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Dave Mattacks

David James "Dave" Mattacks is an English rock and folk drummer. Best known for his work with Fairport Convention, Mattacks has worked both as a session musician and as a performance artist. Apart from playing the drums, he is a versed keyboard player and played the bass guitar on studio recordings, he began as a trainee piano-tuner before taking up the drums. He played with several jazz bands before joining the British folk rock band Fairport Convention in August 1969, with whom he worked on and off until 1997. In 1998, he moved to Marblehead, United States, where he is a sought-after studio musician, record producer, member of the band Super Genius, while still touring with various acts in the United Kingdom and Australia, he replaced Martin Lamble, who had died on 12 May 1969 in a road accident on the M1 motorway, as the drummer for Fairport Convention. Mattacks left Fairport Convention in early 1972 to join The Albion Country Band. Meanwhile, he had contributed to numerous studio recordings such as the Morris On project, Nick Drake's Bryter Layter, Steve Ashley's "Stroll On" sessions, Steeleye Span's debut album Hark!

The Village Wait, John Martyn's Solid Air and Harvey Andrews' album Writer of Songs. He returned to Fairport Convention in order to help complete the 1973 album Rosie with a revamped line up of the band. Mattacks played on Nine but left halfway through the making of the follow-up Rising for the Moon, following an altercation with engineer Glyn Johns; some of Mattacks' most notable participation in studio recordings in the late 1970s are the work on art rock studio albums by Brian Eno and 801's Listen Now, as well as several Ashley Hutchings-related folk rock projects. He established himself as a touring drummer for Richard Thompson, playing on several of Thompson's studio albums; when Fairport Convention re-formed in 1985 after a six-year absence, Mattacks was recruited as drummer. He had been playing with them again during annual reunions at the fledgling Cropredy Festival. Mattacks remained with Fairport until 1997, he has toured and recorded with: He has toured with: He has recorded with: Dave Mattacks official website Dave Mattacks at AllMusic Dave Mattacks discography at Discogs Dave Mattacks on IMDb

Wilson Gap

Wilson Gap known as Gregory's Gap, is a wind gap in the Blue Ridge Mountain, located on the border of Loudoun County and Jefferson County, West Virginia. The Appalachian Trail crosses the gap; the 1,444 feet gap once served as a thoroughfare between Round Hill, the former terminus of the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad in western Loudoun, the resort communities of Shannondale and Mountain Mission in Jefferson County via the Wilson Gap Road. The resorts fell victim to the Great Depression and the upper reaches of Wilson Gap Road became impassable to vehicular traffic by the outbreak of World War II. Though no longer maintained as a public road, the old road bed can still be found by the discerning hiker

Observatoire Oceanologique de Villefranche

The Observatoire Oceanologique de Villefranche is a field campus of the Université Paris 6 in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Côte d'Azur, France. It houses two research/teaching laboratories co-administered by the University of Paris 6 and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; the two laboratories are focused on Developmental Biology, Oceanography. The facility traces it roots back a laboratory established in 1882 by Hermann Fol with the encouragement of Charles Darwin and continues to work to this day with organisms from the Bay of Villefranche Bay, including protists, sea urchins and jellyfish. In 1809 Charles Alexandre Lesueur and François Péron are credited with discovering the exceptional diversity of zooplankton in the bays of Villefranche and Cap de Nice and they were the first to describe new species from the bay. In the 1850s, the zoologist Karl Vogt visited Villefranche and studied the planktonic fauna found in the bay, notably the gelatinous zooplankton, he was followed by Johannes Peter Müller and Ernst Haeckel who both described planktonic protists, from the Bay of Villefranche.

In 1882, encouraged by Darwin, the zoologist and discoverer of fertilization Hermann Fol along with Jule Barrois of the Université de Lille, established a laboratory in Villefranche in a former Lazert building. They acquired use of buildings leased to the Russian Navy as a coal depot in 1884, the Galériens and the Vielle Forge. Barrois and Fol were forced to give up the facility in 1888 at the demand of Alexis Korotneff of the University of Kiev who had frequented the laboratory in previous years and now wanted to establish a Russian research facility: The "Russian Zoological Station". Russian and American biologists including Hipployte Pergallo, Aleksei Alekseevich Korotnev, Karl Vogt, Hermann Fol, Jules Henri Barrois, Élie Metchnikoff and Louis Agassiz among others worked on the planktonic fauna and embryos collected in the bay. To this day the Bay of Villefranche remains an exceptional natural resource for the study of plankton. Since the 1930s the facility has been administered by the University of Paris.

