Dithiobiuret is an organosulfur compound with the formula HN2. It is a colourless solid, soluble in warm water and polar organic solvents, it is a planar molecule with short C-N distances indicative of multiple C-S and C-N bonding. The compound can be viewed as the product from the condensation of two molecules of thiourea, but it is prepared by treatment of 2-cyanoguanidine with hydrogen sulfide; the conversion proceeds via guanylthiourea: NCNC + H2S → HN HN + H2S → HN2It is used as a plasticizer, a rubber accelerator, as an intermediate in pesticide manufacturing. It is toxic. Biuret Williams, KD. "Dithiobiuret metabolism in the rat". Neurotoxicology. 3: 221–31. PMID 6820683. Dithiobiuret at

List of 1987 Seattle Mariners draft picks

The following is a list of 1987 Seattle Mariners draft picks. The Mariners took part in the June regular draft known as the Rule 4 draft; the Mariners made 55 selections in the 1987 draft, the first being outfielder Ken Griffey, Jr. in the first round. In all, the Mariners selected 29 pitchers, 11 outfielders, 4 shortstops, 3 catchers, 3 first baseman, 3 second basemen, 2 third basemen. General references"1987 Seattle Mariners Picks in the MLB June Amateur Draft". Baseball-Reference. Sports Reference LLC. Retrieved October 24, 2011. "1988 Seattle Mariners Draft Picks". The Baseball Cube. Retrieved October 24, 2011. "Seattle Mariners 1987 Draft Selections". Major League Baseball. Retrieved October 24, 2011. Inline citations Seattle Mariners official website