DJ Khaled

Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known professionally as DJ Khaled, is an American DJ, record executive, record producer and media personality. Born in New Orleans, Khaled first gained prominence as a radio host in the 1990s on Miami hip hop station 99 Jamz, his popularity prompted hip hop group Terror Squad to hire Khaled as the DJ for their live performances. After gaining some production credits on the group's material, Khaled transitioned into curating albums, releasing his debut studio album Listennn... the Album in 2006, which earned gold certification. He followed that up with the album We the Best, which contained the top 20 single "I'm So Hood", his subsequent two releases — We Global and Victory — were released after the founding of Khaled's record label We the Best Music Group. Both albums charted within the top ten on the US Billboard 200, with the latter containing the single "All I Do Is Win", certified triple platinum, his fifth studio album We the Best Forever saw similar commercial success, helped bring Khaled to international prominence, as it featured the song "I'm on One", which became his first top ten hit.

His sixth and seventh album, Kiss the Ring and Suffering from Success, charted in the top ten on the Billboard 200, his eighth studio album, I Changed a Lot, peaked at number 12. In 2015 and early 2016, Khaled gained worldwide attention as a media personality, subsequently attained a large following on social media; this foresaw the release of his ninth studio album Major Key in 2016. The album attained wholesale commercial success, he released his tenth studio album, Grateful, in 2017, which contained the singles "I'm the One" and "Wild Thoughts", which charted at number one and number two on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, was certified platinum, his eleventh album, Father of Asahd, was released in 2019. Outside of music, Khaled has gained success as a writer, with his book The Keys featuring on the New York Times Best Seller list, he has featured as an actor, starring in Spies in Disguise, in Bad Boys for Life. Khaled was born on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Palestinian parents who emigrated to the United States.

He has described himself as a devout Muslim. His brother Alec Ledd is an actor, his musician parents played Arabic music, Khaled started developing an interest in rap and soul music at a young age, his parents supported his interest. He worked in a local Merry-Go-Round record store which helped to lay foundations for his music career. During his early career, Khaled became acquainted with several young artists and helped them before their breakthrough. One of his first jobs was at the New Orleans record store Odyssey where he met both Birdman and Lil Wayne in 1993. After leaving Odyssey, he began DJing in reggae soundclashes, mixing hip-hop, his first radio gig was on a pirate station. In 1998, he moved to Miami and co-hosted The Luke Show on WEDR "99 Jamz" with 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell. In 2003, he started hosting a weeknight radio show on 99 Jamz called The Takeover. During his career, Khaled has used many monikers including "Arab Attack", "Big Dog Pitbull", "Terror Squadian", Beat Novacane, The Don Dada, Mr. Miami etc.

Khaled has stated that he used the moniker "Arab Attack" for music as in saying "attack with music", but it was soon discontinued by him after the September 11 attacks since he felt that using it would seem disrespectful and offensive towards those who suffered due to the attacks. On June 6, 2006, his debut album Listennn... the Album was released by Koch Records. We the Best is his second album with singles "I'm So Hood" with T-Pain, Trick Daddy and Rick Ross and "We Takin' Over" with Akon, T. I. Rick Ross, Fat Joe and Lil Wayne. "We Takin' Over" peaked at number 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 11 on the US Hot Rap Tracks chart and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on November 20, 2007. Khaled made a guest appearance on Birdman's 2007 album 5 * Stunna on the single "100 Million"; that year, Khaled won two Ozone Awards: one for Best Video and another for Best Radio DJ. In 2008, Khaled's third album We Global came out with singles "Out Here Grindin" with Akon, Rick Ross, Lil' Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, Plies, followed by "Go Hard" featuring Kanye West and T-Pain.