The marine station is situated in historical buildings constructed in 1769 as part of the military harbour of the Kingdom of Sardinia which had Turin as its capital. The main building where the laboratories are now located was first used as a hospital and prison for galley slaves who manned the war boats built in the adjacent drydock. In 1858 it was leased to the Russian Navy by the governing authority of the Kingdom of Sardina for use as coal depot. Education: a teaching team composed of faculty members of Université Pierre et Marie Curie oversees many courses in oceanography for French and foreign students enrolled at master's degree level. Research: the two laboratories are focused on developmental biology and cell biology and the other on oceanography. Observation: Comprehensive monitoring programs sample both the coastal environment of the Bay of Villefranche and an offshore site, 28 miles from Cap Ferrat. Activities in the Observatory include research and development of new observation techniques such optical devices and floats.

Haeckel E. 1860. Abbildungen und Diagnosen neuer Gattungen und Arten von lebenden Radiolarien des Mittelmeeres. Monatsberichte der königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, pp 835–845 Mosse W. E. 1952. The Russians at Villafrance. Slavonic & East European Review. 30:425-443 Müller J. 1858. Las über die Polycystinen und Acanthometren des Mittelmeeres. Abh Königl Akad Wiss Berlin, 1858:1-63 Péron F. Lesueur C. A. 1809 Tableau des caractères génériques et spécifiques de toutes les espèces de méduses connues jusqu'à ce jour. Ann Mus Nat Hist Natur 14:325-366. Vogt C. 1852. Ueber die Siphonophoren. Zeit Wissensch Zool 3:522-525

Joel Spencer

Joel Spencer is an American mathematician. He is a combinatorialist who has worked on probabilistic methods in combinatorics and on Ramsey theory, he received his doctorate under the supervision of Andrew Gleason. He is a professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University. In 1984 Spencer received a Lester R. Ford Award, he was an Erdős Lecturer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001. In 2012 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society, he was elected as a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2017, "for contributions to discrete mathematics and theory of computing random graphs and networks, Ramsey theory and randomized algorithms". Probabilistic methods in combinatorics, with Paul Erdős, New York: Academic Press, 1974. Ramsey theory, with Bruce L. Rothschild and Ronald L. Graham, New York: Wiley, 1980. Ten lectures on the probabilistic method, Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1987; the strange logic of random graphs, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2001.

The probabilistic method, with Noga Alon, New York: Wiley, 1992. Deterministic random walks on regular trees, American Mathematical Society, New York, 2008. Asymptopia, with Laura Florescu, American Mathematical Society, 2014. Packing in a hypergraph Joel Spencer's Website

Arab Athletics Championships

The Arab Athletics Championships is an event organized by the Arab Athletic Association. It traditionally occurred every two years, it was not held in 1985 due to the schedule clash with the Pan Arab Games. However, due to the erratic scheduling of the games, both the athletics championships and games athletics competition have been held in the same year on several occasions since 1997; the championships is rescheduled to earlier in the year as a result. Women's events have been present on the programme since the second edition in 1979; the programme is combined although the women competed separately from the men for the tenth edition of the tournament, split between 1997 and 1998. Athletics at the Pan Arab Games Arab Junior Athletics Championships International Athletics Championships and Games Pan Arab Championships. GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2013-10-05. Arab Athletics website

W. Hansraj Saxena

W. Hansraj Saxena is the former Deputy Managing Director of Sun Pictures, an Indian film distribution and production company, subsidiary of Sun Group and a division of Sun TV Network. Hansraj Saxena holds a bachelor's degree in physics from Chennai; when he joined Sun Group, he was employed as a manager of Kungumam magazine. He joined worked in Sun TV Network and their flagship channel, Sun TV, his responsibilities include the production of all in-house programming, overall channel development, brand positioning, promotional activities, content management and competitor research and strategic planning. He became a key person and Deputy Managing Director of Sun Pictures and was responsible for acquiring film distribution rights, he headed Sun Pictures is a film distribution and production studio unit of Chennai based Sun Network owned by Kalanidhi Maran started producing the TV film and distributing low-budget Tamil-language films, Kadhalil Vizhunthen being the first. It went on to become one of the most powerful production, distribution houses in Tamil Cinema.

He Handled the following projects in Sun Pictures. Hansraj Saxena was back to the industry with his new banner Sax Pictures, he is Producing and distributing Movies with his new banner