Dianne Oxberry

Diane Clare Oxberry was an English broadcaster and meteorologist, best known as a long-serving TV and radio presenter for BBC North West. She presented weather forecasts for the regional news programme North West Tonight for 23 years. Oxberry was born on 13 August 1967 in Sunderland, County Durham, to Francis Joseph Oxberry and Margaret R. Dent. Oxberry joined the BBC as a personal assistant at Radio 2, having auditioned for a presenting role on the youth music series No Limits for BBC2, she began her broadcasting career on BBC Radio 1, working alongside Steve Wright and becoming part of Simon Mayo's on-air team for the weekday breakfast programme. In 1991, she became a presenter for the second series of the Saturday morning children's TV programme, The 8:15 from Manchester, where she met her husband, cameraman Ian Hindle. After studying meteorology at the Met Office College in Berkshire, Oxberry joined BBC North West in 1995 as its first dedicated weather presenter. Alongside her forecasting work, she co-presented the weekday breakfast programme on BBC Radio Manchester and worked as a relief newsreader and presenter for North West Tonight.

In years, she fronted the peak-time regional current affairs programme Inside Out North West. Oxberry made her last appearance on North West Tonight in mid-December 2018, her last report for Inside Out was aired posthumously as part of a tribute programme on 21 January 2019. Oxberry was married to Ian Hindle; the couple lived in Sale, Greater Manchester. Oxberry died at the Christie Hospital, Manchester, on 10 January 2019, aged 51, shortly after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her death was announced publicly the following day. Oxberry's funeral took place on 7 February 2019 at St Mary Magdalene's church in Sale. A memorial service was held at Manchester Cathedral three weeks - Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham described Oxberry as "a true friend of the north west of England". Ian Hindle, Oxberry's widower set up a charity to help patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By April, the fund had raised more than £52,000 online. Dianne Oxberry on IMDb

Fantômas (1946 film)

Fantômas is a 1946 French crime film directed by Jean Sacha and starring Marcel Herrand, Simone Signoret and Alexandre Rignault. The film features the fictional master criminal Fantômas, created in 1911 by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre; the tremendous popular success of the Fantômas novels led to the production of many films based on the series. A first series of 5 silent films was directed by Louis Feuillade from April 1913 to May 1914. An American version of the brilliant serial was produced in the early 1920s. Shortly after the advent of sound, Paul Fejos directed a feature-length Fantômas film which combined elements from the novels and several of Feuillade's films, together with "modernized" plot twists. Two remakes/updates of the Fantômas films were produced in France shortly after the end of World War II. In the mid-1960s three films were made in rapid succession starring Jean Marais in the double role of Fantômas and Fandor. Fantomas, once thought dead, has just prevented the marriage of his daughter Helena with Fandor journalist killing the mayor, to unite them.

He posed an ultimatum to the Minister of the Interior: it requires a billion in gold, if not a million Parisians die. Inspector Juve decides to hide Helen and Fandor with Arthur, a former villain in whom he has confidence. Meanwhile, lady Bentham, anxious to prevent Fantômas to commit new crimes phone to Juve the whereabouts of the criminal. Fandor overhearing the conversation follows Juve to the hideout and finds himself trapped by the villain. Juve is soon to find him while investigating at Lord Grimsay's. Both men, managed to escape while Helene in turn falls into the clutches of the criminal. Fantômas destroys his secret laboratory before disappearing continues to assassinate passersby at random through his death ray. Following Burette, one of Fantômas’ accomplices and Fandor locate the new criminal lair in the catacombs, but after killing lady Beltham, Fantômas fled once more, takingHelen hostage. Fandor managed to free the girl while the truck which Fantômas hadboarded exploded on a mined bridge.

Fandor and Helen get married but Juve, their witness, doubts the death of the Prince of Terror. Marcel Herrand: Fantômas Simone Signoret: Hélène Alexandre Rignault: le commissaire Juve André Le Gall: Fandor Yves Deniaud: Arthur Françoise Christophe: la princesse Daniloff Georges Gosset: Burette Renaud Mary: Germain Lucienne Le Marchand: Lady Beltham Paul Faivre: le chauffeur Pierre Labry: M. Paul Robert Moor: Professeur Cauchard Denise Kerny: l'adjointe Marcel Lestan: Théo Paul Amiot: le directeur de la Sûreté Jacques Dynam: le préparateur Raymonde La Fontan: la standardiste Frédéric Mariotti: un ouvrier Hardy, Phil; the BFI Companion to Crime. Continuum, 1997. Hayward, Susan. Simone Signoret: The Star as Cultural Sign. Continuum, 2004. Fantômas on IMDb