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DIC Entertainment

DIC Entertainment Corporation was an international film and television production company. In 2008, DiC was folded into it. Most of the DiC library is owned by WildBrain after DHX acquired the Cookie Jar Group on October 22, 2012. In addition to animated and live-action television shows, while under Disney, DiC produced live-action feature films, including Meet the Deedles and Inspector Gadget, licensed various anime series such as Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and Speed Racer X. Diffusion, Information Communications was formed in France in 1971 by Jean Chalopin as the production division of Radio Television Luxembourg, a long existing media company. DiC's American arm was founded in April 1982 in Burbank, California by Andy Heyward, a former story writer at Hanna-Barbera, to translate DiC productions into English; the company produced television animation for both network broadcast and syndication, outsourced its non-creative work overseas, enforced anti-union policies and hired staff on a per-program basis to cut costs.

For some in the industry, DiC stood for "Do It Cheap". With directors Bruno Bianchi and Bernard Deyriès, Chalopin and Heyward were able to make DiC an effective but restrained animation company. Soon after joining DiC, Heyward developed Inspector Gadget, which became a successful production out of the American office. DiC partnered with toy makers and greeting card companies for character based product lines that could be made into animated series, thus DiC productions came with built in some time financiers. Between Inspector Gadget and The Littles, the company became profitable; as the only non-union animation firm, in 1984 DiC faced a unionization effort. In 1985, DiC opened its own Japan-based animation facility for animation production on their shows in order to bypass overseas animation subcontractors. In April 1986, DiC launched. From late 1986 to 1987, along with investors Bear Stearns & Co. and Prudential Insurance Co, bought Chalopin and Radio Television Luxembourg's 52% stake in DiC in a $70 million leveraged buyout and made the US headquarters the company's main base of operations.

After the buyout, Bianchi, Deyriès and producer Tetsuo Katayama left the company to be replaced by Robby London and Michael Maliani as key employees. After selling his shares in DiC, Chalopin retained DIC's original offices in France and formed the company C&D in 1987 to continue producing animated shows. After the buyout, DiC was in debt and the foreign rights to the DiC library were sold in 1987 to Saban Productions, who sold the rights to Chalopin's C&D. At the time, Heyward considered Chalopin an enemy because of the purchase and the situation permanently poisoned DiC and Saban's relationship. DIC sued Saban for damages. By 1987, DiC Enterprises' parent company was known as Inc.. DiC entered the toy industry with the development of the Old MacDonald talking toyline. In December, DiC arranged a deal to merge with Computer Memories Inc. a former computer component manufacturer and public shell company. A dissident Computer Memories shareholder scuttled the deal in February 1988. With the buyout debt still a burden, the animation market beginning to soften with the rise of video tape viewing and a glut of new shows & new kids cable channels, Japanese contract animation companies rates increased 40% from 1986 to 1988 due to the yen exchange rate.

In 1987, DiC moved production of Dennis the Menace to a Canadian animation firm for grants and tax breaks from the Canadian government. The company started moving some work to Taiwan. By the 1987–1988 season, DiC had shows on all three major networks Saturday mornings: six half-hours of shows and 50 half-hours per week in syndication. Prudential Insurance Co. purchased additional equity of DiC Animation City in August 1989 while increasing DiC's debt capacity. For the 1989–1990 season, DiC provided 30% of the networks' Saturday morning schedule with a total 60 hours per week on networks, local stations and cable channels. Four new programs debuted that season on syndication. On September 11, 1989, DiC launched the 26-hours-a-week Funtown programming block on CBN Family Channel. DIC was to produce four specials, with the first launching on Funtown with the others holiday specials, for the fourth quarter of 1989. A special based on The New Archies was slated for the first quarter of 1990. Throughout the Early 1990s, DIC entered into partnerships with the Italian studio Reteitalia, S.p.

A. and the Spanish network Telecinco, both owned by the Fininvest group, co-produced shows with them both. In 1993, DIC Animation City and Capital Cities/ABC formed a joint venture called DiC Entertainment L. P. with Heyward retaining a small ownership stake. DIC Animation City was supposed to remain independent, but was folded into the Limited Partnership a year later. With ABC in 1994, DiC programmed Dragon Club and Panda Club, in China. In October 1995, DIC Productions L. P. announced they would be opening an animation office in France in partnership with Hampster Productions. In March 1997, the studio was opened up and was named Les Studios Tex, which DIC was a shareholder in. In January 1996, DIC became part of The Walt Disney Company conglomerate following Disney's acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC. DiC launched a direct to video division in

Sweet Inspiration (The Inspirational Choir album)

