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Dame Edna Everage

Dame Edna Everage known as Dame Edna, is a character created and performed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries, known for her lilac-coloured or "wisteria hue" hair and cat eye glasses or "face furniture", her favourite flower, the gladiolus and her boisterous greeting: "Hello, Possums!" As Dame Edna, Humphries has written several books including an autobiography, My Gorgeous Life, appeared in several films and hosted several television shows. Humphries has updated Edna a drab Melbourne housewife satirising Australian suburbia, he caused the Edna character to adopt an outlandish wardrobe after performances in London in the 1960s through which his Edna character grew in stature and popularity. She is well-known for her outlandish spectacles. Barry Humphries has claimed that they were inspired by the glasses worn by Melbourne eccentric, radio broadcaster and dancer Stephanie Deste, as were many other aspects of Dame Edna's personality. Following film appearances and an elevation to damehood in the 1970s, the character evolved to "Housewife and Superstar" "Megastar" and "Gigastar".

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Dame Edna became known in North America after multiple stage and television appearances. Edna describes her chat-shows as "an intimate conversation between two friends, one of whom is a lot more interesting than the other"; the character has been used to satirise the cult of celebrity, class snobbery, prudishness and is used by Humphries to poke fun at the political leaders and fashions of the times. Her exuberant persona and scathing commentary on society and celebrity, as well as her habit of treating celebrities like ordinary people and ordinary people like celebrities have become signatures. Although Humphries states that Edna is a character he plays, Edna refers to Humphries as her "entrepreneur" or manager. Humphries and his staff of assistants and writers only refer to Edna as "she" and "her", never mixing the character with Humphries. In March 2012, Humphries announced that the character would be retired at the end of the current stage tour, but in 2013 he decided to bring her back.

While Dame Edna is a fictitious character, so complete is her identity as an individual that Macmillan published My Gorgeous Life, Edna's "autobiography", on its non-fiction list. Humphries has written an "Unauthorised Biography" of his life as Edna's manager: Handling Edna, published in 2010. According to My Gorgeous Life, statements Edna has made over the years, she was born Edna May Beazley in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, with a sibling who would give birth to Barry McKenzie. Everage started her stage career in a sketch entitled "Olympic Hostess" in the revue Return Fare on 19 December 1955 as Mrs. Norm Everage, an "average Australian housewife" from Moonee Ponds, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, she spends her time visiting world leaders and jet-setting between her homes in Los Angeles, Sydney and Martha's Vineyard. She has advised prime ministers and presidents. Edna once took an on-air phone call from President Ronald Reagan to assure him that he was, still the president; the character has three adult children, Bruce and Valmai.

Her first daughter, when still an infant, went missing and was believed to have been abducted by a "rogue koala" during a family camp-out in the outback, à la Azaria Chamberlain. In Handling Edna, the Unauthorised Biography, Humphries absolves the koala of any role in the affair and reveals the true fate of Lois, who in fact survived abduction to become a Catholic nun. Edna's surviving daughter, has assisted Dame Edna on her most recent programmes for ITV1, including The Dame Edna Treatment and has assisted on her live tour shows. Edna takes great pride in her two sons: Bruce, who works as an engineer in South Melbourne and is married to Joylene from Ivanhoe, her youngest, a fashion designer in London and designs all of her frocks. Dame Edna refers to him and his partner, Clifford Smale, both of whom Edna believes are searching for "Miss Right", although she admits they are looking "in some strange places". Kenny appeared in Sir Les Patterson's documentary Les Patterson and the Great Chinese Takeaway as a boutique owner in Hong Kong.

Dame Edna's mother is incarcerated in a "maximum-security twilight home for the permanently bewildered". Valmai and Kenny are the only family members who have appeared on screen with their mother, her husband, Sir Norman Everage, died in 1988 after many years in hospital suffering from prostate problems and a "testicular murmur". Dame Edna was not with Norm, and due to his insistence that all his organs be donated. As a result, Dame Edna believed that Norm's cremation was a "waste of money". In recent years, Edna has demonstrated her social conscience and sensitivity, telling audiences of her intention to adopt an African child from "the country where Madonna shops for loved ones". Dame Edna spent many years accompanied by her bridesmaid and constant companion Madge Allsop, a New Zealander from Palmerston North who assisted Dame Edna with her appearances and tele

Pesto alla trapanese

The pesto alla trapanese, is a Sicilian variation of the genoese pesto, typical of the Province of Trapani. It is known as pesto alla siciliana, pesto rosso, as pasta cull'agghia in the Sicilian language, it is made of garlic, almonds, grated pecorino, tomatoes and pepper, bound with extra virgin olive oil. The dish was introduced in ancient times by Genoese ships, coming from the East and stopping at the port of Trapani, who brought the tradition of agliata, a sort of pesto sauce based on garlic and walnuts, developed by Trapani sailors with the products of their land, notably tomato and almonds."Busiati with pesto trapanese" is listed as a traditional Italian food product by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies. Sicilian cuisine List of Sicilian dishes

Chance (Act song)

