Dadan Island

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Dadan Island
Native name:
Dadan Island area - DSCF9344.JPG
LocationLieyu, Kinmen, Fujian, Republic of China
Area0.97 km2 (0.37 sq mi)
Highest elevation92 m (302 ft)
A Republic of China Army-built military defensive position on Dadan Island with two large walls bearing the slogan of "Three Principles of the People Unite China" on both sides.

Dadan Island (Chinese: 大膽島; pinyin: Dàdǎn Dǎo, also written as 大擔島) is a small island in Taiwan Strait, along the coast of Mainland China. It is located approximately 12,000 m (7.5 mi) to the Southwest of Lesser Kinmen and approximately 4,400 m (14,400 ft) from Xiamen. The Republic of China (Taiwan) controls the island, which is administered by Kinmen County Government under Lieyu Township, Kinmen County, Fukien Province.


Since 1949, Dadan Island has several times become the battlefront of conflicts between the People's Liberation Army and the Republic of China Armed Forces. On 30 June 2014, the control of the island and surrounding islets was handed over from the Republic of China Armed Forces to the civilian under the Coast Guard Administration of Kinmen County Government.[1][2][3]

From 26 July until 31 October 2018, the island was opened to the public on trial basis which attracted 3,000 people in total. On 1 March 2019, the island was officially opened for tourism. A daily limit of 150 people is currently being imposed with residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are prohibited from visiting the island.[4]


The total surface area of Dadan Island is 0.97 km2 (0.37 sq mi). The northern and southern part of the island are more elevated than its central area, which contains a strip of sandy beach; the highest elevation on the island is 92 m (302 ft).

Dadan Island is the largest of a small group of islets which also includes Erdan Island (二擔島), Sandan Island (三擔島), Wudan Island (五擔島), Huzi Island (虎仔島), etc, they sit astride the entrance into the Xiamen Harbor from the Taiwan Strait.


A large wall which proclaims the political slogan of "Three Principles of the People Unite China", which was the ideological brainchild of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who founded the Republic of China (on the mainland before it ended up on Taiwan in 1949) in 1911.
  • Dadan's Southern and Eastern lighthouses were constructed at the same time. However, due to the August 23 ("823") Artillery barrage by the PLA, all that is left are their respective foundations.
  • There are two temples located on Dadan island. One in the north and one in the south.
  • Three Principles of the People Unite China slogan wall is located on the North of the island.

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Coordinates: 24°23′25″N 118°09′56″E / 24.39028°N 118.16556°E / 24.39028; 118.16556