Sweet Inspiration is the debut studio album by London-based gospel choir, The Inspirational Choir. The album was released in 1985 and reached number 59 in the UK Album Chart and spent 4 weeks in the charts. Sweet Inspiration spawned two singles, "Abide with Me", which reached number 36 in the UK Singles Chart and "I've Got A Feeling"; the Inspirational Choir – choir Royal Choral Society – additional choir on "Abide with Me" Ricky Simpson – bass Luke Tunney, Martin Dobson, Pete Thoms, Steve Gregory – brass section Soloman Read – drums John Francis – keyboards Bob Carter, Phil Sawyer, Richard Gillinson, Trevor Bastowsynthesizer Mitch Dalton, Ronnie Simpson – guitars Don Reedman, Jeff Jarratt – record producer John Kurlander, John Timperley, Mark Chamberlain, Mark Maguire, Mike Jarratt, Mike Ross, Peter Mew – engineers Rosław Szaybo – album cover design "Sweet Inspiration" at Discogs

Dimension (song)

"Dimension" is a song by Australian hard rock band Wolfmother. Written by band members Andrew Stockdale, Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, it was produced by Dave Sardy for the group's self-titled debut album in 2005; the song was released as the third single from the album on 17 April 2006, as the lead track on the EP Dimensions. The song reached number 38 on the Scottish Singles Chart, number 49 on the UK Singles Chart and number 1 on the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart. "Dimension" was one of four songs recorded by Wolfmother for their self-titled debut EP in 2004. It was re-recorded for the group's self-titled full-length debut the following year and featured on the EP Dimensions in January 2006, their first material released in the United States. On 17 April 2006, one week prior to the European release of Wolfmother, "Dimension" was released in Europe as the band's third single; the song was backed with "The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun" and previous single "Mind's Eye". The single debuted on the UK Singles Chart at its peak position of number 49, remaining in the top 100 for three weeks running.

It registered at number 39 on the Scottish Singles Chart, was the band's first single to top the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart. Several commentators compared the style of "Dimension" to the music of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Reviewing the Dimensions EP for AllMusic, Thom Jurek outlined that the song contains "Over stomping, fuzz-thudding Geezer Butler-style bass", as well as comparing Andrew Stockdale's vocals to those of Sabbath and Zeppelin frontmen Ozzy Osbourne and Robert Plant. Drowned in Sound writer Jordan Dowling claimed that "several nods" are given to Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi on the track, Kerry McGregor of the fanzine Burnout identified a "Black Sabbath-esque stomp",'s Keith Bergman suggested that it features "some early Ozzy warbling". Sam Shepherd of musicOMH claimed that the song "shamelessly bridges the gap between Black Sabbath and Zeppelin"; the music video for "Dimension" was directed by The Malloys, who had collaborated with the band on the video for "Mind's Eye", would return to direct "Joker & the Thief".

Steven Gottlieb of VideoStatic described it as a "no-frills video" which "uses a mix of grainy and color film to capture an outdoor performance". The "Dimension" video was released on the Dimensions EP, it was distributed commercially in February, with music video channels including MTV and Fuse airing it from March. It was featured on 2007's Please Experience Wolfmother Live. "Dimension" received a mixed reception from critics. Reviewing the single for Drowned in Sound, Jordan Dowling called it "a mammoth of a track" and a "high-octane rocker", claiming that it "sounds fresher than the majority of its genre-crossing, boundary pushing competitors". In a review of Wolfmother for the NME, James Jam suggested that the song "tick the requisite boxes for all great rock'n'roll – raucous and thrillingly dumb". PopMatters writer Adrian Begrand outlined that the track "sounds like uninspired garage rock at first, but kicks into gear a grooving riff, downshifts into an ear-splitting breakdown". AllMusic's Thom Jurek, was damning of "Dimension", criticising it as "mucky and saturated in the very'eavy rock clichés of yore", calling the song's lyrics "just plain bad".

All tracks are written by Chris Ross and Myles Heskett. Andrew Stockdale – vocals, guitar Chris Ross – bass, keyboards Myles Heskett – drums Dave Sardy – production, mixing Ryan Castle – engineering Cameron Barton – engineering assistance Pete Martinez – engineering assistance Andy BrohardPro Tools editing Bernie Grundmanmastering Frank Frazetta – illustration "Dimension" at Discogs "Dimension" at YouTube

1879 Mudgee colonial by-election

A by-election was held for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly electorate of Mudgee on 6 January 1879 because of the resignation of Sir John Robertson, appointed to the Legislative Council, to facilitate the coalition of his supporters and those of Sir Henry Parkes to form an effective government. Richard Rouse was a former member for Mudgee, winning the 1876 by-election, before being defeated by Robertson at the 1877 election. David Buchanan was a former member for Goldfields West, defeated at the 1877 election. Buchannan's supporters petitioned the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly against the return of Rouse, alleging that The returning officer illegally voted in the election and voted for Rouse; the Committee of Elections and Qualifications overturned the election of Rouse and declared that Buchanan was elected as the member for Mudgee. No reasons were published however The Sydney Morning Herald stated that it appeared that the majority of Mr Rouse was created by illegal voting. Electoral results for the district of Mudgee List of New South Wales state by-elections

Dan Lobb

Daniel Jonathon "Dan" Lobb is a British retired tennis player and television presenter, best known for co-presenting the ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak from 2010 until 2012. Since 2015, he co-presents Cowboy Builders on Channel 5. Lobb grew up in Colden Common near Hampshire, he attended Peter Symonds College in Winchester, where he studied Biology and Economics. Lobb was assisted by College Prospects of America to gain a tennis scholarship to the University of Tennessee @ Martin in the USA, he was graduated from the school of Business with high honours. After coaching at various tennis clubs in London, Lobb played professionally for three years reaching a British ranking of 18 in 1997. After retiring in 1998 he combined coaching and modelling for three years as well as getting involved in sports PR and marketing in London. In 2001, Lobb started part-time work at a local cable station assisting the sports producer before being given the opportunity to present a live show. From there he moved on to 5 News and was offered a contract by Sky Sports in January 2002, presenting on Sky Sports News.