"Chance" is the third single by Act. It was released by ZTT Records in February 1988, but was withdrawn; this may have something to do with the 12" mix containing an unauthorised sample of ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me". ZTT promptly released the band's fourth single "I Can't Escape from You" a month later. Two mixes of B-side "Winner 88" were released on the box set version of the 2004 reissue of Laughter and Rage; this contained a unreleased remix of "Chance" itself, as well as the standard album and single mixes, but not the withdrawn version containing the ABBA sample. The track opens with a sample of Ryan O'Neal's dialogue from the 1985 film Fever Pitch. All songs composed by Thomas Leer and Claudia Brücken. UK: ZTT / BET1 UK: ZTT / BETT1

Nabil El-Nayal

Nabil El-Nayal, more known as Nabil Nayal is a Syrian-born British fashion designer. He moved to England at the age of 14 and has since gone on to win awards including the Royal Society of Arts Award, the Graduate Fashion Week'Best Womenswear' Award and the British Fashion Council MA Scholarship Award. Nabil El-Nayal, the designer behind ready-to-wear fashion brand Nabil Nayal, was born in Syria and moved to England at the age of 14, he went on to win many prestigious awards including the Royal Society of Arts Award, the Graduate Fashion Week'Best Womenswear' Award and the British Fashion Council MA Scholarship Award. Nabil’s obsession with Elizabethan craftsmanship has informed his practice. Whilst this backdrop of historical references remains at the heart of the brand, Nabil is conducting extensive research into ways in which these techniques can be applied, using the latest technologies, he was the first fashion designer in the world to use 3D printing in June 2010 and is undertaking a research doctorate in how 3D scanning can become integral to the design process.

In 2008 Nabil was invited by Christopher Bailey to work as ’Researcher Reporting to the Creative Director’ at Burberry Prorsum and in 2009 River Island commissioned Nabil to create a capsule collection which sold out in 3 days. Nabil’s entire MA collection was purchased by Harrods as part of the 2010 Harrods Launches platform and he was invited to the Buckingham Palace Reception for the British Clothing Industry where he met Queen Elizabeth II. At this time Nabil worked alongside David Sassoon as Assistant Designer at Bellville Sassoon and in 2011 Nabil made his London Fashion Week debut as a semi-finalist in Colin McDowell's Fashion Fringe competition, attracting high-profile supporters such as Claudia Schiffer, Lady Gaga, Florence Welch & Rihanna. In February 2015 Nabil was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize and invited to show at Paris Fashion Week and in July he showed a collection to private clients at the 2015 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Here Nabil's talent and utter devotion to his craft were applauded by luminaries such as Sarah Mower, Delphine Arnault, Nicolas Ghesquiere and Karl Lagerfeld, who upon seeing the collection exclaimed “I love it!

I love it! I love it!” and bought, what has since become affectionately named'The Karl Shirt', for his collaborator Amanda Harlech. In February 2016, Lagerfeld continued to show his support for the brand, photographing Jerry Hall in Nabil's pieces as part of V Magazine’s V100 issue. Nabil was an LVMH Prize finalist in June 2017 and was invited to present his work at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. In July 2016 the National Museum of Scotland revealed a collaboration with Nabil Nayal, featuring two pieces from the SS16 collection alongside a host of designers to form part of a new permanent exhibition dedicated to international fashion and textiles. In September 2017, Nabil designed an exclusive piece for Lorde’s Melodrama world tour. In May 2018, NABIL NAYAL was announced as a recipient of the British Fashion Council, Fashion Trust Grant that offers business support through financial grants and mentoring to promising British designers. In July 2018, Nabil graduated with a PhD in Fashion from Manchester Metropolitan University, Fashion Institute.

His thesis was titled ‘Disruption as a Generative Principle in Fashion Design. The ‘Elizabethan Sportswear’ Collections of Nabil Nayal’. In September 2018 the brand delivered their debut presentation on the official London Fashion Week schedule and made history by becoming the first brand to host a LFW show at the British Library; the SS19 collection incorporated rare Elizabethan archives into the collection, including the Tilbury speech by Elizabeth I. In February 2019, the brand's showed their AW19 collection at London Fashion Week, with inspiration from Marie Antoinette. In April 2019,'The Library Collection' launched at Selfridges London. In May 2019, NABIL NAYAL was, again, a recipient of the 2019 BFC Fashion Trust Grant, his clothes are worn by celebrities such as Florence Welch, Lady Gaga, Claudia Schiffer Victoria Beckham, Lorde. Karl Lagerfeld commissioned Nabil to make a shirt for his muse and collaborator Amanda Harlech, who styled and photographed Jerry Hall wearing it for the V Magazine 100 issue.

El-Nayal has received awards including: Royal Society of Arts Award 2008 Graduate Fashion Week'Best Womenswear' Award 2008 British Fashion Council MA Scholarship Award – for the Royal College of Art 2008 Crown Paint 2009 Harrods Launches 2010 Fashion Fringe Semi-Finalist 2011 LVMH Prize shortlist 2015 LVMH Prize finalist 2017 BFC Fashion Trust Grant and Mentoring 2019

John Maclean Jr.

