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Dave Witte
Municipal Waste - FME 01.jpg
Dave Witte playing drums with Municipal Waste
Background information
Born (1971-08-11) August 11, 1971 (age 47)
OriginNew Jersey, United States
GenresDeath metal, grindcore, powerviolence, hardcore punk, metalcore, noise rock, thrash metal, crossover thrash, sludge metal, digital hardcore, experimental rock, death 'n' roll, mathcore, cybergrind, experimental, progressive metal, rap metal, alternative metal, jazz fusion
InstrumentsDrums, percussion
Years active1990–present
LabelsPulp, H.G. Fact, Slap-a-Ham, Relapse, Devour, Hydra Head, Earache, Ipecac, Tankcrimes, Nuclear Blast
Associated actsHuman Remains, Discordance Axis, Black Army Jacket, East West Blast Test, Phantomsmasher, Burnt by the Sun, Melt-Banana, Municipal Waste, Birds of Prey, Brain Tentacles, Deny the Cross

Dave Witte (born 11 August 1971) is a professional drummer currently living in Virginia.[1] He is known for his work in numerous extreme metal or hardcore punk bands including Municipal Waste, Melt-Banana, Discordance Axis, Black Army Jacket, Birds of Prey, Burnt By The Sun, and Deny the Cross among others. He has also played as a session drummer for many other acts.


Dave Witte is a New Jersey native. He relocated to Richmond, Virginia to join Municipal Waste. He has been the drummer on numerous albums since 1990. He plays many styles of drumming while retaining heavy aspects of music in all his projects. Witte was introduced to drumming in grade school by his Uncle Victor.[2] Before he graduated high school he was studying many performances, and had already formed his first band, Human Remains. On his off-time from recording and touring Witte works in the kitchen of a catering company. Since 2017 he runs, together with his girlfriend, a vegan foodtruck. [3] He is a self-proclaimed beer lover, with Belgian beers being his favorite. He also finished his first triathlon in 2003.[1] Dave Witte is also a fan of cats. He has two cats, Eddie and Linda. He is well known for his skullet, and tough guy mustache.


Dave Witte is a professional drummer who is well known for playing in with numerous bands. He often plays with multiple bands at once. A renowned drummer in the underground scene, he is known for his precise blast beats and rolls, technical fills and overall speedy playing. Witte says he "loves the speed aspect of drumming[3]".

Dave Witte plays Trick drums, Paiste cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.


Dave Witte has been in numerous bands since the early '90's. He has never been in just one band, and he has been in up to five or six bands at once.[4] He has recorded many studio albums with bands, toured with many other bands, or formed his own bands always keeping busy playing music.

Current Bands[edit]

Municipal Waste [2004-Present][5][edit]

Dave Witte joined Municipal Waste in 2004, after previous drummer Brandon Ferrel left the band. In 2005 Municipal Waste released their first album with Dave Witte on drums, Hazardous Mutation. Since then they have released Massive Aggressive in 2009. Their most recent album, The Fatal Feast came out in 2012. According to Dave Witte Massive Aggressive is the best album the band has done to date.[6]

Burnt by the Sun [1999-2009][7][edit]

Dave Witte formed Burnt By the Sun in 1999 along with friend John Adubato. Witte's reason for forming the band was because he was tired of buying records "that failed to deliver what they promised[8]" so they formed their own style of metal using what Witte and the other members felt were missing from heavy music. The band released a demo on Ferret records. After the demo they released several albums on Relapse Records. After a hiatus Witte claimed it was time to make a third record, but stated the band "can not and will not be full-time[1]". He also stated this will be the last release from Burnt by the Sun.

Deny the Cross [2013-Present][edit]

Formed in 2013 by Witte, vocalist Carlos Ramirez, guitarist Dan Lactose, and bassist Ramon Salcido, Deny the Cross is powerviolence band that released their debut album, Alpha Ghoul, in 2016, via Tankcrimes. In addition to Witte, Deny the Cross' members have also been in such bands as Spazz, Agents of Satan, Black Army Jacket, Plutocracy, Funeral Shock, and Lakota.

Birds of Prey [2006-Present][9][edit]

King Generator [2007-Present][10][edit]

Brain Tentacles[edit]

Past Bands[edit]

Dave Witte toured with Melt Banana for four years.

Dave Witte's second band that gained much critical attention after the band had broken up.

  • Human Remains

This was Dave Witte's first band.

A NYC-based powerviolence band that released one studio album, and a slew of EPs and compilation tracks.

Dave Witte has also collaborated with numerous artists to create:

  • Hex Machine
  • Candria
  • Redrum
  • Major-burns
  • Atomsmasher
  • Phantomsmasher
  • Anodyne
  • East West Blast Test
  • Hope Collapse

Witte also rehearsed with Pig Destroyer with the intention of joining the band following the departure of drummer Brian Harvey but was forced to back out due to a pre-existing wrist injury. Material was written for the band's upcoming album with Witte.[11]


Dave Witte has a drumming career spanning over two decades. He has recorded over 50 albums with several bands. Below his albums are listed by band.



Birds of Prey[edit]

Black Army Jacket[edit]

Burnt by the Sun[edit]


Deny the Cross[edit]

Discordance Axis[edit]

East West Blast Test[edit]


Hex Machine[edit]

Hope Collapse[edit]

Human Remains[edit]

King Generator[edit]

Major Burns[edit]




Municipal Waste[edit]

Circle of Animals[edit]


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