RIAA certified the single "I'm So Hood" Platinum on June 4, 2008. That year, Khaled won DJ of the Year awards from the BET Hip Hop Awards and Ozone Awards, he was appointed the president of Def Jam South in 2009. His fourth studio album Victory was released on March 2, 2010; the album featured guest appearances from Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and more. The single "All I Do Is Win" featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain was certified as a double-platinum single. Other singles include: "Put Your Hands Up" featuring Ross, Young Jeezy and Schife, "Fed Up" featuring Usher, Drake and Jeezy; the album had low sales and debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200. DJ Khaled announced the title of We the Best Forever, on Twitter. On August 19, Khaled signed to Cash Money Records along to Universal Mo

Interlingua dictionaries

Interlingua dictionaries are notable for their comprehensiveness. Some of the larger dictionaries are presented here; the first Interlingua dictionary, titled Interlingua–English: A Dictionary of the International language, is referred to as the Interlingua–English Dictionary. First published in 1951, the IED still serves as an authoritative reference work because its entries display the etymological connections between words which are obscured in other languages; the IED was compiled by his research staff. The 27,000 words of the IED are supplemented by the 25,000-word Supplementary List. While not a full dictionary, the list is a useful adjunct to the IED because many Interlingua words are identical, or nearly identical, to their counterparts in English. Thus, readers who speak English recognize the Interlingua words and have no need for translations. Author Piet Cleij collects the entries during his work on Interlingua dictionaries; the 263-page Wörterbuch Deutsch–Interlingua, with 45,000 to 50,000 entries, was compiled by André Schild.

Schild, the first Secretary General of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua, held this post from 1955 to 1958. A new edition of the WDI was published in 2006; some other large Interlingua dictionaries include The 382-page Concise English–Interlingua Dictionary by F. P. Gopsill and Brian C. Sexton The 55,000-entry Dictionario Francese–Interlingua by Piet Cleij, Professor of French, is under preparation The Dicionário Português–Interlíngua by Euclides Bordignon, with 330 pages and about 30,000 entries The Svensk–Interlingua Ordbok, a Swedish–Interlingua dictionary with 90,000 entries. Written by Pian Boalt, it appears in paper and in electronic formats at Softbear and Babylon The Woordenboek Interlingua–Nederlands, an Interlingua–Dutch dictionary by Piet Cleij with 50,000 entries, in paper and in electronic format at Softbear The Woordenboek Nederlands–Interlingua, a Dutch–Interlingua dictionary by Piet Cleij with more than 140,000 entriesMany Interlingua dictionaries are available online at the Babylon lingual website.

In 2001, Panorama in Interlingua reported that Babylon was distributing the Interlingua–English Dictionary, by download or subscription, at an average rate of 846 issues a day. Panorama characterized this as the fastest distribution of auxiliary language materials in history. Cleij and Breinstrup, Thomas. "Interlingua es ric in grande dictionarios". Panorama in Interlingua, 2006, Issue 3. "Interlingua face record historic". Panorama in Interlingua, 2001, Issue 1. Interlingua Wiktionary Woordenboek Interlingua Nederlands Union Mundial pro Interlingua

Washington Eastern Railroad (WER)

The Washington Eastern Railroad is a shortline Railroad located in Eastern Washington, it runs on the CW Branch built by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1890 and was used by the Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad. The WER is owned by the Western Group; the Western Group won the bid to operate the state owned CW Branch on Sep 4th, 2018 and began operations in November 2018. In late 2018-early 2019 WER began building a Extension on the Geiger Spur to service new facilities a transload to the airport; the WER operates on the state owned CW Branch. It operates on the Spokane County owned Geiger Spur; the railroad serves the communities of Cheney, Four Lakes, Medical Lake, Airway Heights, Reardan, Davenport, WA, Creston, Govan, Hanson, Hartline and Coulee City. The WER hauls scoot trains every day or every other day depending on the time of year, it goes out to Coulee City dropping off empty’s at various communities and comes back 1–2 days picking up those loaded cars and takes the to Highline Grain.

After the Grain is unloaded it repeats the process. Every few days they run a Geiger Turn which switches cars around for various customers of the Geiger Spur and it interchanges with BNSF at Cheney, they will run a Davenport Turn, a hospital train. It takes broken train cars to Davenport to be repaired and brings the fixed cars to their destination. BNSF will run unit trains over WER trackage from Cheney to Highline Grain once a week to pick up grain and take it elsewhere