John Maclean Jr. D. D. was an American Presbyterian clergyman and educator who served as the tenth President of Princeton University known as the College of New Jersey. Maclean, the son of the first professor of chemistry at the College of New Jersey, grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, he attended the College and Princeton Theological Seminary. At age 23, he became full professor of mathematics at the university. Six years he became university vice president, he was responsible for bringing a number of renown academics to the college. During this time, he left mathematics and became professor of ancient languages. Maclean was one of the chief architects of the state's public education system, his plan for a state normal school, local boards of education and nonsectarian public schools was adopted by the state legislature. He became president of the College of New Jersey in 1854, he led the university through the 1855 burning of the American Civil War. After retiring from his post after 14 years in office, he wrote a two-volume history of the university.

He served as the honorary president of the university's Alumni Association until his death. Maclean Jr. was born in Princeton, New Jersey, as the son of John Maclean Sr. the first professor of chemistry at the College of New Jersey. He graduated in 1816 as the youngest member of his class, he spent the next two years earning his Doctor of Divinity degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary. Afterwards, he began as a tutor in Greek, he became a full professor of mathematics at age 23. In 1824, he helped to create the Chi Phi Society, a semi-religious, semi-literary organization, which ceased activity the following year when it merged with the Philadelphian Society. In the late 1820s, Maclean devised a plan to enlarge and improve the faculty, in hopes of reversing the declining enrollment which had beleaguered the university over the last few years, to the point that university president James Carnahan considered shutting down the institution. Maclean's plan was accepted by the university's trustees in 1829, he was subsequently named vice president.

During his 25 years at that position, Maclean brought in a number of noted scholars to the institution, such as Joseph Henry, Arnold Henry Guyot, John Torrey, Stephen Alexander and Albert B. Dod. Maclean shifted his professorship from mathematics to ancient languages until 1854, when he succeeded James Carnahan as the tenth president of the university. During his 14-year tenure as president, Maclean led the university through some difficult times. In 1855, after Nassau Hall burned down, he sought the financial support of alumni and beneficiaries to contribute funds for rebuilding, he operated the college on a limited budget for five years and gave up part of his own salary to help rebuild the hall. The university lost a number of students who joined the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Maclean kept the faculty together and managed a complete educational program for the students still attending the university. During the war Maclean, as voted by the board of trustees, conveyed an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to President Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln accepted, wrote to Maclean that "he assurance conveyed by this high compliment that the course of the government which I represent has received the approval of a body of gentlemen of such character and intelligence in this time of public trial is most grateful to me." As president, Maclean witnessed the start of baseball at Princeton, heard the first rendition of the university alma mater, Old Nassau, voted to make orange among the university's official colors. In 1828, Maclean gave an address, he drew up a plan for a state normal school, local boards of education, nonsectarian public schools. On the subject of religion and public education, Maclean stated: The state legislature soon afterwards adopted his public education plan. Maclean took interest in local churches, he served as a counselor and organizer of the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church and the Second Presbyterian Church, which became known as "Doctor Maclean's Church". Maclean was involved with the state's prisons; as a member of the New Jersey Prison Association, he conducted weekly services at the state penitentiary in Trenton.

After retiring from the university, Maclean's friends bought him a house, where he lived during the remainder of his life. In 1877, he wrote a two-volume history of the university entitled History of the College of New Jersey: From Its Origin in 1746 to the Commencement of 1854, he served as honorary president of the university's Alumni Association and attended an alumni commencement meeting in 1886, just six weeks before his death. Maclean was honored with the naming of university's Maclean House, which has served as the office of the Alumni Council since 1968. Leith, Alexander. A Princeton Companion. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-04654-9. "The Presidents of Princeton University: John Maclean Jr". Princeton University. 2005-09-17. Retrieved 2008-01-22

Bold Films

Bold Films is an American independent film production and finance company. Bold was founded in 2004. Bold's first three films were Slingshot, Come Mini's First Time. In 2006 the company had its first hit and financing the Golden Globe-nominated period piece Bobby and directed by Emilio Estevez. In 2009 Bold produced and released Joe Dante's 3D thriller The Hole, which won an award for Best 3D Film at the Venice Film Festival. Roger Ebert called the best use of 3D ever. In 2010 Bold had its first major studio film Legion, co-financed and released by Screen Gems, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. In 2011 Bold co-produced and co-financed with OddLot Entertainment Drive starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, for which director Nicolas Winding Refn won the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival while receiving accolades from the BAFTA Awards, The Golden Globes and Academy Awards. In 2014 the company produced and financed Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Whiplash with Blumhouse Productions, which received five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

Other awards nominations for the film include the Spirit Awards, PGA Awards, SAG Awards, WGA Awards. The company produces content for television, including the short-lived ABC series Black Box, the Syfy series Dominion. In February 2015, Bold Films opened offices in London, England which Bold Films shuttered in 2018. Official website Bold Films on IMDb