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Stewart Run (Octoraro Creek tributary)

Stewart Run is a tributary of the West Branch Octoraro Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is 4.9 miles long and flows through Colerain Township and East Drumore Township. Stewart Run rises in a small valley and flows west, it passes under US Route 222 near Solanco High School before turning southwest. The stream receives two small unnamed tributaries from the right and turns south for several tenths of a mile, it receives an unnamed tributary from the left. It turns southwest and receives another tributary from the left before its confluence with West Branch Octoraro Creek. Stewart Run joins the West Branch Octoraro Creek 6.15 miles upriver of its mouth. The elevation near the mouth of Stewart Run is 358 feet above sea level; the elevation of the creek's source is between 640 feet above sea level. The stream's watershed is part of the Piedmont region, characterized by rolling hills; the lower 2 miles of the stream is designated a Scenic River. The watershed of Stewart Run has an area of 5.87 square miles.

Its mouth is in the United States Geological Survey quadrangle of Kirkwood. Its source is in the quadrangle of Wakefield. Most of the watershed is in an agricultural area. There are several waterfalls on the creek. Stewart Run was entered into the Geographic Names Information System on August 2, 1979, its identifier in the Geographic Names Information System is 1188650. The Theodore A. Parker III Natural Area, a 100-acre park named after the famed ornithologist, is adjacent to the creek. Several hiking trails in the park follow the creek. Fishing is allowed within designated seasons. Stewart Run supports flora including trout lilies, mayapple, club mosses, ground pine and lichens. Animals in the watershed include birds, raccoons and brown and brook trout. List of Pennsylvania rivers

Steele Sidebottom

Steele Sidebottom is a professional Australian rules football player playing for the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League. Sidebottom was selected by Collingwood with selection 11 in the 2008 AFL Draft. Sidebottom had a 10-goal best-on-ground performance in the 2008 TAC Cup Grand Final, he is strong overhead and in one-on-one contests. An AIS/AFL Academy graduate and Vic Country representative in 2008, Sidebottom was selected in the All-Australian team following the 2008 AFL Under 18 Championships. Sidebottom made his AFL debut vs St Kilda in Round 7 2009 where St Kilda defeated Collingwood by 88 points. In the Semi Final vs Adelaide of the 2009 AFL Season, Sidebottom had his first breakthrough where he notched up 25 disposals in a come from behind win. In 2010 Sidebottom played in all but one game for the Magpies including both the drawn Grand Final and Grand Final replay. At 19-years of age he was the youngest member of Collingwood's 2010 Premiership side, his older brother Ryan plays cricket for the Victorian Bushrangers.

On 6 October 2017, Sidebottom won the Copeland Trophy. In the 2018 Brownlow Medal count, Sidebottom finished in second place. Statistics are correct to the end of the 2019 season Steele Sidebottom's profile on the official website of the Collingwood Football Club Steele Sidebottom's playing statistics from AFL Tables

D├ęclic Images

Déclic Images is a French company specialised in the translation and sale of Japanese-style comics in the French-speaking world. The Déclic Images trademark was born in 1999; as early as 2002, the company produced nearly half of all new Japanese anime published in France. The newly published series are rich in episodes and their release dates come in quick succession; the main goal of the company is to offer popular series that are accessible to all, containing at least 26 episodes. In order to ensure good sales, Déclic Images decided to produce both recent titles and anime classics such as Heidi or Masters of the Universe. A commercial war began in 2002 against Kaze animation and Dybex, Déclic Images' competitors in the anime market; this was despite the fact that both of the companies' products were distributed by Déclic Images' parent company, Manga Distribution. In order to guarantee its preeminence in the market, Déclic Images decided to offer Japanese copyright holders unprecedented licence-acquisition offers.

Other publishers had the choice between offering interesting prices, falling back on less prestigious titles or hoping to find undiscovered talent. At the height of Japanese anime sales in 2005, Déclic Images's sales reached 5.24 million euro. It sold its products in supermarkets, over the Internet and in specialised shops, in 2004 launched a large marketing campaign that included TV ads. Despite this presence on the market, Déclic Images was in need of a coup, as each product generated only a small profit and Manga Distribution handled its supermarket presence badly. In 2005 everything changed for the young company. After solid growth between 2002 and 2005, with a dozen titles being released per year, the company released Goldorak in August 2005, it was revealed that Déclic Images did not hold the rights to the title. After extensive judicial travails, a French appeals court confirmed in 2009 a judgment of 4.8 million euro in damages against the company. Several matters remain in the courts, including the matter of a 2006 release of Captain Future without proper licensing rights.

