as director during the final days of shooting. Hanson retired from film work and was reported to have frontotemporal dementia, he died of natural causes at his Hollywood Hills home at the age of 71. Cameo appearance in Adaptation. Things Have Changed for Bob Dylan.

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Old Cathedral, Brescia

The Duomo Vecchio or Old Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Brescia, Italy. It is known as the Winter Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, while the adjacent main cathedral is known as the Summer Cathedral, it is one of the most important examples of Romanesque round church in Italy. While some claims for an earlier construction exist, the earliest documents state the cathedral was built in the 11th century on the site of a prior church with a basilica layout, it has a circular shape. In the 19th century, many additions to the original medieval building were removed; the entrance portal is one addition remaining. It contains the medieval Crypt of San Filastrio, in honor of the beatified Brescian bishop. Near the entrance, rests the sarcophagus of Bishop Berardo Maggi made of red marble; the Duomo Vecchio contains l'Assunta and St. Luke, St. Mark and the sleeping Elijah by Moretto da Brescia, it contains a Gathering Manna by Gerolamo Romanino and a Translation of the Bodies of Saints by Francesco Maffei.

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Acanthochitonidae is a family of chitons, marine molluscs in the class Polyplacophora. These small to large chitons are characterised by a broad girdle with erect tufts of up to ten large bristles; the coarsely granular valves of the shell are overlapped by the girdle. This girdle is all covered by coarse spines; the articulating flange, or articulamentum, is well developed. The margin of the cephalic plate has about five slits; the lateral insertion plates all have a single notch. According to the World Register of Marine Species the following genera are included in this family Acanthochitona Gray, 1821 Amycula Bassethullia Pilsbry, 1928 Choneplax Carpenter MS, Dall, 1882 Craspedochiton Shuttleworth, 1853 Craspedoplax Iredale & Hull, 1925 Cryptoconchus de Blainville MS, Burrow, 1815 Leptoplax Carpenter MS, Dall, 1882 Notoplax H. Adams, 1861 Pseudotonicia Ashby, 1928 Vaught, K. C.. A classification of the living Mollusca. American Malacologists: Melbourne, FL. ISBN 0-915826-22-4. XII, 195 pp