Art Pollard

Art Lee Pollard, Jr. was an American racecar driver. Born in Dragon, a grandfather, Pollard drove in the USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1965–1973 seasons, with 84 career starts, including the 1967–1971 Indianapolis 500 races, he finished with 2 victories, both in 1969, at Milwaukee and Dover. He died in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a result of injuries sustained in practice during the first day of time trials for the 1973 Indianapolis 500; the car clipped the wall coming out of turn one and did a half-spin as it headed to the grass on the inside of the short chute. The chassis dug into the grass and flipped upside-down, slid a short distance and flipped back over as it reached the pavement again in turn two coming to a stop in the middle of the track; the total distance covered was 1,450 feet. The car was demolished; the impact tore off two wheels and the wings were torn off during the slide. Pollard's lap prior to the crash was timed at a speed of 192+ mph. Pollard was rushed to Methodist Hospital in the new Cardiac ambulance.

His injuries were reported to include pulmonary damage due to flame inhalation, burns on both hands and neck, a broken arm. He had turned 46 one week. Pollard, away from racing, worked as a car dealer and mechanic and worked with mental health charities. Https:// "Art Pollard". Find a Grave. Retrieved October 11, 2010. Https://

Age of Reason (song)

"Age of Reason" is a song by Australian pop rock singer John Farnham. It is the first single from his album of the same title, released in 1988, written by Todd Hunter and Johanna Pigott. At the APRA Music Awards of 1990, the song won the Most Performed Australasian Popular Work award; the single was used in a promo for Australia's Seven News in 2000. "Age of Reason" was composed by Todd Hunter and partner Johanna Pigott, who had written the song "Rain" for Dragon and played together in the XL Capris. Pigott said, "You write songs and you're surprised at what you wrote sometimes, you think, goodness, is that me, did I do that? It's not something you consider of perfect taste or anything, someone records them and you think that's fantastic. It's a exciting and thrilling thing." "Age of Reason" - 7:42 "Age of Reason" - 5:08 "When the War Is Over" - 4:49 The music video for "Age of Reason" was filmed in 1988 and included six key scenes with the Victorian Children's Choir in three of the sequences, running through a scrap metal yard, running down a hill behind John Farnham and standing in a warehouse as Farnham walks between them.

In the "making of" feature included on the One Voice: The Greatest Clips DVD, Farnham can be seen singing with the children after the film clip wraps shooting in the warehouse. They each received a copy of the track on vinyl. John Farnham – vocals David Hirschfelderkeyboards, piano Brett Garsed – guitars Angus Burchall – drums and percussion Wayne Nelsonbass Venetta Fields – vocals Lindsay Field – vocals Thomas Metropouli – mandolin and piano accordion Lisa Edwards – additional vocals Ross Hannaford – additional vocals Joe Creighton – additional vocals List of number-one singles in Australia during the 1980s