Déclic Images has since gone through a number of restructurings and recovery proceedings, seems to be in the impossibility of finding new licensing opportunities, nowadays only relying on re-releases of their current library of titles, having lost the confidence of Japanese distributors and producers, leaving sequels and remakes of anime series that they have licensed unlicensed. Their last license before they stopped licensing anime titles was Gakuen Alice. Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, X were relicensed by Kazé in 2012, the company licensed Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail. Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu were relicensed by Dybex in 2014, the company licensed Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid. Over the years Déclic Images has distributed a number of popular anime series, OVAs in their network. Déclic Images would either distribute the series through TV or at times become the publisher of the series in France. Ai Yori Aoshi: Distributor Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~: Distributor Alps no Shōjo Heidi: Distributor Astro Boy: Distributor Attacker You!: Distributor Baki the Grappler: Distributor Basilisk: Distributor Black Lagoon: Distributor Blue Gender: Distributor Blue Gender: The Warrior: Distributor Blue Seed: Distributor Blue Seed Beyond: Distributor Captain Future: Distributor Chrono Crusade: Distributor City Hunter: Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba: Distributor Cybersix: Distributor D.

N. Angel: Distributor Dagger of Kamui: Distributor DT Eightron: Distributor El Hazard: The Alternative World: Distributor El Hazard: The Wanderers: Distributor Flame of Recca: Distributor Fruits Basket: Distributor Full Metal Panic!: Distributor Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu: Distributor Gad Guard: Distributor Galaxy Express 999 Movie: Distributor Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: Distributor Gatchaman'94: Distributor Glass no Kamen: Distributor Gravion: Distributor Gravion Zwei: Distributor Gunparade March: Distributor Heat Guy J: Distributor Hikari no Densetsu: Distributor Hikaru no Go: Distributor Infinite Ryvius: Distributor Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki: Distributor JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Distributor Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman: Distributor Kaleido Star: Distributor Kerokko Demetan: Distributor Kiddy Grade: Distributor Kimagure Orange Road: Distributor Kurenai Sanshiro: Distributor Lady!!: Distributor Last Exile: Distributor Lost Universe: Distributor Love Hina: Distributor Love Hina Again: Distributor Love Hina Spring Special - I wish Your Dream: Distributor Love Hina X'mas Special - Silent Eve: Distributor Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi: Distributor Maho no Star Magical Emi: Distributor Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Distributor Meiken Jolie: Distributor Monster Rancher: Distributor Nanaka 6/17: Distributor NieA 7: Distributor Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective: Distributor Now and Then and There: Distributor Outlanders: Distributor Ozu no Mahōtsukai: Distributor Peacemaker: Distributor Princess Nine: Distributor Princess Tutu: Distributor R.

O. D -The TV-: Distributor Ranma ½: Distributor Ring ni Kakero: Distributor Robotech: Distributor Rune Soldier: Dis

Playwrights' Platform

Playwrights' Platform is a not-for-profit cooperative organization of playwrights based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The organization has been in existence since 1973, it was founded by writers Steven Lydenberg, Allen Sternfield, Saul Zachary. It was incorporated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in May 1974 as Playwrights' Platform, Inc; the officers were Jack Bresnahan. In its early years, the Platform met at Pine Manor Junior College in the Chestnut Hill area of Boston and staged plays at Pine Manor Junior College, the Boston Center for Adult Education, Boston College, the People's Theater, Falmouth Arts Center, the Publick Theater, the Church of All Nations on Tremont Street in Boston; some of the playwrights associated with the Platform in its early years are John O'Brien, Geralyn Horton, John Chatterton, Beverly Creasey, Tanya Contos, Sheldon Feldner, Janet Neipris. The Platform has met at various locations through the years, including Massachusetts College of Art, Hovey Players, Lasell College.

It meets at the Boston Playwrights' Theatre, the Cambridge Public Library, the Woman's Club of Newton Highlands. The mission of the Playwrights' Platform is: To help playwrights develop their work in a supportive environment of fellow theater artists. To help playwrights improve their skill and craft. To provide a place where playwrights can network with each other and with other local theater artists. To provide a space where new work can be tried and refined. To provide an opportunity for local playwrights to see their work produced on the stage. Playwrights' Platform showcases its member playwrights' work every year with a Festival of New Plays. Since 2003, the Festival has been staged at the Boston Playwrights' Theatre. Playwrights' Platform has had several of its members go on to major success in the worlds of theater and television, such as Theresa Rebeck, Kirsten Greenidge, Matt Witten, Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro. A. R. Gurney was a board member in the early years. Playwrights' Platform The 45th Annual Playwrights' Platform Festival: A Collection of New Plays The 44th Annual Playwrights' Platform Festival: A Collection of New Plays The 43rd Annual Playwrights' Platform Festival: A Collection of New Plays

Hailey Whitters

Hailey Faith Whitters is an American country musician from Shueyville, Iowa. Witthers has written songs for Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, has written with Lori McKenna. Witthers has toured with Little Big Town, opened for Maren Morris on her 2019 Girl: The World Tour. Whitters released her debut full-length album in 2015 titled Black Sheep. Whitters co-wrote Little Big Town's song "Happy People", from their 2017 album The Breaker. On September 13th 2019, Whitters released an Extended play entitled "The Days", which serves as the first half of her upcoming album, "The Dream". On January 24th 2020, Whitters released a single called "Janice at the Hotel Bar", written with her frequent collaborator Lori Mckenna. Studio albums Black Sheep The Dream