In October 2007, he began presenting The Club on Sky Poker, a humorous magazine show based around Poker. He presented with Matt Broughton. On 30 December 2008 during a live Sky Sports News programme, Lobb was co-presenting with Simon Thomas when it was revealed that this would be Lobb's final appearance on the channel. Thomas thanked Lobb for his seven-year service and joked that he was "still the only presenter to have beat Tim Henman - as he has liked to remind us over 400 times!". In May 2009, Lobb became a sports presenter on Sky News. Lobb moved to GMTV as the sports correspondent in January 2010, he transferred to the replacement programme Daybreak on 6 September 2010, appointed sports editor, stand-in presenter. On 2 September, he took over from Adrian Chiles as the Friday co-presenter of Daybreak and on 6 December 2011 he took over from Chiles full-time on an interim basis. Aled Jones was appointed as Chiles' permanent replacement with Lobb leaving the programme on 31 August 2012. On 6 September 2011, it was announced that Lobb would take part in the 2011 series of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One.

He was partnered with Katya Virshilas. He was the second person to be voted off the show. In January 2013 he presented a one-off Ping pong event for Sky Sports. In 2015, Lobb returned to television as a co-presenter of Cowboy Builders on Channel 5. In 2020 he famously hosted the prestigious inaugural Hampshire & IOW Tennis Awards, celebrating the great success of Totton and Eling Mens B team winning division 4b, Katie Brookers success winning the Education award, along with other more notable winners. Dan Lobb Official Website Dan Lobb on Twitter

Faraz Waqar

Faraz Waqar is a Pakistani filmmaker and director of Pakistan's first silent film Meeoww Billi aur World War 3, completed in September 2013. He is the winner as an emerging new Director of Pakistan's prestigious HUM TV Awards in 2015 for the Best Short Film - Middle East. Faraz's latest work includes OTHER-ISTAN - The other face of Pakistan completed in 2016; the era of silent films was over by the time of the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The new country inherited a film industry from the days of the British Raj, producing'talkies' or sound films since the 1930s; the Pakistani film industry therefore did not produce any silent films till the year 2013 when Waqar completed his film Meeoww Billi aur World War 3. The film is an artistic experiment inspired by the era of silent cinema and carries a political message, it is regarded as the first silent film in the history of cinema in Pakistan. A native of Karachi, Waqar has been an active filmmaker since the year 2012, his first film 9:11 am was one of the only two Pakistani films showcased at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 in France.

The film 9:11 am was part of the Official Selection in the year 2012 at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival of Mississauga in Canada and the Gandhara Film Festival in Pakistan. In August 2013, Waqar produced and directed an experimental music film tribute to Pakistan's and the sub-continent's pop music singer Nazia Hassan; the video, titled Imagineer, was released on the thirteenth anniversary of her death. It highlighted Hassan's contribution to South Asian Bollywood film music. Waqar completed Pakistan's first silent film titled Meeoww Billi aur World War 3 in September 2013; the film is an artistic experiment inspired by the age of silent cinema of the 1920s with a global political message about the Middle East. Meeoww Billi aur World War 3 has been selected for screening at international film festivals in 2013–2014. Faraz was recognized as an emerging new Director at the prestigious HUM TV Awards in 2015 in the category of Best Short Films - Middle East, his latest film completed in 2016 is titled OTHER-ISTAN - The other face of Pakistan, to be screened at international film festivals this year.

With his previous background and experience in Brand Marketing, Waqar has in the past been involved with the development of commercial television and print advertising for major international and Pakistani brands. In 2002, Waqar was part of the Brand Marketing team responsible for conceptualizing and directing the first Lux Style Awards for Unilever in Pakistan; the Lux Style Awards is today considered one of Pakistan's premier annual award show events. Faraz Waqar was born into a Muslim family in Pakistan, he was educated in the city of Karachi. Faraz received his Master's in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, Pakistan in 1998, he worked as a Brand and Marketing Manager for major multinational corporations and banks in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar from 1999 to 2011. In 2012, Faraz graduated from the New York Film Academy with a 1-year diploma in film-making from the academy's Middle East campus located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Waqar is the son of Syed Waqar Ali and artist/interior designer Naheed Waqar.

He has two siblings, a younger sister Rida Waqar, an architect and a younger brother Adnan Waqar, a banker. Faraz resides in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Http://\10\01\story_1-10-2013_pg9_10

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